FEEL Your Feelings With Meghan Currie

Hello Beautiful!

Today I'm SO excited to share with you a conversation I had with the beautiful Meghan Currie of Isabelle moon.

Meghan is a poet. A painter. A designer. A yoga teacher.

She is a woman of great depth and experience with facing darkness, shadows, pain and the magic and mystery that comes from diving DEEPLY into these things rather than running from them.

In this video, her and I connect on now to handle anxiety. How to face depression. How we can love ourselves safe in order to process our emotions rather than getting caught in them.

If you’re struggling to move through some heaviness, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or bogged down by your emotional experience, if you don’t know how to be with yourself but want to - this interview is for you.

You are worth your own exploration, time and attention. Your emotions are there to help you, not harm you.

Please enjoy this conversation, and find Megan and her amazing work here:

Isabelle Moon: https://www.instagram.com/is.a.belle.moon/


Meghan: https://www.instagram.com/meghancurrieyoga/



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