If Your Wellness/Spirituality Is…

If your wellness/spirituality practices/teachers/gurus/teachings ask you to/promises that it will do ANY of the following:

‘Fix’ any part of you

Look at ANY of your symptoms (mental, emotional or physical) as a flaw/something that’s WRONG and needs to be REMEDIED - rather than seeing symptoms as MESSENGERS of trauma/stress

Reject any part of yourself or your history

Participate in a system that EXCLUDES other groups/individuals based on their appearance/heritage/social status/financial status

Participate in a system that benefits only a very specific group of people

Abdicate your OWN internal knowing/guidance to follow a guru/teaching that knows ‘better’ than you on all things

Push past your comfort zone in a way that over-stimulates your nervous system/puts you into STRESS with no tools for dealing with that or grounding the energy

See the over-stimulated or numb nervous system response as a ‘spiritual’ state

See any part of yourself or your humanity as ‘profane’ or separate from God

See any other practice/way of being as WRONG by comparison to your RIGHT

Return to a previous version of yourself ‘before’ your symptoms started appearing

‘Improve’ the parts of you that aren’t behaving properly

Make you more capable of living your life just how you are now with just less symptoms

Continually engage in practices that STIMULATE your nervous system into a state of hyper alertness/numbness (which will feel really HIGH for a moment, only to have you CRASH later, thinking you did something wrong or need to return to the practice)

Continually ingest a substance to stay ‘awake’ or happy (meaning a substance is not simply a tool that is a part of a greater program to help you not need the substance anymore one day) (to be clear this is NOT anti-medicine in any form, just anti ONLY medicine)

Believe that there is something FLAWED about your current state - broken brain, broken body, broken spirit

Believe that the answer to your pain is to FIX any part of yourself - that YOU are the sole cause

Believe that it is your REACTION that is the problem, not helping you look at WHAT you are reacting to and WHY

Villainize ANY of your emotions

Villainize ANY of your personality traits

Villainize ANY of your current habits

Seek to be in any kind of state ALL the time

Seek to ‘transcend’ any part of yourself

Believe pain is ‘all in your head’

Believe your entire life is 100% created by you - and thus your pain is all your fault

Believe that spiritually and huge wealth are one and the same thing

Believe that there is a future version of you that is more worthy of love and validation than you are right now

Believe that you will be happy ‘over there’ when ‘this or that’ happens

Takes your joy from THIS moment

Requires that you have a certain financial status/physical ability or look in order to participate

It’s not wellness.

It’s not spirituality.

It’s capitalism and it’s a loop that never ends.

In reality -

EVERY part of you is good,

every part of you is God,

you have the capacity to KNOW for yourself (spirituality should only ever be about helping you reconnect to your TOOLS of seeing truth for yourself, not telling you what truth is)

all your pain is a REACTION to an out of alignment system you didn’t create and the ‘solutions’ always lie in deeply accepting and making SAFE who and what you are right now.

This doesn’t require you to be or express in any way - this is universal.

You have needs that aren’t being met/have traumas you haven’t processed/are being antagonized in some way.

THAT’S the root of your pain - nothing fundamental about YOU.

You’re not broken and if you’re tools aren’t helping you feel better THEY are broken, not you.

Until the wellness industry STOPS being about personal/brand leadership, authority, profit, recognition, telling people how they're broken and in need of fixing (and hey we can sell you that fix wouldn't you know), telling that they are doing wellness 'wrong', needing status and resources to participate and status and STARTS being about where we can fill the gaps of human needs within our communities/spheres of influence, so all beings have the foundations they need to bloom - we will never have a wellness industry.

Don't play into it. You are whole and deserve to be treated as such.

All practices should come from this TRUTH - otherwise they are starting on the wrong foot and thus will lead you in loops.




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