I’m Not A Weird Alien – And Neither Are You ;)

Hey friends!!
Today I have something special for you 🙂
A few months ago I was invited to speak on the podcast - talking about my experience with being diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. We explored the mental, emotional and spiritual effects of being neuro-atypical and how I've been navigating the world knowing I'm different.
Today, for autism awareness month, Amy invited me back on for a quick episode to talk about the top three things getting diagnosed has done to improve my life.
We talked about how important validation can be, why learning to be compassionate with ourselves fosters growth and how we can all work to learn to communicate better no matter if we're neuro-atypical or not.
I'm so excited to share this conversation with you - whether you're on the spectrum or not, I hope this conversation helps you feel more valid in your uniqueness and offers some support on your path of learning to love yourself.
Also be sure to check out the work Amy is doing!

Let us know what you think when you've had a chance to listen 🙂



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