How To Create The World We Are Looking For: No One Is Coming To Rescue Us Part Two

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If you have not already done so, please go read PART ONE OF THIS POST HERE.

Now, let's keep exploring what it is really going to take to find true power and sovereignty in these times - and in the times moving forward.


Everyone Is Waiting:

We are all waiting on the world to change. Hoping we are the good ones who will be saved - that our way is ‘right’ and eventually the world will see it and change to match our model of ‘how it should be’ - leaving US to stay totally comfortable in our ways of being, in our routines, in our ideals having been justified by the whole world ‘waking up’ to just how right we were about everything.

This simply isn’t reality.

We have to understand that this life is complex, and we are complex. That what we are really calling for, again, is something we've never seen - a humanity of sovereign, responsible adults who know how to align with reality - and all the complexities therein. A society of people willing to LEARN, GROW, CHANGE and PROGRESS rather than looking for solid black and whites.

Which is the very reason no one can come and rescue us. This is INNER work. Teachers and guides can support us in DOING this work, but ultimately it is about us evolving past our child-like view of ourselves and the world into an adult perspective.

We can't be 'saved' from childhood. It's not a 'problem' in and of itself. It's simply that we need to GROW PAST IT.

We are going to save ourselves through learning how to harness our awareness capacities. We are going to save ourselves through learning how to FEEL, then learning to process those feelings into understandings that we can then act upon in the real world - leading to more discoveries, desires, feelings and understandings - so that we can discern for ourselves that which aligns with reality and growth - that which serves our best interest - and that which doesn’t. That which causes harm and that which promotes growth.

It's All About Creative Solutions - Not Tearing Things Down:

We have to come up with creative solutions to the problems the current system is currently solving in their way.

To really change the world, we must first discover all the ways in which we are PARTIALLY meeting our needs through what we are CURRENTLY DOING (just like we find the positive intention in all of our personal 'bad' behaviour) so as to understand what we need to CREATE in order to REPLACE that thing with something NEW and BETTER.

We must understand that humanity is not harming itself or one another for the pure sake of harming. There is a need being met. There is an expression being expressed that people know no other way to express. There is a misunderstanding of HOW to meet a need in a CONSTRUCTIVE way, and thus it is being met in a partial way that is destructive.

Evolution is taking that which IS and BUILDING UPON IT to make it more in alignment with the structure of reality. We are never going to 'get rid of' anything. We are going to EVOLVE what is. And we do that through discovering the needs being met by the current system, discovering more about the structure of reality - and thus how to meet those needs BETTER. THAT is what leads to something becoming obsolete. We replace it with something less painful and more pleasurable.

Don’t like oil and gas? Great! What NEEDS are these things filling, and how can we invest in filling those needs in a better way? We can’t just get rid of oil and gas. We can’t expect the world to jump on solar either. We have to demonstrate through working with it in our lives.

Don’t like medicine? Good. What’s the need and what’s the alternative? How can YOU live it?

Don't like oil and gas? Great! How are you going to reduce your consumption and move towards more sustainable means of powering your life?

Don't like the food system? Fantastic! What are you going to do to improve your situation first?

Don’t like how the world decides what they do? We have to recognize that this is where humanity is at right now. If we want something different, we just have to be it.

No one is coming to save us. We can’t look out there for what to do or for what the problem is.

"Saving" Yourself Is The Greatest Thing You Can Do For Us:

I believe this is about those of us who REALLY want change, waking up to the fact that we have to 'save' ourselves.

That we have to connect to REALITY for how IT IS. Meaning we have to connect to OURSELVES, our FEELINGS, our own ‘intuition’ and truth compass. We have to connect to TRUE pain and pleasure - that which causes US to up level in our order, complexity, understanding and function and that which causes us to devolve into chaos and fear - and we have to love ourselves delicately into maturity.

We must reparent ourselves out of the guilt/shame/mistakes/win/lose paradigm into TRUTH - that reality is set. It is our job to figure out how it works through pain and pleasure - then to EXPRESS as our FULLEST SELVES regardless of what humanity is doing, or thinks of us.

And truly, 'save' is a dramatic way of putting it. What I believe we are REALLY doing is simply EVOLVING. There is nothing 'wrong' with what we are doing, it's simply a point in our journey of understanding. What we are looking at is taking ourselves from a chaotic state to a less chaotic state through growth and expansion. THAT is what I mean by 'saving'.

We can’t wait around for them to change before we do. We can’t hold ourselves back for fear of being judged or rejected. We can’t hold ourselves back so as to stay relatable to others, hoping we will coax them into walking if we just say it or live it in a way that is attractive.

We must let go of the fantasy of the true path to growth being attractive to the masses. It simply never, ever will be. We can’t wait for them to get it.

We just have to do the work for ourselves. Know that life and nature will guide US to a place of safety - even if the rest of humanity ‘goes down.’ We have to let go of the savior complex altogether. Those who are going to wake up won’t be stopped - not by authority, not by circumstance, not by rejection, not by anything. Those who aren’t going to be aren’t going to wake up no matter how attractive we make it, how abundant we promise they will become, no matter how well communicated the truth is.

The Leaders Are A Reflection Of US:

Our leaders are not leading us astray. Our leaders are not why we are here. Our leaders are here as they are because of where we are. Because of what we believe. Because of the masses voting them into that position. The masses want to believe what they are saying, and the truth is repugnant to them. Scary. They don’t understand because it’s too complex. They need and want simple. And that’s what our current system offers. They want meaning and purpose through things. And that is what our current system offers. They want fitting in and security. And the system offers that. They want identity through externalities. System says here you go. They want leaders to love and loath so they don’t have to take responsibility for themselves. And thus we have those leaders. It’s all us. It’s all the collective. We have exactly what we want.

We are disconnected from our source of true wisdom - feeling - and we are afraid of the one thing that will take us where we want to go - feeling our way, figuring it out for ourselves, taking responsibility, no longer being children looking or ‘the answers’ but adults willing to take that heroes journey.

We are so afraid to see where we are part of the systems of oppression, we need to project onto ‘them’ so as not to feel like the villain.

We are so afraid to let go of what we know for the unknown that we believe in a savior who will come and just fix it all for us while we get to maintain our normal lives! We don’t have to change, the world will do it, because we are good, obviously. It can’t be anything WE are doing.

We continue to paint these figures, to KEEP THEM in their positions of power, because they are how we off load all of our own fear. They are where we project the parts of US that are in pain (the victimizers) due to living in ways that are exploitive that are seen as NORMAL, our consensus reality, that in real reality are showing us plain and simple that we are out of synch with truth.

They are how we find security in our unknown - we project our inner sense of unsafely onto leaders who ‘know better’ who know what they are doing, who are coming to the rescue so we can sit back and just let them do it.

We believe in these plots of everything getting exposed and all of a sudden we have a new world, because the idea of progressive change (which is how things ACTUALLY happen) is too overwhelming.

We need to believe it’s all just as simple as a switch of leadership and we will all be free and sovereign. Not understanding that that would require a MASSIVE maturation of the population, one that is not going to happen in a step or two. We need these figures so that we can feel we are the good guys. We project our deep seated knowing that this is where the masses are at onto these leaders, believing if we just had the right leader all this would turn around. That it’s all happening from the top down and must change from the top down. We wait on them to tell us what to do, or to change things for us.

It’s not going to happen.

They are there from us putting them there.

We have to accept that the truth will always be among the minority.

Humanity has been proclaiming "apocalypse now!!" forever. We have ALWAYS thought that if we don’t all wake up now, we are doomed. We have been banging this drum for time immemorial.

And it’s never happened. We’re still here.

Some are waking up. This is always the case. They bring forth their little changes, and eventually, sometimes in the distant future, what was heretical becomes the norm.

Progress is being made.


Maybe this is just reality.

Maybe the world isn’t going to wake up.

No big shift in the system is going to happen.

No disclosure that sets us all free.

Maybe it’s just going to be what it’s always been. The few doing the work, creating the new ways, living them and having those new ways eventually win out as being more effective than the old ways, once humanity has had enough time to catch up.

So what if this?

LIVE What You Want To See:

If this is the way, what are you not doing that you could be? If you are no longer concerned with the power structures or the people getting it - what DO YOU GET that you can more fully live? Where can you invest in what you want instead of focusing on what you don’t want? Where can you study what you don’t want so as t figure out how it is serving, and then come up with a BETTER way to meet that need? Where can you stop judging reality ad the masses as ‘wrong’ for not awakening and remember - grade one students are never going to graduate at the end of the year with their high school diplomas. All they can do is grade one. This earth is a school and she has enough room for all of us at our current grade level.

What if we let the grade one students play with their rocks and sticks? Love them? See them as the children they are who are afraid? Then work to do what WE CAN what WE are capable of, so as to build a safer, smarter, more advanced world? Knowing that it is exposure to new ways that then become familiar ways that then become the new system that creates change?

Where can we own our feelings of being victimized, and stop projecting them? Go in. Do the self love work to liberate yourself form the childhood trauma of not being able to fend for yourself or figure out your own pain. Love the part of you that is afraid to grow because that means you were wrong before. Love the part of you that feels like ‘out there’ is controlling you. Free yourself from the need to be liked and see that you can be fully provided for even when projected. Get out.

Then start building the new thing. Be the example. Let them yell at you and not understand. Dn’t worry about converting. Don’t worry about fixing or saving. Don’t resist.

Be the new thing.

This is how it’s going to change. Not as fast as you want. No simple answer. No overturning.

People like you healing, then living in a new way.

Check out.

Build the new thing.

Notice the needs being met by the system and meet them in better ways.

Acknowledge the benefits so you can upgrade.

Let go of the judgement and fear that says they aren’t waking up fast enough.

This is it.

Reality has this.

You do you. You have to play your part and that is your part - YOU feeling, YOU doing what you need to do, YOU loving yourself mature, YOU building the new thing whether anyone agrees with you are not. YOU LIVING THE ALTERNATIVE.

Don’t waste your time judging, attacking or waiting on normal to change.

Figure out what needs it serves, and meet them better in your own life. Provide the example and share with those who can’t be stopped. Release those who ca’t be moved. They can’t stop you if you don’t let them.

Let them have their power structures of chaos. It’s ok. It’s always been this way.

Those who are going to awaken can’t be stopped. If you’re one of them, don’t stop yourself by waiting on the system or trying to save.

Go. For all of us. Walk ahead. We’re coming. At our pace. Trust reality.



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