Monday Musings ~ See Them At Their Greatness

To see people in their greatness - meaning to see people at their currently unmet potential - is both a blessing and a curse.

It means that you are capable of seeing past people's wounding, seeing past their traumas and pain to the core of who and what they are.

You can see the life they are meant to live, and in this, you can understand their pain and trauma. You can understand their pain and trauma, because you can connect the dots between what they have experienced, what lessons are there for them within those experiences and how that applies to who they are capable of becoming.

When you can understand that we are all perfectly challenged and wounded in the exact areas we need to be challenged and wounded in order to be encouraged to grow into the being we came here to be - your seeing the traumas and the potential means you can help people tie their worlds together.

This is incredibly powerful, because when you match your capacity to see WHY they have gone through what they have gone through, with your capacity to see who they can become, you can support the journey from victim mentality to creation mentality.

You can help people see that what they have gone through is not the impediment to their greatness, but the catalyst for their greatness, if they so choose to see it that way.

You're seeing greatness where others see flaw/weakness is a huge gift you offer this world.

This Sight Comes At A Cost:

To be the kind of person who sees people in their greatness you must realize there will be a price to pay. It's not all sunshine and rainbows in potentiality land.  You will be deeply rejected, feared, vilified and made out to be crazy.

The reason for this is that we live in a culture that breeds people who are more afraid of their own greatness and potential than they are scared of their weaknesses. In fact, as a society we celebrate and glorify our victim mentality and vilify anything that looks like empowerment.

We fight to maintain our inability, we cluster together over our struggles, and we think that our challenges are what make us unique and special. We sacrifice our potential to hold onto the idea that we are incapable, so that we then are let off the hook and don't have to try.

In this, we doom ourselves to lives that will never, ever, ever feel fulfilling.

People fear their greatness, because they know that if they were to accept it, they are going to have to change. Become better. Become more responsible. People instinctively know that to own up to who and what they could be, means to let go of all their limiting beliefs, all their pain, all their struggles and excuses for not doing the hard work to integrate wounds, learn from them and then grow and become better. People shy away from having to do the tough journey of going from child to adult.

That is all the victim mentality is - an excuse not to work, not to try, not to engage in a journey that will be hard.

It is the risk of taking the journey and not 'getting to' their potential that scares people into being small. It is the lack of self love that says it is ok to make mistakes, it is ok to fall down, it is ok to not know and it is ok to learn that thwarts people from getting started on their path. With this, those who are scared into being small want everyone around them to justify their smallness by also being small, and not expecting anything more from them. Any amount of 'you can do it!' or 'I'm not struggling how you are' will be seen as bullying, blaming, shaming and projecting rather than seen as the truth that there is so much more.

So when you see people at their highest level, they will often project onto you, fear you, hate you and reject you. They reject your vision, because your vision breaks their whole paradigm of who and what they are. It bursts the bubble telling them that their pain and struggle makes them special and unique, and that they are incapable because of what they have been through - to show them that everyone's pain is actually incredibly similar - and that if they want to be truly special, they have to change and become better.

Everyone is letting their pain make them a weak victim. This is not special. To be special, you have to turn your pain into strength. This takes work - and again, very rarely do people willingly do work, when they are being handed the rewards of sympathy and being let off the hook by a society who WANTS them to stay small.

Seeing people at their potential means losing friends, family and loved ones. It means seeing people run from you. It means having people tell you you are being mean or uncaring when you don't buy into their victim story and believe something better for them. They will interpret your belief in them as an attack. They will not see your wanting more for them as kindness, but will instead see it as being heartless and cruel. They don't see that everyone who is allowing them to stay small are the ones who they should be actually angry with. They are the ones who believe nothing about them. Their perception is totally backwards, and thus they will hate your love, and love the hate of everyone else.

Loving those who fear their own potential, seeing in them what they are too scared to see in themselves is going to be brutally painful at times.

But You Know What?

Do it anyway. Because people are fucking worth it.

When you love someone at their greatness even when they aren't living it right now, you actually help create and easier path for them to venture into their greatness. You seeing it when they won't breaks a barrier. They may choose to fight against it/you - but in the end holding people to their potential is never a harmful thing.

It's gunna be hard and you will lose people. You will be projected on, told you are crazy, berated and belittled - but you will also see people rise in a way that will blow your mind, and you will know that those you love are living a life that actually satisfies them.

This is what seeing people at their potential is all about. You are seeing people integrated in their pain, and then using what they learned to create a life that fulfills them. That is what this is all about.

It is you seeing that staying stuck in the muck isn't working for them. That doing the work is worth it.

In this, you will also find your OWN greatness. One who can be abused by those who are in fear without stepping into fear themselves, who can be told they are wrong and yet hold to the truth they know and keep projecting the vision of potential, loving with the heat of someone who sees what's possible and knows all the excuses are the cage that must be set ablaze - and are willing to sacrifice their own comfort and popularity to see the world set free are the greatest among us.

Those who are willing to not only see the greatness in others, but also in THEMSELVES, and then walk out that greatness?

Nothing can stop these ones.




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