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Are The Wealthy 'Evil?'

We can also acknowledge that the wealthy do innovate.

They do offer new things to society.

They do bring change.


They are not all terrible people.

We are going to have to acknowledge that as selfish as their actions look on the surface, and arguably ARE - they were also raised in a society that indoctrinated them. They were raised in families that have lineages of doing what they are now doing. They have fear based belief systems that drive them to hoard. They don't exist in a vacuum. They didn't create the systems we have either. This is not to say that they shouldn't change. This is to say that they aren't evil. They are people. Who have ALSO been traumatized by this system. Remember - anything that doesn't work for the whole, ultimately, doesn't work for ANYONE.

We see this playing out right in front of our eyes. Those at the top of our systems aren't the happiest. Aren't the most free. Aren't the most stable. In fact, they are often the MOST neurotic, scared, unsatisfied and afraid among us. They have access to 'everything' and yet that everything seems to make them more and more miserable. Why? Because. You can't cause harm without being harmed. To be at the top of our system is to be causing harm - and what we do unto others we do unto ourselves. We don't get away with it. We may have all the physical provisions and access in the WORLD - but none of that buys us actual peace, actual love, actual self expression. In many cases those at the top had to deeply sacrifice their true selves in order to 'win' in the system. They HAD to sacrifice their HUMANITY. They had to sacrifice their empathy and capacity to see outside themselves. They live in bubbles of fear of not enough, no matter how much they have. They are just as deeply indoctrinated, scared, lonely and unfulfilled as anyone else.

It's not working for any of us.

AND again, in order to be where they are - they were all INVESTED IN.

None of them are ‘self made.’

No one is self made.

Those who have success in our society were invested in by their families, by society in general with education and resources, by someone with money. No one made it on their own. Even if it seems like no one invested in them, if they grew up poor or without much resources - they still likely had some sort of education OR were part of a social group that allowed for them to be given a chance. They were the right kind of person for a loan, for people to trust them when they were just starting out, for some form of ‘start’ that allowed them to grow. They built something with pre-existing resources. They built upon a pre-existing structure or knowledge. They sold something they knew people wanted. They owned something and used that. They inherited a LIFE that gave them the CAPACITY to ‘make themselves.’

This is reality.

Someone invested in EVERYONE who is wealthy, usually many people, society itself, and not just once - generationally.

Success is a community effort. Always. We ALL depend upon the wisdom, structures, technology and understanding of those who came before us, as foundations to build upon for what we're going to do/be/offer. NONE of us do this on our own ever.

YES they worked hard. YES they struggled. YES they have a LOT of valuable information about what it takes to build something in our current world. I’m not saying that the wealthy or successful just had life handed to them. Not at all. In many cases this is far, far from the truth. But again, the truth is grey. We’ve all inherited a world that either empowered or disempowered us - making our journey to expression and survival harder or easier. This has to be looked at. The whole picture - what we had working for and against us. It all matters in terms of creating a new society. Our society still rewards those who are already a part of the ‘in’ group, and it deeply punishes those who are ‘out.’ The capacity we all have to make ourselves isn’t simply down to our will or intellect or strength. The social factors need to be taken into account. The system doesn’t give everyone who WANTS to make themselves the same chance to do that.

Ultimately Trickle Down Can NEVER happen In Our Current System:

Trickle down is not a thing.

You don't need to understand economics or tax codes to see this. It's right in front of our faces. The tax code is written to protect the wealth of those at the top and to make SURE it never trickles down. Because if it did, people would stop working so hard. People would stop working 2 and 3 jobs for next to nothing. 

Prices would come down and wages would increase.

This would put an end to the rapid growth we see - and the wealthy would stop seeing exponential gains.

If there were a true trickling down, most of what we consume would stop being consumed - the markets again couldn’t stay afloat within a society of stable, supported people.

In an equitable society, people would need less in terms of convenience items and distraction/entertainment in order to survive their wage slave existence and most of what's being produced would be no longer in demand and therefore we would see a crash in the market. If people weren't so desperate and afraid due to the fact that you can't survive well in this system, if there was socialized health care, fair food and housing prices, if we weren't all so miserable trying to work to survive, we wouldn't be so vulnerable to the consumerist culture who keeps profiting off of our lack of security and lack of purpose. 

Socialized medicine would mean we don’t have to pay for these things, don’t have to worry so much about accidents and getting sick, and therefore we would need LESS money to simply get by - thus we wouldn’t have to work a million jobs at low wages just to have something if we need medical care.

If food wasn’t subsidized the way it is, and we were ACTUALLY paying the cost of what it takes to produce most of the foods we eat, again we would see a MASSIVE decline in ‘convenience’ foods and animal foods being purchased because they would be SO expensive.

If quality education was equally available to all citizens, the post secondary institutions would lose all their funding, and those schools in low income neighborhoods would all get an upgrade. All of a sudden we would lose a MASSIVE amount of people willing to do low paying service jobs - because more people would be educated and therefore would demand a better exchange for their time. People would value their skills more, and would be less vulnerable to exploitative work environments. Crime would go down because people wouldn’t feel so unsafe and desperate, and then there would be a mass loss in the market where prisons and policing used to be.

Even military operations would likely lose a lot of their funding and enrollment because people would feel less insecure, and thus would be less vulnerable to messaging of the ‘villain out there who’s coming for your shit’ AND they wouldn’t need the perks of the military like education, health care and a pension, because they would get that from society. SO much of what generates the massive profits we see in the world today RELY upon a society of people who don’t have enough. Both to BUY the shit being sold and to CREATE it via labor.

If there was a shift to supporting what’s actually supportive of the culture in general, more people would work less and LIVE more. They would actually pursue a LIFE with balance. They would have time left over to explore health, relationships, hobbies and other interests without worrying about if they can monetize it, or simply because now they actually CAN pursue those things. So many in our society aren’t choosing to neglect their health and wellbeing - they have to in order to earn enough to survive. They live in places where access to good quality food, shelter, water and other resources simply isn’t a thing. And even if they do have access, they don’t have the resources to enjoy those things. 

With the system we have now, so many of us feel empty, hopeless, chronically exhausted, constantly on edge and afraid of running out/not having enough/not being enough - because of COURSE. Scarcity is real, most goods are not of quality, most of what we are sold to be things that support life, don't, prices are all manipulated by big corporations to force people into buying stuff that they make that is bad for us, we're all indoctrinated that fitting in = safety and fitting in always means having to sacrifice our true selves and humanity on some level, systems are set up to systemically oppress some in order to enrich others - and in this EVERYONE suffers.

We feel insecure because we ARE. In this system we are. It's not in our heads. We're isolated. Told we have to be independent. Told there's not enough but also that WE'RE never enough. It's a never ending cycle where we don't get to be PEOPLE and THAT is the root.

But they just keep selling the system back to us as the 'solution' to the problems the system itself created.

It's deeply complex and  - and companies learned in the 1940’s to tell us they can SELL us our security and purpose through THINGS.

Status symbols.

Clothing trends.

What kind of eyebrows you have.

The size and shape of your body.

What kind of job you work.

What brands you consume.

What shows and music you like.

It's all sold as meaning something about you so as to distract you from the fact that you feel empty and scared because society is set up in a way where you never get to be an actual person.

What you do, how much money you have, where you land within society, your education status, the brands you buy, the food you eat - it’s all being sold to you as being your social capital. Your social identity - and this social identity determines where you fall in the social hierarchy - and this in turn determines what kinds of opportunities you have to make a life for yourself. Fitting in isn’t just a high school trauma we’re all subconsciously trying to heal.

We want to fit in because when we fit in, we get provisions. When we don’t we lose security and opportunity. We’re all DEEPLY afraid of not fitting in, because in reality it’s true - survival is a group effort. We can’t do it alone. Companies know this and they prey on this. Our ideas of identity and therefore safety have been moulded by culture and status. Where you are in the social hierarchy determines the outcomes you’re going to get in your life. Being ‘out’ is, in many ways, a kind of death/suffering sentence. We see this with those who live below the poverty line in places where there is so much wealth this isn’t a necessity.

We’re sold over and over again that our happiness, success and capacity to thrive is a personal choice/responsibility - and that it’s a reflection of what we DESERVE to be given/not given. This is garbage.  You have to work all the time. And even if you don't feel like you work all the time - you probably feel guilty. Or are told over and over that you're a drain. If you don't fit into trends you feel left out. If you can't support yourself you are labelled weak or lazy. It's all designed to keep people locked in the struggle.

If we quit engaging in this the system would collapse.

It needs us more than we need it by a long long shot.

The economy depends upon people simultaneously not having enough to make ends meet who also spend their money on things they wouldn't need/wouldn’t buy if they could have a reasonable work life balance. If there was some social security that allowed them to live without fearing losing it all/not having enough for the future. On things they wouldn't be vulnerable to if they had a reasonable chance at life.

We have the power to find our enough, then to stop going beyond that. To find our enough, then start re-investing in others. To find our enough, then STOP consuming, and start pursuing a LIFE - nothing to monetize, but a life where we experience things OUTSIDE of the economy.

Don't underestimate the power of this. Living. Breathing. Relating. Not consuming or producing for periods of time.

THIS is the key to the transformation we want.

This economy isn’t going to work.

It’s not going to work for people.

It’s not going to work for the environment.

It’s not going to work long term.

It’s certainly brought with it it’s fair share of innovation and progress. But if we want to see this continuing gap start to reverse, if we want to see actual change in how we’re treating the environment, if we want to see people being able to find true mental/spiritual/physical health - then we need more equitable distribution. More equal opportunity. More questioning WHY we’re supporting a system that’s not supporting us. We’re going to have to let go of the idea that independence is freedom, and recognize that true thriving comes from individuals being SUPPORTED within a collective. It’s not about sacrificing our individuality. It’s not about trying to all become ONE - it’s about seeing that when we are all supported, we all win. When we take a little less for ourselves so that everyone can have a shot, this actually works out BETTER.

This is why I talk about finding enough and then no more. If we quit reaching past what we actually need, if we start re-distributing, if we consume less, work less, do less - we break the system of inequality down. We create the call for something new.

There is a way out. Understanding what is, how it works, and why our participation in it isn’t innocent. Understanding how to work with our own traumas so we can find our enough is the key. When we say stop, we can make it stop.

We are not helpless, but it’s going to take some radical honesty.

Are we willing?