Let Yourself Love Fully.

Let yourself love fully.

The drive to do so is there, it is natural and instinctual.

Allow yourself to open your heart to those who come into your experience.

In our culture, It is really easy to get caught up in the idea that love is a dangerous thing. We are told that getting our hearts broken is dangerous and not worth the risk.

We are afraid that if we are hurt, if we are abandoned, let down, forsaken that we will never be able to heal. That we will then spend the rest of our lives trying to cope with the aftermath.

In my life I have openly, fully, whole heartedly loved. I have loved people who were not capable of loving me back. I have loved people who took my kindness and love for weakness and took advantage of that. I have loved people who deliberately hurt me because they knew they could. I have loved people in a way that caused me to ignore who they were telling me they were in that moment, because all I could see was their shining potential through my lenses of love.

Focus on love

My heart has been trampled, beat, and abused.

I have also experienced what it is like to close myself off from love. I have stifled my feelings, held back in my relationships, been cold and aloof. I have held others at an arms distance and never let them see me.

At the end of the day, loving and being hurt feels way better than shutting down my heart.

I have never once regretted loving too much and getting hurt, but I have regretted not loving enough.

People may perceive your love as weakness - let them.

People may want to take advantage of your big open heart - and that is OK.

Loving may be scary because the threat of hurt is so real - do it anyway.

Why? Because we live for that shit.

We live for that connection. We live to see and be seen. We live for love.

be motivated by love

I am not saying that you should recklessly allow people to walk all over your heart.

I am saying that by loving fully, you will learn. You will learn when it is best to back off a little, and when it is OK to fully commit. You will learn that sometimes people are not living up to who you see they could be through your eyes of love, and you will learn to be OK with it. You will learn that hearts mend. You will learn your own strength through your open vulnerability.

you deserve love

Love is one of the greatest teachers we have here. You will learn more about yourself, about others, about life through loving than you will through almost all other life experiences.

The way I see it is, you are already here. You are already in the body, with the emotions, with the senses, with the brain. You may as well go all the way and experience it all.

Let yourself love fully. Be embarrassing. Be too intense. Be the only one in the room who actually showed up. Be that.

Because we live for that shit.


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  • Eliza Murakami says:

    This was absolutely beautiful! I always try to not give all my love to others because I was too afraid that they would turn the back on me, and so I would feel left alone. Now I understand why my intuition led to this post… Thank you so much for following your passion and being able to inspire us!

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