Does Life ALWAYS Support Those Who Are Trying To Grow?

Hello Beautiful!

I was recently asked in my Mystery School if I believe that life supports life.

Referring to the obvious - when we are aligning ourselves with the structure of reality - when we are nourished, getting our needs met and pursuing taking good care of ourselves, that we will grow and flourish - but also to a deeper layer of reality.

This question was speaking more to the idea that if we are pursuing our passion/purpose that we will be given guidance, help, support, answers, paths, options and so on that we couldn’t have intellectually known about/foreseen. That there will be paths that appear seemingly out of no where. That we will be guided and helped by something that seems greater than the sum of our parts and the parts of humanity. That perhaps there will be a kind of magic to it - events that take place that seem miraculous, interventions that happen, circumstances that arise seemingly out of no where as we simply trust and follow a path we don’t really understand. Information we just ‘get’ without having learned it. Intuition. God guiding. Do I believe this to be the case - that when we pursue our right paths, that we will be supported and guided in ways that seem super-natural.

Here is my answer if you’re curious.

I Do Believe That LIFE Supports Life, But PEOPLE Don't Always:

As always, I can only give you my specific vantage point from my experience - so here is my view on this 🙂

For ME, yes to both parts.

I’ve observed that life supports life - that that which is aligning with the laws of reality tends to be supported in its growth path by REALITY.

That being said - we are also living in a world full of HUMANS that can enact free-will in ways that dominate/hurt/harm others. I don't want to go so far as to say that life is ALWAYS there to support anyone who wants to grow - in the sense that there won't be real world obstacles that come up OUTSIDE of the laws of reality that then are antagonistic to the person in their growth.

I also believe that WITHIN real reality, there will be learning obstacles, challenges and things that seem antagonistic that come up as well - being on a growth path doesn't mean we are walking on clouds and everything is perfect forever and ever. There will OFTEN be challenges that CAUSE us to grow in certain ways. Being on a growth path doesn't mean no challenge, no antagonism, nothing in our way - these things are NORMAL and NATURAL as well as man made. This is why I believe that we don't NEED humanity pitted against itself in order to create growth for some. Nature will take care of that without our help. Even if we were a fully functioning society working together to make life as awesome for everyone as possible - there would still be roadblocks, pain, struggle and trauma. It just wouldn't be stuff we COULD avoid. There will always be challenge.

There will always be antagonism. This is a PART of growth. Learning to navigate it, learning to reduce the stuff that doesn't NEED to be there - these are tools of a life generation path.


There are governments, there are communities, there are people with lots of trauma - and these things can't be ignored in our view of reality. I just want to put that there because I don't want to over-generalize or try to make it seem that everyone who is facing deep struggle in their lives right now is experiencing that because they AREN'T trying to grow/are doing something within themselves to resist growth. Rather it's often the people trying the HARDEST despite the HUMAN obstacles that are in their path that have the most difficulty in this life. They are trying to work WITH LIFE - to grow and expand - AGAINST the grain of CULTURE - which is incredibly painful and traumatizing.

In this way, I think we must acknowledge that desire for growth and pursuit of that growth isn’t always going to look like life rising up to support us. It may very often look like people doing everything in their power to keep others down. That comes from their own misunderstandings about how reality works - that we are actually all one organism that lives and breathes together - that as we sacrifice one for the other, we ultimately only destroy the whole. This must be taken seriously if we are going to understand what it takes to grow in the reality of our current world.

In my experience, there have been a LOT of things that have come up on my path that were very antagonistic to my growth that were at the hands of PEOPLE - not so much 'reality'. So again, this is something that needs to be validated in us. This is why I don't believe in the 'you create your own reality' teachings. They are far too generalized and don't give any attention to the FACT that we are a global community of humans all co-creating together. And much of that co-creation is coming from trauma, exploitation, pushing others down and so on.

Even With People, There Is Something Supporting Life Anyway:

What I've observed is that as I've pursued my highest growth path - being deeply dedicated to pursuing my potential given the resources I’ve been given and the setbacks, getting REALLY close and familiar with my TRUE SELF (through deeply exploring my own traumas and questioning EVERYTHING that I believed/desired/was afraid of) that whenever I’ve been centered around pursuing that which was truest for me - yes, I’ve always been supported and in many ways have been given opportunities, circumstances, help and guidance that came from something outside of my awareness as I knew it.

Following this path, for me, hasn't always looked like I was being supported.

There have been many, many times when I've faced coming up to the very end of everything I knew as far as journeying towards something, running fully out of ideas, out of perspectives, out of awareness - and choosing to believe that there was some other option I wasn't seeing. Meaning I really let myself surrender into the unknown with the ASSUMPTION that if I was meant to achieve something, that if I had the potential for it, something new would come to show me where I could move forward.

It also involved a LOT of having to 'die' to what I thought was important. What I thought I had to do/be in order to be 'good' or 'liked'. It involved a lot of letting go of trying to be what I had been trained to be in favor of becoming something I wasn't sure anyone or anything would like. Constantly coming up against my conditioning and experiences of rejection and choosing to pursue what felt true in my deep core - often feeling like I was walking off of a plank into the abyss of death. I have actually faced my own potential death with taking changes many times. I’ve gotten to places where it looked like there wasn’t any more option of moving forward for me - and I surrendered to that - and then an answer appeared. I don’t mean that figuratively - I’ve been willing to die for my pursuits of truth.

It involved a lot of trying things that DIDN'T work out - and choosing to learn from these experiences and then take that information to make a more informed go of things the next time, rather than ever looking at anything as a road-block. I choose never to see anything as a 'no.' Rather I try things several times, give them multiple attempts, and if something proves itself to be a true dead end, I find a new way. I always, always, always assume there is a way. Even when I have no idea what that way is. Finally, it involved a lot of being willing to let go of my HOW. Meaning I would hold onto the overall vision, the overall goal, the overall feeling of what I wanted - but then I would FULLY let go of my plan/perception of HOW it was going to happen or even what it was going to materially look like.

The Path Looked Fully Different Than I thought It Would:

For instance, my deep core drive that has led me to the life I lead now, was knowing in MYSELF that a part of MY specific potential was to live in Asia, working online, serving the world with my specific skillets. That's what I started with 8 years ago. Having to change my core conditioning around religion, what was moral and not ok, what was a good way to live, it required a LOT of fully re-evaluating the 'truths' I'd been taught was how I got here. I wanted purpose and meaning. I wanted truth.

Now, I have that. But it looks NOTHING like what I thought it would. I thought I would be living in Thailand, and now I have a visa that I didn't even know existed then in a country I didn't even know existed then! I have this platform which is NOTHING like what I thought I would be doing - I was working in nutrition when I first got started, writing blogs and being a community manager for another website. I wrote my first book about body stuff - and now this has all transformed into a totally different platform and message. I've learned things I had no idea I had to learn. I lost people and things I thought I would die without. I faced many, many, many red tape moments. Governments saying no. Financial blocks. The non-freedoms that this world presents. In this I took plenty of risks. Was willing to lose it all and not get my dream. Was willing to go for MORE when I had something that was *sort of* what I wanted. I personally, wasn’t willing to compromise or to live a normal life. It was too painful for me. I think I am an extreme case in many ways, and not everyone is going to have such an inner drive. Again I was willing to lose anything I needed to for that core truth I felt I was here to walk out.

I was focused deeply on what I was here to DO in the world, and not so much on what I wanted to GET from the world - I think that is a big part of it.

I wasn't so much wanting to 'manifest' a life of 'pleasure' for myself.

I wanted to live my PURPOSE. Meaning I was then willing to do really hard and uncomfortable things often - because my goal wasn't 'pleasure' but TRUTH for MYSELF.

I knew things would be hard.

I was ready for the challenge.

When things got (and still get) really challenging, I lean in - because I want to GROW more than I want to KNOW/be comfortable/happy right now.

I have also been focused on how my path is affecting others in a deep way always. This pursuit of truth wasn’t just about me having my life, but about me continually causing less and less harm, being someone that makes it easier for others to live THEIR truth. Meaning in doing MY work there has always been an element of sharing/co-creating a new world where equity reigns - I’m not in any way perfect at this, and that’s part of what keeps me going. Part of my path includes understanding all that I am here to do in the world that makes it a better place for all of us. As I’ve pursued my PURPOSE (again not what I thought would bring pleasure in the moment) I’ve witnessed over and over that doing what is truly right for me does serve the whole. We are connected. There is no separation. Me focusing on my own growth does give me the tools to support others in theirs too.

I'm Not Just Living For Me - That's Part Of The Support I Believe:

I do believe that life supports life. So even in the situations of people overpowering others who are trying to grow - I believe that OVERALL these structures will be dismantled by us. I believe not that they will magically dissolve, so much as the negative consequences of living out of synch with reality are GOING to catch up.

Anything built upon a foundation of sand will be washed away eventually.

That's why I believe in doing all we reasonably can to create a more equitable society. I don't think we will ever be perfect and 'get it right'.

We are never going to be equal with all humans having the same potential.

We have to be willing to know what we are capable of FOR OURSELVES - and have THAT be the foundation for why we do what we do.

That will involve doing things for the greater community because we are one with the greater community. We all have a hand to play in making this world safer for all of us - and that starts with being our own safe place. From there we have to pursue what is real for us. With all the road blocks, challenges, nos, failures, death anxiety moments, doubts, no knowing and all that. This is where that magical support COMES IN. When we don't know and are unclear. We don't take responsibility for the WORLD but our role in it.

I believe that anything that's pursuing this IS going to find that it is supported in SOME WAYS. There will be opportunities and people and circumstances that come along to support. Sometimes we get to be that person for someone else. There will be things that come in to override the systems of oppression and death. There will be obstacles and challenges that if we earn to have the right mindset around - will be a part of our growth rather than something that stops our growth.  There may also be challenges we cant overcome - and that is a part of the natural and the man made tragedy of life. It all exists. How we choose to look at these things is our freedom ultimately. We may not always be able to overcome, but we never have to feel like we failed. Compassion is pertinent always.  Sometimes the death system wins, but again I believe overall, we are shifting towards life more and more - because we are going to have to if we want to survive ourselves. These changes in our world we are seeing right now IS LIFE FIGHTING FOR ITSELF. Anything that’s opposing that revolution is starting to suffer. It’s the natural way of things. Truth will always come out in the end.

I would say live as though the world is going to support you.

Assume all things are working in your favor.

Assume there is a way.

Get to know yourself really deeply - and be willing to lose everything for that potential you know is true for you.

Be willing to be COMPASSIONATE for yourself when it's hard and there are seemingly insurmountable challenges ahead of you. Know that YOU are never to BLAME for this complex life that is sometimes antagonistic to you. You always deserve your own love. You ALWAYS have the choice to be on your own side - and THAT is where I believe our freedom lies, ultimately.

Be willing to support others in reaching their potential in ways that feel nourishing for both of you. Be willing to pursue TRUTH over PLEASURE or LOGIC right now. Be willing to die to what you thought was reality. What you thought you were. What you think you need to be happy or to live at all. Be life supporting life - support YOUR life - don't ever give up on yourself or what you know you are capable of. Keep going when you don't know. Be on your own side fiercely.  Admit to yourself who you are, slowly, and be willing to be with you in the pursuit of that even if you lose others.

That's my two cents 🙂 <3


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  • Mary Anne Hoffman says:

    This article affirms the life of growth on every level. A self actualized life lived for the growth of the individual and others. You gave yourself permission to do this, have done it, and have accepted the outcomes and responsibilities created by your actions. That “Something that is Supporting Life” that you believe to be reality, driving you, is what makes you so inspirational. “I choose never to see anything as a “no”.” I too, look at challenges or life situations I choose to embrace with the same attitude. I trust I will be supported. I have had an outcome in recent years that has turned my life up side down… path isn’t what I thought it would be. “I Do Believe that LIFE Supports Life, But PEOPLE Don’t Always”……accepting this brutal reality has very nearly taken me down to a place I didn’t know I could come back from…..or wanted to come back from. I too, believe that “Something that is Supporting Life” is real, because somehow I am coming back and know I am growing and probably never stopped growing through all the pain. This “Support”, the support of others, including you, Aliyah, and the beauty of nature have comforted me with compassion. I too, am showing myself this same compassion. “Be life supporting life-support your own life-don’t ever give up on yourself or what you know you are capable of.” We may not be able to overcome, but we never have to feel like we failed. Do we need to have hope when we believe “Something is Supporting Life”?…..It seems the same to me….maybe not…..I had such trust…..I trusted… brought me to peace……I want to trust again…..maybe there is hope for me after ALL…..much love to ALL…..that Something Supporting Life is LOVE💗!

    • perceptiontrainers says:

      Let’s keep standing together in love, making it easier and easier for more to have the space to grow. Thank you as always for taking the time to read and to share your reflections. Big hug to you friend <3

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