We Are The Ones We Need: No One Is Coming To Rescue Us

Hello Friends.

In the next two blog posts, I want to address the very real situation we are facing in the world - where we are being faced with SO much uncertainty, which is leading us to feel that we have no idea who or what to trust. We are seeing rampant 'conspiracy theories' popping up, people feeling more and more that mainstream anything is fully being manipulative, and we are looking for a savior figure. We are looking for someone or something to come rescue us from the injustices we see and have felt for a long time.

This is all a symptom of our collective fear being birthed from not feeling autonomous. Which makes perfect sense - we are all traumatized in ways most of us aren't even aware.

In these posts I want to explore the real roots of what we are seeing, and what we as people who really want to create a better future can do to turn the fear into awareness.

The Gist:


The issues humanity faces are complex and systemic - therefore there is no ‘fix’ or easy solution.

There is no ‘answer’.

Rather there are a series of understandings that need to be come upon, that will cause systemic change - many steps towards a whole new paradigm.

Being caught in loops of believing we can be ‘rescued’ by someone/something/some group in one fell swoop means we are not understanding our situation. To believe that a singular event is enough to change what plagues us is to fully underestimate the complexity of what we are facing. In order to move forward, humanity is going to have to let go of the childlike belief in a savior, in good guys and bad guys, in ‘the answer’ and step into adulthood - seeing that we are ALL a part of the problem and a part of the solution, that change is incremental based on new awareness, and that the more we are struggling the LESS we are grasping the complexities of what is going on, and thus the more we will believe simple solutions exist.

Second, we are going to have to own the fact that we are all a part of the systems that are causing destruction.

If we really want a new world, none of us get to stay in our comfort zone.

None of us get to keep our lives as they are.

ALL are going to face changes to how they operate - ALL of us are going to need to shift so that the systems we operate within are less antagonistic to the human spirit overall. The most marginalized all the way to the most privileged are being hurt by the systems we have - thus change is going to be all across the board.

We want to paint ourselves as the good guys, so as to believe that when this ‘change’ that fixes everything comes, it’s going to VINDICATE us and our choices. That it’s going to create change ‘out there’ leaving us comfortably in our current world. Or that that change is again going to fully transform all the horrible things about our reality overnight, setting us free from the complex systems of suffering we have been living. We are going to have to see that all of us are going to have to change how we live if we want the world where all can be free. None of us are good or bad, we are participants actively creating what we have - most of us through trauma and conditioning we aren't even aware of.

All of us.

We must therefore love ourselves enough to make change SAFE. To know that we are good enough, that we were indoctrinated into systems that are out of sync with truth, that we have suffered from this and we have caused suffering because of this - and change does not mean admitting we are evil. It means admitting we didn’t know. Now we do. And we can do better. Doing better has nothing to do with your value. THIS is self love, and this is the only way we are going to be brave enough to change.

We Are Scared, And That's Why This Is Happening:

The human race is afraid right now, even more so than it has been for all of human history.  This is not new.

All the conspiracy theories, the idea that B.G is trying to control us, D.T is going to save us, White hats, Oil and Gas, the N W O - this is all bubbling up right now. And there have ALWAYS been these figures we have cast as evil and the ones we paint as the rescuers. There have always been seeds of distrust. There has ALWAYS been corruption and everyone moving from their own motivations. This again isn't unique to now in any way. With this, we have to be willing to take a step back and see that this is just a part of an age old pattern we’ve been running, one that will take on new and different costumes while leading us to experience the same reality over and over if we don’t accept the pattern and choose to evolve past it.

We are looking for a savior, looking for the ‘bad guys’, looking for ‘disclosure,’ looking for ‘the answer’ that will rescue us from all of our pain and suffering in ways that are louder and more pronounced than usual - but aren’t fundamentally different than usual.

We, as a species, have essentially been in a state of perpetual trauma for all of time. From the moment we ‘came on line’ so to speak, becoming all of a sudden self aware, feeling our ‘separateness’ from others, nature and reality itself - we have been in a state of confusion and fear.

We stepped out of the innocence of unawareness into the ‘knowledge of good and evil.’ into the knowledge of paradox. Nature gives me food, but also flood. Life hands me children and they die. Others help me build shelter and also pass me diseases.  I feel desperate for connection but alone. The more I’m myself, the more i’m rejected - I need acceptance to survive but changing myself feels like a death to.

Life is complex. I don’t understand how it works. I feel vulnerable, alone, in pain that I don’t understand and don’t know how to fix.

This is the human condition. I am hurting, I don’t know why, I don’t know how to fix it.

Now in our modern word, we are starting to fully wake up to ‘why’ we hurt.

We hurt because we are living in ways that are out of sync with reality. We have specific needs that aren’t being met because we don’t understand ourselves or reality well enough to meet those needs. We have created stories on top of reality that separate us from truth, and thus cause us to live in ways that oppose the structure - leading to self destruction. We are connected and separate. Individuals and a part of a whole. Life is complex and we have a long way to go to understanding it.

And this is the loop we are trapped in.

We Have Been Looking For A Savior Forever:

Humanity has been looking for a savior, the one with all the answers who is going to deliver us from the ‘evil’ we see, forever.

Tribes had tribal leaders and fighting with other tribes. They had superstition to try to appease the nature Gods.

We have had kings and Queens that we allowed to hoard all the resources for themselves in exchange for their GOVERNANCE - telling us how to live.

We have allowed churches to dictate to us what is and isn’t moral, right, noble, true - giving them untold power and influence.

Today we have governmental leaders and celebrities. Medical experts. Influencers. All these people we are looking to for THE ANSWERS to our problems.

We all feel pain, and we all feel we are being hard done by. None of us looks at ourselves as part of the problem. None of us believe we are participating in the system we are so readily able to reject, deny, blame, scapegoat and also simultaneously look to and conform to when we are in doubt, fear or facing unknowns.

We are not seeing our acts of 'rebellion' are no more truth than those who conform. That neither of these paths are looking for REAL REALITY in all it's complexity. Rather we conform hoping that will rescue us from having to figure things out, or we 'do the opposite' again as an easy way to figuring out what we should do - simple, if they are doing this, I just do the opposite. Both reactions take the nuance out of life, take the personal responsibility out of life and make our choices FOR US when we feel lost and unsure.

This is a pattern we learned in childhood. Our authority figures were our source for everything - and thus their misunderstandings were our pain.

  • Our pain they didn’t understand was the pain that didn’t get fixed.
  • Our needs they saw as wrong were the needs that became our shadow.
  • Our misunderstandings that got us rejected and shamed turned into our self hate and shame that blocks us from GROWTH.
  • We learned that external approval = provision - thus never learning from TRUE REALITY what is required for life, but rather learned how to FIT IN to get our needs met from other humans.
  • We never grew past human centric reality - that which gets us approved of is good, that which gets us rejected is bad because to be approved of is to be provided for and to be rejected is to be denied sustenance and care.
  • We are stuck in our loops of seeing ourselves as children - we shame ourselves when we are rejected rather than looking for what happened.
  • We seek approval and consensus to let us know what’s ‘right and wrong’ not looking to RESULTS in REALITY.
  • We believe if we all convince everyone of our point of view, we will all of a sudden start getting the results we want - because it is due to others disagreeing with us that our system isn’t working. Or believing that even if we HAVE the right answer, others disagreeing with us will take away our results.
  • We learned to forego FEELING for INTELLECT. This logically makes sense based on what everyone else is doing vs. how does this FEEL IN REAL REALITY? We are numbed, stimulated and drugged because we don’t know how to cope with all the dissonance.
  • We learn to people please or to manipulate because we are trapped in a childlike view that people = providers. I have to convince those around me to provide for me. I must change myself or manipulate them in order to get what I need.
  • And this is humanity.
  • We feel threatened all the time - all of us. Those in power and those who have nothing BOTH feel the same existential dread ‘am I good enough? Is there going to be enough for me? We are all acting from this place.
  • We want to be happy. We don’t understand why we aren’t. We all feel like scared children inside - rebelling from authority assuming just doing the OPPOSITE of what we see must be the answer, or doing our best to conform, believing there is something wrong with US if we can’t.
  • We aren’t looking to reality - to results- for truth. We are looking to each other and this is our fundamental blunder.
  • We are looking to intellect - which only knows what we have already experienced - not to FEELING which is NEW information.

We wonder why we keep getting the same results? We are trapped in nervous systems of fear that force us to do the same things over and over as that is what it thinks has helped us survive the threat

We all rely upon the system.

Thus, what we really need, is a shake up from this paradigm altogether.

I personally don’t believe that anyone or anything is coming to save us from ourselves. Not anyone in government. No spiritual or religious leader. No human. No alien. No God. Because it is ourselves that is getting us into this. It is our own limited understanding of self and reality that is causing this. There is no switch we can flip that will cause all of this to go away. There is no simple answer. We can get rid of all people in power tomorrow - and we would simply put new people just like them back up there - because we rely upon them.

The people who are in power right now are in power because we continue to vote them in. Not with ballots but with our dollars.  With our views. With our attention. Those who run the world right now are those with the most resources. And they have those resources because we keep giving them our share. We keep buying the oil and gas. The media. The clothes.

We keep looking for our sense of self in their products. We keep looking for security and safety in their laws and dictates. We keep flying in their planes and driving their cars. Those of us with the resources to invest in new and different ways of doing things don’t. We sit back, luxuriate in the ease of the systems that are already created, or are armchair politicians/leaders who are free to judge what is being done but don’t offer any alternative, and most importantly don’t work TOWARDS any alternative.

We have the leaders we have, because we WANT these leaders. We have voted them in. With our money. With our attention. With our abdication of responsibility onto them. We are not a reflection of those in positions of power. THEY are a reflection of US. They tell us what we want to hear. They do the things that make us feel like the world is their fault, not ours. They give us our security. We follow their trends because it’s easier to do so than it is to build a new way.

And that’s the key. There is no such thing as becoming ‘not something.’ If we don’t like what we have, we have to be building something NEW. Something different. An alternative. We have to be walking a new path. We have to be offering a different way. It’s not enough to be upset about what is and look for it to be dismantled - because unless we have something BETTER to replace it with - and in REALITY better means more complex, more aligned with reality - Ie. a humanity that is taking responsibility for itself no longer depending on the child/parent model of reality, something altogether more COMPLICATED and CREATIVE and EXPANSIVE to replace it with - we will just go back to what we had -because it was serving a purpose.

We have to recognize the PURPOSE our current structures serve - for us and humanity at large- the NEEDS the current structure is MEETING we know no other way to meet - and we have to come up with BETTER ways of meeting those needs.


Take some time to digest this, and I will see you next week with part two.



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