Life CAN Be Fun – 5 Ways To Get Back In Flow

Hello friend!

Today I want to talk to you about something that I have seen work magic in my own life, and that continues to work magic in my life to this day.

This is something that I actually struggled with for a long time. It was the thing that pushed me into jobs I hated doing, into schooling I didn't like, heck, it even propelled me into relationships I didn't want to be in.

It is the thing that makes you feel a dragging when you get up in the morning. It is the thing that pulls your energy out of you. It is the thing that gets you all confused over who you are and what you are here to do.

So what's the 'thing?'

The belief that life is supposed to be a struggle.

I used to believe that if I was enjoying myself, I must have been off my path. I used to think that if I was having fun working, then I was most likely being irresponsible somehow and didn't really deserve to be paid for my labour. I used to think that the only way I was being a good, grown up adult was when I was baring down and getting things done.

I truly felt that if joy was in any way a part of what I was doing then that was extra curricular activity, and I best be getting back to work.

So again, due to this belief I worked jobs that I was not excited about because they came with a pay check. I entered into courses because I felt like they were good and responsible things to learn. I was friends with people under the guise that I could help them in some way. I pretty well stopped having fun all together because I felt that I was then 'being selfish' or 'taking up space.'

what do you believe

I lived like this for a pretty long time. During this time I did a number on my health, I always felt like I was treading water with my work and my finances, rather than moving forward, I had relationships that sucked and I always felt like I was not worthy of the space I took up.

This is a great example of what living life outside of flow looks like. It is hard. It is a struggle. It is no fun.

The truth was, I had no reason to stay in this struggle filled life. I had passions. I had talents. I had gifts. I had things that I really wanted to do. But I was afraid to step into those things because of my belief about life.

The trick was, I needed to root out my belief that the only way I was doing the right thing was if I was struggling. I needed to shine a light on it, bring it to awareness and see what came up.

As soon as I really looked at this belief, it started to loosen its grip on me. I was able to see that it didn't really make sense.

The truth that came up?

Life Is Supposed To Be Fun.

The feeling of excitement, of energy, of passion, of bliss are all your inner knowing tuning to you that you are on the right path. Anything outside of those feelings should be questioned - not taken as a sign that you are being responsible, good, productive or otherwise doing the right thing by suffering.

Tuning Your Awareness To Struggle:

You see, when you struggle, you are actively tuning your attention onto things that are not working out. Onto things that are difficult. Onto things that don't come easily and naturally and enjoyably for you.

As you do this, because your brain is an avid pattern recognition machine, you are actually tuning your awareness to pick up on even more things that are like that in your life. Like attracts like. You struggle, you become someone who struggles, and all of a sudden all the things in your life become struggles.

Your Vibration Matters:

This can also be looked at as your vibration. This struggling is a lower, denser, slower moving, resistant vibration. It pulls you back and weighs you down. I don't know about you, but when I was living my struggle filled life I was pretty exhausted all the time. I had little energy to think of fun and exciting and creative ideas because I was just trying to make it through the day most of the time.

raise your vibration

When your vibration is low like this, you are not fully living up to your truth. You are not living up to the creative, amazing talented being you are. Your vibration, in fact, affects everything. If you are in a lower vibration your life is going to be tough and most likely you wont get what you want out of it. If your vibration is high, you will be having a good time doing the creating you came here to do. Simple as that.

When I finally started to allow myself to move out of this way of thinking, to move towards joy, towards fun, towards freedom, it is really magical what happened. Within one year of choosing to follow my bliss my life did a 180.


  • I was working a desk job at a yoga studio earning minimum wage, selling supplements.
  • I had no real friends.
  • I was thirsty for more spirituality but had no idea how to integrate it into my life.
  • I wanted to travel but felt I had no money to do it.
  • I was tired all the time, dealing with adrenal fatigue, constant weight fluctuations, mood swings and a host of other issues.
  • I was having no fun at all.

Within a Year of choosing to follow my bliss:

  • I found an online work from home job as a Holistic Nutritionist. I made my own hours and got paid more than I had ever in my life
  • I found 3 REALLY good girl friends who nourished me, supported me, believed in me and really loved me.
  • I went on a trip to Thailand.
  • I found 2 spiritual guides who poured so much life into my life.
  • I decided to get rid of most of the things that I owned and moved to Thailand for 4 months.
  • I wrote a book and published it.
  • I started this website and a facebook page that is still growing.
  • I got a weekly writing gig.
  • I had more money in the bank than I had ever had in my whole life as a penny pincher.
  • My health kept getting better and better - and actually continues to improve to this day!

You see, it is amazing what can happen when you choose to follow your bliss!

Of course this leap as scary at first. Sometimes it is still scary to do the thing I know my heart wants me to do, when it seems illogical or irresponsible. But the more I head my heart, the more I am rewarded with a life I love more and more.

So. Life is supposed to be fun and flowing most of the time. You now understand that where you are vibrationally has an effect on everything. So, how do you start to tap into your flow and your bliss?

I have five methods that I use on a regular basis to keep me in a state of creativity and fun. Of course there are things in life that happen that sometimes scare me back into thinking I must struggle to make things happen. That is when I employ these items the most! I have now learned that I always reap the greatest rewards when I am in flow, so I always make sure to mind my vibration.

I know I am on track when I am feeling good.

You will know you are on track when you are feeling good. That is the answer 🙂

5 Ways To Get Back Into Flow

1. Movement: Whenever I am feeling stuck, low, or otherwise not great one of the first things I turn to is movement. I will get on my mat and do some stretches. I will turn on some music and dance. I will go outside for a walk. I find that as I re-connect with my body, I re-build that bridge between what I am feeling and how to use it as a guidance tool. I also make sure to start every day with movement, as I find this always sets me up to have an awesome state of mind all day. Your body is designed for movement, and I honestly cannot tell you how many moments of inspiration have come to me while I was busy movin' my booty. Do something fun that you enjoy and see what comes in!

toe head handstand

2. Meditation: The simple act of sitting comfortably and tuning into your breath, then into your body can help you to identify tight spots. These tight spots are areas where you are holding excess stress and tension. As you consciously release tightness in your body and in your breath, you are also moving blocks from our energetic body. You are lessening your resistance. If you are also able to quiet your mind, you make room for new, fresh, aligned ideas and thoughts to flow to you. You set yourself up to shift your vibration dramatically. Try sitting for 5-10 minutes when you first wake up in the morning, with the intention that you will receive direction for action that is aligned with your purpose. Then whatever comes to mind that excites you, do it! The more you practice this the easier it will become.

3. Write A Gratitude List: This is the fastest way I know of to get back into flow. I sit down with a pen and paper and write down as many things as I can think of that I am grateful for in my life. The trick here is to FEEL everything you are grateful for. Really let the feeling of all the blessings in your life settle into your body. Usually by the time I get to 10 things I am feeling back to my old, joy filled self again.

4. Go Outside: Connecting with nature is so healing, so grounding and so helpful for reminding us that we are living in an infinitely abundant, intelligently designed, loving universe. Go get your feet dirty in some mud. Walk in a forest. Sit in a field. Stand on the sand or in the ocean. Whatever nature looks like for you where you life, go spend some time there. It is like a re-set button for your soul.

go outside

5. Play: Finally, I suggest you think of something that you love to do, that is purely for fun and you go do that thing. Playing is the vibration of creativity. You are a creator. You naturally line back up with who you are at your core when you are doing something that feels fun. You can start small with this one - choose an activity you like and do it for 10 to 15 minutes - just to see how it feels. From there I would encourage you to build fun into your life on a regular basis. The more you can play, the more inspired and refreshed you will be.

What do you do to re-connect with who you are? Do you believe that life can be fun?



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