If I Love Who I Am Now, I Won’t Be Motivated To Change And Will Be Stuck In Pain Forever – Toxic Fuel Vs. True Motivation

Hell Love!

Most of us believe that pain is the ultimate motivator.

That if we aren't focusing on the pain of being who we are, being where we are and being what we are - that we won't be motivated to grow, change or do what we need to do to get OUT of pain.

Most of us believe that if we were to love and accept ourselves just as we are in this moment, that this too would mean we are no longer motivated to do what we need to do for ourselves - and that this would mean we stay stuck in pain forever.

Most of us believe that in order to accomplish anything good, anything worthwhile - we have to suffer. We have to be in pain. That growth HAS to be hard and that we have to just put our heads down and WORK until we get the big payoff at the end.

Most of us believe that if we let ourselves feel pleasure in what we're in, that if we allow ourselves to focus on what is good - we will let our guard down and when the pain comes back it will be worse than before, or that again we will stop having the motivation to become our higher selves, our actualized selves and in this we will miss out on becoming all we are capable of becoming.

Most of us believe that if we allow ourselves to focus on small steps and incremental change, we will lose all motivation because this doesn't give us the big payoff of fully transforming ourselves and our lives - it means we aren't focused on the HEAVEN we want to reach, and in that - why bother? If we're not going to get to perfect, what's the point of even trying?

Most of us believe that looking to improve ourselves, to fix ourselves and to fix our lives is the ONLY way to push ourselves forward. That without this, we will give up and then be stuck suffering forever.

This is all toxic fuel.

Today I want to explore why loving who we are right now, why focusing on pleasure and why letting go of the big AFTER is the key to finding TRUE fuel. Why loving who you are right now and giving up on needing to become your most actualized self WON'T mean you have no desire to move forward, and in fact will actually move you towards your TRUE expression FASTER than the toxic fuel of self hate ever could.

Love is a much more clean burning fuel than hate, and it will help you get clear on what YOU actually want vs. what consensus reality taught you to want.




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