If You Want A New World, You Have To Stop Commoditizing Yourself

Change in our world isn't going to come from social justice movements. Protests. Rallies. Crowd funding.

These things have their place, but ultimately if we want a new world, we are going to have to change the fundamental system upon which our current world is operating.

We are going to have to take the power we have in our own lives to shift our own relationship with ourselves and the world around us.

Change is going to come from individuals changing their perception of self, which will then alter our ways of being in the world to a degree that the systems (which are made up of individual actions, based on individual perceptions) must change as well.

Change is going to be an individual revolution.

We Can't Commoditize/Simplify Ourselves Enough To Find Happiness:

The truth is something I’m not so sure many of us want to look at.

In reality, no one is ever going to find their perfect ‘career’ or feel on ‘purpose’ at all times, able to ‘hack’ their way into constant productivity, constant inspiration, constant output - because we are human beings not machines.

Yes, we all have our passions and purpose and that which we are here to ‘do’ - but this is only a PART of us. If we are looking for complete fulfillment in our work, to find a passion that CONSTANTLY engages us - and makes money to boot - we will never, ever be satisfied. If we aren’t allowing ourselves to be whole people, no amount of purpose or passion is going to fill the void.

In reality, there is never going to be enough group acceptance, love, accolades, likes, follows, shares, subscribers, not enough clicks, praises or otherwise consensus reality propping up to make us feel connected, if we are sacrificing REAL LIFE relationships for these things.

If we are not allowing ourselves to be in our families, communities and most importantly, in relation with ourselves. To have ACTUAL intimacy - to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and seen by a few, first ourselves. We will never be agreed with enough, liked enough or praised enough for what we PUT OUT because this isn’t ever going to be a reflection of who we ARE. We can share all we want, but we aren’t KNOWN by those who follow. Thus it will always feel hollow.

In reality, we aren’t going to find the right ‘one’ relationship. We aren’t going to find the perfect friend, partner, lover, cohort - or even the perfect ‘community’ that ‘gets’ us and provides all our needs for us.

We are never going to be satisfied looking for anyone out there to fill a void in us. We are social beings, yes, 100% and we NEED to have connections - real connections - but at the same time we must understand that everyone is also an individual on THIER PATH and THEIR JOURNEY that will have nothing to do with us and ours much of the time. The more we connect with who WE ARE and can be there for, validate, comfort, support and nourish our own inner selves, the more we know we can provide for ourselves and make things work, the more we can be open and honest with ourselves - the more nourishing our relationships will become. The less we will look for the ‘perfect’ ones, and the more we will enjoy the REAL ones. The reality of who people are and where they’re at and what you can enjoy and connect on from that place.

In reality, we are never going to gerrymander how much we are consuming into something that’s sustainable.

It doesn’t matter how many solar panels, wind machines or hydro-pumps we put up, how much we switch from plastic to bamboo - if we keep consuming at the rates we are, we are not going to survive ourselves. We are going to have to come to see that it’s the VOLUME that’s a big part of the problem. So many reaching for things they don’t need on a continual basis to prop themselves up in a system that’s sucking them dry - THAT’S the problem. We are never going to have enough wealth, abundance, experiences or possessions to make us feel secure. Safe. Like life can’t touch us. None of these things will ever get rid of our fear of disease, death, destruction and separation. Money isn’t going to do it. Clean resources are a must - yes - but reduction is also a must - and this is going to require a great overhaul of our ways of viewing ourselves and life.

In reality, we are aren’t going to find the benevolent leader who’s going to rescue us from all the mess we are in.

We aren’t going to find the perfect group of ‘good people’ who will re-orient the planet in a way that allows for humans to have happiness. We are not going to pass the money/power around to enough small groups/individuals so as to eventually land on the right ones who know how to make life choices for LARGE GROUPS OF PEOPLE. Rather, we are going to have to come to realize that great wealth and power NECESSITATES others having less/not having rights. Until we get that the SOLUTION we are looking for is every human having their basic needs met (which we have the technology and the capacity to do at this point) - we are always going to have poverty, war, distrust, corruption, greed, imbalances of power, people who starve, people who die of diseases needlessly, people who don’t get to have a fighting chance at a reasonable life. It’s not that this world can support everyone being a billionaire. We have to let go of this idea completely. We have to start with everyone has what they need - then if there is left over let’s see how motivated we all are to fight for it.

In reality, there is no product or service you can offer or consume that will make you feel whole. That will give you your identity. That will help you feel you are ‘you.’ Ever.

We Are Not Commodities:

The human life can’t be boiled down to a job, a passion, a relationship, a community affiliation.

There is no group or individual that can make choices that serve everyone.

We don’t WANT to have to work to survive.

If we stopped competing, stopped selling EVERYTHING, stopped making our worth and value about what we ‘do or offer’ society, if we let go of the fantasy that money and power will make the pain and death go away - we will have a reckoning yes.

Existential crisis.

For sure.

We will face our fears of death and loneliness and all of that - but then we will see that we are more one than separate. That working together so everyone has what they need doesn’t lead to a society where the few work so the many can be lazy. This is NOT what will happen. Rather we will find that all of a sudden everyone finds their place. Their expression. The end of hatred and division.

Yes, we need a ‘spiritual’ revolution - one where we recognize ourselves as a part of a whole, a system, where we are one and also separate. We need to face our dark emotions and pain that are telling us that our systems DON’T WORK. We have to let go of the micro focus and zoom out.

  • There’s no gym work out or fitness routine that will make up for a lack of moving around outside.
  • There’s no supplement or packaged product that’s going to make up for not having access to real food.
  • There’s no career or passion that will save us from the idea that we must be constantly producing so we can then turn around in be in constant consumption.
  • There’s no global society, no connection, no amount of being seen and heard by the masses that is going to fill the space where genuine connection with people in your community and more importantly with yourself, lives within you.
  • There’s never going to be a brand/company that is ethical/woke enough so long as we have a system where goods and services are sold as things that provide IDENTITY and VALUE rather than UTILITY.
  • There’s never going to be an education system that actually supports the flourishing of the human being so long as the work force is built upon creating human robots.
  • There’s never going to be a government that’s non-corrupt until it’s not about POWER OVER but rather about ORGANIZATION of a community.
  • There’s never going to be enough feeling that you are seen/heard/validated in your identity until we stop trying to dictate what others can and cannot do with their bodies. So long as we don’t feel SAFE to be what we are, we are going to ever be looking for REPRESENTATION - we are not really seeking representation. We are seeking the safety that is supposed to come in numbers. But we are all one. There is no way to categorize and represent everyone. If everyone felt safe to be themselves, they wouldn’t be so desperate for labels and representation. They could just BE.
  • There is no leader who is going to make us feel safe and taken care enough, if we don’t feel that we have the capacity and access to resources to learn from and solve our own problems.
  • There is no relationship that will make us feel whole if we don’t have a connection to ourselves and greater reality.
  • There’s no practice or ritual that will replace stopping and connecting to nature.
  • There is no religion or teaching, no spirituality that will fill the void of facing your own mortality, and connecting with ALL BEINGS as YOURSELF in your own way.
  • There is no leader that will save us. No amount of abundance for any one or group that will make this better. We have to be willing to let go of the idea of SO MUCH MORE than we need to protect us from those who DON’T HAVE ENOUGH - and realize that if we share - the problems causing us to work so hard to hoard and be praised solve themselves.

If we stopped commoditizing the human life, and started valuing it for its existence - we would have the world we want.

We can’t keep the systems we have and think that we are going to find the ‘right way’ to work it.

It’s not working.

The System Has To Shift Fundamentally:

It has to shift fundamentally.

There is no one 'thing' that’s going to heal this.

Other than us actually seeing that this isn’t working, and being willing to let go of what we know to create what we are capable of.

Equality begins with all having their basic needs. Food, water, shelter, sanitation. None of these things should be privileges and again, we have what it takes to make this a reality.

Then we will see what’s left to clean up.

Stop commoditizing yourself.

If you were to do this - what would your life look like?

THAT is your mission, that is your purpose, that is what you have to offer society.

Make your life a human life.



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