Learning That Accomplishment Comes From Pain – Another Reason We Fear Progress And Aim For Perfection

Hello Friend!

If the idea of incremental progress through a life that you build step by step, rather than a BIG reward of perfect healing/career/body/relationship/feels TERRIBLE to you - it's not your fault and there's nothing wrong with you.

If you feel like slow and steady progress isn't motivating, that if you don't have a BIG dream or some promise of full self actualization to shoot for you don't feel like doing anything or if the concept of slow progress translates to you as NEVER feeling good - you're not alone.

If you still feel like trying to find joy in your here and now, like allowing yourself to feel the pleasure of this moment, like finding what is good about this life you're living is too hard, scary, impossible or feels like it's going to stop you from being FOCUSED on the GOAL of the OUTCOME you want - again, this is not your fault and there's some things to look at here.

In consensus reality, most of us never saw anyone making progress and having joy on the path. Rather we saw people perpetually suffering in their stuff, or we saw people who claimed to have some magical before and after transformation where their lives sucked before and then BLAM they did a thing and now they are in heaven.

We learned that learning and achievement come via doing hard things, putting our heads down, dissociating or doing things we hated - so that we would be rewarded with the certificate, outcome, approval, accomplishment or whatever other 'good thing' was at the END of the process. We learned to associate pain on the path with being a sign that we're on the right track, and we learned that progress is made and then the whole reward comes at the end. We learned that to allow ourselves to feel any pleasure, to let our guards down, to stop pushing was to have the other shoe drop, to be scolded, to lose progress and to suffer.

Learning how to learn from REAL reality - where there is pain and pleasure in our lives for our whole lives, and where following TRUE PLEASURE IS the path vs. pain, pain, pain REWARD - is a whole turn around. One that requires a huge shift in how we process reality and in how we interact with our feeling selves.

This is what we're going to explore today.

In real reality, there's pleasure in the path - and there's no end. Let's re-orient so that we can enjoy the journey of self actualization for what it IS vs. missing our whole lives shooting for a heaven we can't ever allow ourselves to experience.