They Myth Of Working Hard To Get Rich/The Poor Being Lazy

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Equitable Employment Isn't A Thing:

From here we have to understand that if you're the owner of a company, you likely don't actually pay your employees the amount they ADD to the company bottom line. Most don't look at the actual capital that would be lost without the employee and then turn around and give that employee that as a wage. If you did, as C.E.O most of the time you would rapidly hit a ceiling on your own profits because the reason you hired someone else was that you'd hit the ceiling on what you could do in terms of trading your time for production and that generating profit for your company. You hired someone because in order to keep growing your company you either didn't have the requisite skills to do the labor required to keep growing, there wasn't enough time in the day to do the work yourself, or the trade off of what you'd have to put in to get out more profit didn't seem worth it to you. Hiring equitably would mean all excess profits from that hire would go to the employee that generated those profits.

That's likely never what happens. 

C.E.O’s make money for the shareholders.

Shareholders hoard wealth and reinvest it in other forms of capital in order to continue generating more wealth.

They rely upon wage slaves who are forced to work for less than their worth because they don't have access to the time, resources or know-how to create their own companies. And if they do, again they have to have someone invest in them, or they have to have capital to use to get things started. Which is a limiting factor for MOST people, because being in the system, being lower or middle class means you don’t have access. To education. To opportunities. To the places where you could LEARN how to become a C.E.O. They don’t have access to the foundational tools needed to become truly wealthy.

This is why poverty is often a CYCLE and why it’s GENERATIONAL.

Not because people are lazy or learned to be lazy from their communities and caregivers. It’s because the longer a group of people is cut off from basic resources in order to build a sustainable life, the more that community is going to struggle with each passing generation to keep their heads above water.

Each generation becomes more desperate and willing to engage in methods of survival that are risky because the alternative is also risky. Being born into a lower/middle class life often means people aren’t going to invest in you. Society isn’t going to invest in you. And worse - you may even be intentionally antagonized and held back in order to make sure those at the top keep having more access.

This is a HUGE thing to keep in mind.

Those at the top REQUIRE that there are those who don’t have access to keep their position. The rich NEED those low wage workers, the people who are willing to trade their time and energy for little pay to keep production high and costs of production low. The rich NEED the people who never got a chance to have an education, who never had access to healthcare or reproductive rights or the right to make their voices heard in terms of how society runs - because those are the people upon whom they RELY of cheap labour.

If everyone had access, we’d lose the group of people who have made the actual ‘expansion of the economy’ possible.

We’d lose the wage slaves who are willing to work for next to nothing to survive, while all the profits are hoarded at the top.

The rich keep getting richer, keep getting more access, keep accumulating wealth, while the poor get poorer, less access, less opportunity, more desperate and disenfranchised.

This isn’t an accident.

It’s not a bug.

This is a FEATURE of the system.

The system we have REQUIRES the poles. Without those poles, there could be no expansion as we have it. No millionaires or billionaires. Equitable access would destroy our system. This pulls the two poles farther and farther apart - until we have what we do now - a disappearing ‘middle’ class. Those who fall on the ‘upper’ side are moving more and more in the direction of the ‘upper’ and those who fall more the the ‘lower’ side fall more and more to the ‘lower’ because this is all accumulating over time. 

Poverty, at this point, isn’t an accident. It’s intentional to keep the system functioning.

This Is Not To Say We Have No Power, We Do Have Power:

This is not to say people have no power. This is not to say that people can’t make their lives better, that we have no choices, or that we have to simply accept the hand we’re dealt.

This isn’t about fully blaming the system and saying we give up because we’re not in control. This isn’t a black and white thing. Nothing in life ever is.

The point of bringing awareness to all of this, is to bring us into reality. We have to be able to be honest about where we are and how we got here, if we want to be able to create something new. If we want to evolve. Change requires an assessment of the current facts, and an honest look at what is, so that we can work WITH that to build a new thing. New structures never come out of nothing. The old structure exists for a reason - for a plethora of reasons. 

What we want to understand here is that those of us who are in the ‘upper middle’ have a lot of power to shift things with the way WE produce and the way WE consume. With the way we interact with the media. With goods and services. With the ways we allow ourselves to be influenced into the ‘more more more’ culture.

As far as I see it, those of us who have some security, who are relatively stable, who are able to provide for ourselves and can make choice within our current structure, we have a LOT of power to shift the system. In the sense that if WE stop over consuming, if we stop driving ourselves to excessive productivity, if we say enough is enough - we are a HUGE part of the market. If we stop allowing ourselves to be driven to excess - we can stop the market from relying on this excess to function. If we can find our enough, what works for us to have a comfortable, reasonable life, and then instead of hoarding the rest of our wealth or continuing to believe we need to keep building it (again it’s reasonable to save and have money for retirement, but working out what we really NEED and then not going BEYOND that is something most of us could do) turning around and re-distributing that wealth will also go a long way.

We can invest in people.

We can invest in communities.

We can invest in people and projects that are working to give adequate support to groups of people who have had LESS support than they needed.

We can be a part of the move towards equitable distribution.

This isn’t about saving or rescuing any group of people. This isn’t about giving MORE to any group than those who have been invested in already have gotten. This is about creating EQUAL opportunity. Equal investment. Fairness. An actual level playing field. We can work to dismantle the laws, systems and structures that intentionally work to keep people below the poverty line. That work to keep people in wage slavery. We can make choices that work to shift things.

The more of us who divest from what is, and re-invest in what we want, the more the current structure is going to falter. The more we will be BUILDING the new thing, so as the old structure wanes, we have something to replace it with. This isn’t about total chaos and anarchy in the sense of lawlessness - this is about a NEW structure that works BETTER.


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