How To Mature Beyond Influencer Culture

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When Their Systems Fail, Blame 'The Man:'

Then even IF we start to notice that the things they are selling aren’t working, that the ‘taking responsibility’ for ourselves in the way of buying their products and services aren’t actually doing the trick - no problem. They can turn to big pharma, big government, big religion - and they have something to point your disappointment at. When their methods don’t work, it’s not that the method is addressing the wrong issue or not effective - it’s because the system is hurting YOU. You alone.

When they start to tell us the struggles we are sharing with them come from governments and conspiracies - and the 'solution' they sell us is to rebel and question and rabbit hole, we follow right along - they are us, just shiner, one step ahead, so how could we not trust?

Because again who's the alternative to look to?

Those 'experts' and other leaders we can't relate to at all, that we all feel oppressed by?

No way.

They offer these true NON-solutions - as their guidance to question, to rebel, to be different - is all talk no substance.


There’s hardly ever any TRUE meat behind these calls to think for the self or be different.

In fact, it’s the opposite.

What’s actually offered is a ‘distrust these people because there is this totally OVER THE TOP conspiracy behind everything, and you simply ‘knowing’ this makes you DIFFERENT and woke. Then all you have to do is share about it on social media, talk about how everyone else is a sheep, deny following ‘rules’ where you can, and boom - you’re a light worker.’

There’s never any ACTUAL proof of what’s happening in any system. There’s never any ACTUAL plan of action for how to change the system to make it something better.

Only grand stories that play on our desire for big, dramatic arcs, and solutions that don’t ask us to change ANYTHING about how we think, feel or behave.

Just knowing means you’re the good one, you’re separate from the pain you see, and you’re part of the solution somehow because #youshareaboutitwitheveryone. 

Round and round it goes. I’m just like you. Shinier. Buy my product. Listen to my alternative view. Come to me seminar and I’ll heal you/entrance you/stimulate you into thinking you’re ‘healed’ when really your nervous system was just totally overwhelmed and you were love bombed into an altered state. Come take this plant medicine. Come to my webinar. I’ll play to your vulnerabilities, ‘connect with you’, then make you feel like the life of your dreams is just as far as your capacity to follow me. Because I’m just like you. Just shinier, remember? 

We Have To Re-Establish Our Connection To Reality:

The reality is, they aren't like their followers. They can't be otherwise they couldn't be where they are. And what they sell CAN'T work - because they always need something NEW to sell - something new for the same issues. If whatever they peddle actually worked they would become irrelevant in our consumerism based society.

It's a dangerous set up without conspiracy, even more so with it.

Influencers rely upon you always needing them.

Always lacking.

Always striving - just like the rest of consumer capitalism.

They could not POSSIBLY ACTUALLY empower you or help you - because that would be the end of their income.

They couldn’t ACTUALLY address the SYSTEMIC issues that are underlying our desperate, painful existence because that too would require them admitting THEY don’t have all the answers, THEY aren’t the source, their simple 30 day program isn’t ‘it’ and that their scope of practice and influence is much smaller than they are promoting it to be.

The reality is, we are in pain and what the influencer has to offer isn’t the solution,

It's really human evolution. We have always craved security and safety, yet struggled to find it in this world of constant chaos. We feel that acceptance = survival because in our early childhood it DOES - but we then never develop beyond this into adulthood where we realize we can be rejected and still survive. We have poor problem solving capacities in general, and thus find ourselves stuck in loops of suffering. We are afraid to ACTUALLY question the status quo - because as exploitive as it is, it 'works' for a vast majority of people - the people who have the power, so to speak. We are where we are due to long lines of ignorance and systems that were based on faulty understandings. We are where we are because life is hard. Learning how to live as a human collective on this planet is HARD.

We feel void inside and we have pain, but we aren't supported in learning how to REALLY be ourselves, or how to problem solve, as BOTH of these would require being 'different.' So as Freud helped us with in the 1940's - we started being 'sold' identity + belonging in things, specifically things sold by beautiful people. This has morphed overtime into influencer culture.

We're lacking in any true spirituality, so that gnawing anxiety over death and chaos lingers with only consumerist capitalism and the fantasy of connection through sameness to soothe. We need to believe that the influencer has it, AND we need them to keep bringing us a new thing, so that we can constantly feel that we are 'on a journey' - when most of us are just looping in our same thoughts, feelings and actions for all our lives, because of that 'must fit in' conditioning. We have to believe it can get better through consumerism and 'questioning' in a safe, included in the group way, because anything else would actually threaten the foundations we are too afraid to look at.

We don't have adequate social safety-nets, so we have extreme levels of poverty mixed with extreme levels of wealth. We have the CONSTANT threat of 'not enough' that is driving all of us to do things that aren't good for ourselves. We have societal structures that unfairly favor the few at the expense of the many - and thus we are vulnerable to big, flashy, stimulating answers to our deep fears and insecurities - because the actual reality is for most of us, to really be 'empowered' we DO need the SYSTEMS to change. The 'every man for himself' mentality isn't working. It's driving us nuts. Literally.

Thus, we will always have this. We have always HAD this. This is no different than it's ever been really.

Until We Have New Systems, We Will Have A Toxic Culture:

Until we are willing to actually recon with death, the chaos, and the idea that we are just humans who have to pragmatically learn from life - and that life works better when we cooperate - this will be our pattern.

Until we start developing societal systems where there are actual safety nets/community support in place, and less corruption in positions of leadership that lead people to being so distrusting and afraid, we will have empty promises that sound SO good and do so little.

Until we really come to terms with what love and light ACTUALLY is - the process of learning from our mistakes, seeing that a society that supports the least of us is the best for ALL of us, seeing that what we want is ENOUGH - not too much, not too little - so we can LIVE and express and offer what we have to offer the common good - we will have influencer culture. Until we have systems that work FOR the people, we will have this pseudo-spiritual wellness industry based in ableism, elitism and ignorance.

Influencer culture by necessity can’t ever be what it’s selling itself to be. If it actually WERE the systems it’s built upon would be able to hold it up. We must remember this when interacting with wellness influencers who are so based in personal responsibility, false connection and tools that totally transform in 30 days or less. We must pay attention to being asked to ‘question the narrative’ and ‘think for ourselves’ so that we can see what we are being asked to question, and what we are being pointed towards believing.

Letting go of the sensationalist, coming into the rational and practical - that’s the goal. 

Learning to love who we are enough that we don’t feel the need to be CONSTANTLY producing/fixing/earning/consuming is next.

Offering what we can to support those around us, learning to discern which experts DO have clear advice for us and which are exploitive, this is also required. Looking to where WE are unknowingly participating in system of exploitation so we can remove ourselves must happen too.

It’s a lot. But it’s doable.

If we can see why we are so drawn in - what parts of us are being played on - we can draw ourselves out. We can create REAL community. We can find TRUE solutions. We can take ACTUAL responsibility where it can be taken. We can see where the limits of our powers are. We can be human. We can move through our doubts and fears and knowledge of death and suffering in a truly humane way. 

You’re not broken.

You don’t need to be whipped into a frenzy.

Extreme solutions almost never work long term.

Slow, steady progress, little changes over time, actual connection and community support - these are the things that WORK. They aren’t flashy and they aren’t quick. They are the same thing over and over. They will most likely never be popular - but they CAN be something YOU gravitate towards as you come down from the influencer high.

This is our path forward. 



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