Just Because You CAN Doesn’t Mean You SHOULD – Resting When Rest Feels Wrong

Hello Friend!

Our culture tells us that we 'should' be constantly pushing, striving, improving, working harder, healing, growing, integrating and generally becoming MORE.

Our culture tells us that when we aren't doing more, striving, healing, integrating, becoming - we're failing. Letting ourselves and those around us down. That we're not living up to our potential. Not taking advantage of our lives. That we're under-achieving, being lazy, ruining our own lives.

Many of us feel like we're never doing enough, while at the same time feeling constantly overwhelmed, overburdened and like we've taken on too much. We notice that we have cycles of feeling on top of the world, doing a million things, getting our lives - only to experience an inevitable crash where we can't keep up, our bodies flare up, our minds give out or we become so emotional we can't carry on.

Others feel like we actually ARE lazy. Like we can't motivate ourselves to do anything, like we're constantly in a state of procrastination, and like we simply CAN'T or DON'T do as much as everyone else. We feel guilty that we aren't working harder or more but at the same time can't seem to get motivated to change anything.

Still others of us have very INTENSE physical, mental or emotional 'blocks' that seem to hold us back. We have chronic illness, pain and mental/emotional symptoms that mean we ACTUALLY can't do as much as others do, and this makes us feel incredibly insecure, shameful, guilty and unsafe.

With this, we've all learned to push ourselves beyond our limits, or to feel TERRIBLE about ourselves when we are forced to work within our limits. We have been trained to shame and guilt ourselves into a constant cycle of overproduction leading to a crash, or we're so overwhelmed by the pace of the world that we either mentally can't get ourselves to move forward or we attempt to move forward only to be thwarted by mental/emotional/physical symptoms.

We feel guilty for resting. Guilty for saying no. We don't know how to say no unless we LITERALLY can't. We don't know how to get started. We feel like we should be doing more all the time.

Let's break with this thinking today. Let's dive deep into WHY we feel like we must constantly be ON, why this either puts us into a state of continually pushing ourselves past our limits or in a state of not being able to mobilize at all, how this is all born of trauma, and how we can start to pull out of the culture that disconnects us from what we TRULY should be doing, so we can find a path that actually works of us and our nature.