Is It A Pathology? Or Is It The SYSTEM?

Hello Love!

We're seeing a rise in anxiety and depression.

We're seeing a rise in people feeling burnt out, purposeless, like life is going nowhere and has no meaning.

We're seeing more and more people diagnosed with neuro-divergence.

People struggling to make ends meet and struggling to find a balance between work and life.

Along with all of this, we're seeing a rise in healing modalities, therapies, tools and hacks to try to 'recover' from these things or to try to 'fix' or 'work with' these aspects in order that we can get back on track with being productive.

There's so much emphasis on the fact that people with the above conditions/issues are the ones that are broken/different and are in need of some sort of support in order to help them function better within society.

And if they CAN'T - if for some reason the treatments don't work, if the tools don't work, if the hacks don't hack it - then those who are left suffering are considered weak, broken, disposable and generally are seen as 'less than.'

The entire thought process is centered around the idea that our systems are right, our ways of earning money, producing, consuming, relating and living are 'good' and 'right' and anyone who can't fit into the mold is wrong.

Today I want to call bullshit on this whole thing.

Today let's talk about the fact that in many cases what's actually 'wrong' with us isn't us. It isn't our neuro-chemistry, our biology, our mindsets or our social group. It isn't our lack of capacity, our lack of strength, our lack of trying to do and be more.

It isn't that we need to be hacked, fixed, changed or learn to navigate how things are given how we are.

Rather it's the system itself that's fucked up. It's the way we're trying to do things that is CAUSING all this pain.

Let's talk about how we need to look at the signs and symptoms our minds/bodies/spirits are sending us as messages about how to shift our modes of operation instead of seeing them as flaws in our design.

This is a true 'awakening' - where we stop questioning ourselves and start questioning the system.