Humans Suffering At The Hands Of Other Humans Is Not Spiritual

Dear love and light community:

I've been seeing a LOT of posts lately around the idea that we have all 'chosen our life before we incarnated, including all the specific suffering and challenges we were going to face, because we wanted all those challenges for our souls growth.'

I know at face value this statement can seem innocuous - and many even have a lot of belief systems that back up this giant statement.

But if we look under the hood here, I think we may all agree that there is actually a LOT wrong with these sentiments, and that holding onto them as blanket philosophy for how we should treat other humans who are suffering leaves us in positions of being those who contribute to the suffering of others rather than being ones who are working to help liberate them from it.

Of course we must always note that we are not, as individuals, ever going to 'save' the world from its suffering. There will always, always be pain in life, as pain is a part of growth and discovery. Pain is a part of desire. People are going to pass away, get sick, get old and reject one another. There are going to be storms and other natural disasters that disrupt us. There will be times when we can't have what we want or even what we need due to circumstances that are beyond our control. We will struggle to understand ourselves and the world around us. These things are natural and built into the life experience. Part of being a 'good light worker' is walking alongside our brothers and sisters who are facing these things, offering validation, love, support where possible and a whole lot of space for processing and discovery along the way.

Now on the other side of the coin, we must recognize that there are some forms of human suffering that we absolutely, unequivocally DO have control over.

Racism, sexism, human on human violence, systems of oppression that keep certain people in scenarios where they are constantly fighting just to keep themselves alive, let alone being able to gather enough to have a basic sense of security - these are but a few examples of 'unnatural suffering' that was 100% human engineered that can be dismantled by us.

The idea that any and all suffering that a human can face is just 'part of their path' and something we shouldn't or couldn't possibly do anything about is a lie.

Let's take a deeper look at why this mindset is so poisonous, why it is so deeply opposed to the idea of being a light worker, and how we can tread in the waters of 'controlling that which we have control over and learning to grow from that which we don't' so that we don't slide down the slippery slope of 'acceptance' into apathy and complacency.

Challenges That Help Us Grow?

There is a MASSIVE difference between 'challenges that help us grow' and straight up unnecessary adversity created by humans against other humans.

Falling down and learning to get back up, facing rejection, things not going how we thought they would, accidents - unavoidable chaos that guides us to dig deeper and find more strength, awareness and resilience.

Being abused, having basic human needs withheld, being targets of senseless violence, being profiled and treated as less than, being forced into positions of having to choose between abuse and your life, being asked to perform slave labour - completely avoidable trauma inducing antagonistic acts against life that serve no purpose other than to falsely enrich the perpetrator.

When we hear of those who are our brothers and sisters telling us that that second category is happening to us, it is no measure of 'wokeness' to tell then it's a growth opportunity, a way to see through their 'victim mentality' or that they are dealing with karma. This is pure turning a blind eye to the avoidable suffering because we can't be bothered - or worse we have a vested interest in their lives being harder than they need to be.

This is not humanity.

This is not kindness.

This is the opposite of love and light.

Life itself will dole out plenty of challenge.

We the human race don't have to help it along by abusing our brothers and sisters or standing by as they are abused.

This is not creating a world of love and light this is pure darkness being allowed to reign. Sure, some come out of these circumstances with a 'higher perspective' but this is no excuse. There are plenty of ways to learn without having to go through needless suffering.

This Higher Perspective Is A Call For CHANGE:

Please check this. Are we actually saying we SUPPORT a world where violence, oppression, straight up abuse happens to humanity by humanity because we think this is what's BEST for people's souls? We must be kidding here.

The best use of human intellect and feeling is to identify an antagonistic element in life and to REMOVE THAT THING.

That's intelligence.

That's humanity.

That's care.

That's love and light.

Accept the things we cannot change and CHANGE THE THINGS WE CAN.

We must recognize that those who DO take those 'life challenges' that they face - the oppression, violence, abuse and so on - and use them for their 'souls growth' are the ones who STOP THE CYCLE of these things. This is a massive key to understand.

Most people who face these kinds of challenges in life become so traumatized that they unwittingly become the next in line to perpetuate the same abuses. They are so deeply scarred by the experience and often times are born into such conditions that to choose something different, to stop the cycle of abuse and pain, to take their traumas and to integrate them so as to be able to evolve into something new and less damaging is right near IMPOSSIBLE. But again, when they DO it is a change they make.

They decide to become something different.

So are we looking at them and saying 'no you should continue this abusive cycle that you were born into, continue treating people the way you were treated because that is for their souls growth! Don't heal. Don't integrate because if you do, then your children, those you look over, those you interact with won't be abused how you were, and then how will their soul grow?!'

Of course not. But this is EXACTLY what we are saying and doing when we say we are going to sit back and allow abuses of power to take place without trying to elevate the system so people don't have to be subject to those abuses anymore.

Stopping Abuse Is Not Robbing People Of Their Growth: It's Actually Giving Them A CHANCE To Grow:

Stopping a CYCLE OF ABUSE is NOT robbing people of their chance to grow. Their soul will find plenty of challenge here on earth without it. We praise people who go through these abusive situations and come out the other side choosing to stand for change, so why do we then say those who can clearly see that these systems we have on earth are abusive, who have knowledge and wisdom of how those systems could be improved so as to cause less harm SHOULDN'T work to implement that change? What's the difference? When is it passing on abuse through not healing yourself and 'taking away someones' growth opportunity by intervening in an abusive system?'

We can change how we treat each other so that we face the challenges of LIFE as brothers and sisters, rather than literally antagonizing each other or standing by as antagonism happens. This isn't progress, spirituality or anything of the sort. It's pure shadow.

The reality is, when we work to end these systems of HUMAN OPPRESSION - we are actually giving people the CHANCE to grow. To TRULY grow into who THEY are. Rather than simply having to recover from the abuses they suffered. This healing from trauma isn't true self growth. That's an EXTRA obstacle. All of us are going to see that without trauma, there is still a large challenge in growing into our authentic self. That healing the trauma is phase one, but that there is a WHOLE OTHER JOURNEY on the 'other side' of that healing. (I say 'other side' in quotes here because I know that the impact of trauma is life long and will leave an imprint on us. It will inform us in many ways. And we will see that there is an 'I' that was and is beyond that trauma, that exited before it and is there to be expressed afterwards that is the REAL person we are here to grow into. The real 'soul' we are here to expand.) That your 'soul,' that part of you that wants to grow, express, evolve and expand doesn't require TRAUMA to do so.

The soul growth we are seeking is to grow into ourselves. The less we are antagonized needlessly, the more chance we have to grow this being. The more we are antagonized, the LESS TIME we have to GROW our actual SELVES - because we are fighting for basic needs and rights that we don't have.

Upholding systems of human on human oppression is the OPPOSITE of SOUL GROWTH. That's forcing people into SURVIVAL INSTINCT. Into trauma that will cloud them finding their soul. Into positions where finding their true self is now simply MUCH HARDER than it needed to be.

It is antagonistic to soul growth - that's why we look at systems of trauma and oppression and say we should stop them - because what they usually do is cripple people or create abusers out of people. They don't create growth. They stunt it and sometimes end it.

Soul growth happens when we have just enough challenge to wake us up, but enough support that we can rise to that challenge. Human antagonism ROBS people of seeing their souls, their humanity, their capacity to grow is it forces them into positions of fight or flight that lock down their nervous systems, leaving them traumatized for life or to become perpetuators of the abuse so as to get out of being abused.

It's not soul growth. It's the opposite. We have to stop telling ourselves that human on human violence is a growth opportunity. It is one in the sense that we have seen the results - cycles of abuse and humans who never awaken to their potential. So let's end it. It's as simple as that.

If we REALLY want a world where people can awaken to their soul, they need a general level of safety in which to do so. Plain and simple. Awakening just to the fact that you want to fight injustice or be different isn't who someone is, and they shouldn't HAVE to make that their whole identity.

If we want a world where people can awaken to their soul, we need to create a world WITHOUT unnecessary, human created trauma that keeps people from ever seeing their true selves - or from ever being able to express or step into those true selves due to the systems they live in being so oppressive.

What Does Love Really Look Like?

Love says let's look at the pain, figure out the source, change the source so there can be pleasure. We are a collective here to work together so all can be happy and have a chance at growth not just constant pure antagonism.

Life is inherently challenging enough. Seriously. Let's put this argument to rest right now.

If you wouldn't want your child, your brother, your grandmother to have to face something, how can you be ok knowing anyone is?

Light means changing what we can.

There is so much we can change. Listen to the voices in pain. They are showing us where the work we have yet to do is. Growth comes from the challenges of life, not from human antagonism. We will find our strength just fine without having to fight each other to get there.

It means doing what we can do in our own lives to heal our traumas, awaken to our TRUE SOULS, and then to CONTRIBUTE what we have to contribute to humanity.

It means checking out of systems that harm us and others, even though that's uncomfortable, so as to call for new systems that work better.

It means doing what we can as individuals, knowing we aren't going to fix the whole world, but we can do our part. We can stand. We can show up. We can stop buying from people. We can start supporting others. If EVERYONE did what they COULD - it would be enough to change everything. It's not going to be one person or group that changes the world - it's going to be the collective doing what each one can.

That's what it takes.

Do just enough.

What you specifically can do isn't everything, but it's ENOUGH. Each one doing enough would be enough.

The Bottom Line:

We have enough experience to see that human on human violence does NOT lead to 'soul growth.' It shows us that in this oppression we create humans that are so disconnected from themselves in order to survive, that they live in perpetual fear/suppression - never stepping into themselves so as not to rock the boat, or they become perpetuators of the abusive cycle just to get themselves out of harms way.

This is no one's 'soul path.' This is a bunch of souls that never get to discover themselves because they are so deeply traumatized and locked in fear and threat.

Awakening to who and what you are is hard work just on it's own. Human on human violence doesn't offer anything in this journey. At most it awakens people to the idea that these cycles of human on human abuse NEED TO STOP. They choose not to continue with the cycle. But that's not them awakening to their soul - that's them awakening to the idea that abuse is unnecessary. Who they ARE has yet to be discovered.

So no. Human on human abuse is not someone's soul growth path. That's something we as a humanity need to wake up and see is counter to soul growth - that's why we have such a traumatized humanity.

And we need to stand up to dismantle every system we practicably can that causes this kind of human on human violence. If we really want a world of people all 'waking up,' we have to be a part of creating the CONDITIONS where this can actually occur.

People having space to grow are those conditions. And that isn't the case in situations of human on human violence.

Soul growth happens when you are in a state to even connect with your soul. That doesn't happen when you're deeply traumatized - and if it does it's because you got yourself out of that trauma enough to heal from it.

Human on human violence is not a soul growth opportunity. It's something we need to see as a humanity as being totally barbaric and something we can stop so all humans have the right to wake up to their soul.

Thus, it's our responsibility to love ourselves deeply enough, to see where we are perpetuating systems of abuse in ourselves and in the world, so that we can wake up out of them, and stop participating.

We need to stand for a new world by voting for it with our time, energy and attention.

We need to LISTEN to those who are telling us their experience is one of deep suppression and pain and we need to look to where we can change conditions so that more people have the opportunity to grow. To deeply step into their truth - rather than just having to fight antagonism all their lives.

THIS is light work.

Making the world a place where all have the opportunity to step into their soul growth through LIFE challenges, because they aren't so bogged down and destroyed by human on human antagonism.

Your choice - are you going to work to dismantle the human on human violence that is keeping humanity from waking up to itself, or are you going to be a part of the new world where all humans have the space to actually connect with their souls, rather than simply fighting trauma?