Monday Musings ~ Self Love Is An EVOLUTION Of Self Improvement Part One

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Today I want to take you on a deep exploration of the TRUTH of the Self Love path and all it's complexity, so that you can move out of any cul-de-sacs that may be inhibiting your growth.

We are going to explore together why the Self Love path is not a REJECTION of the Self Improvement path (simply moving to do the opposite thing) but rather is an EVOLUTION on the Self Improvement Path.

We are taking all that we learned desperately trying to 'improve' ourselves, and using that information to inform a more intelligent way of life.

If you are feeling like the Self Love path is full of paradox, like you are looking for the 'rules' but the rules seem to contradict one another, if you are finding that you are not having an easy time uniting the concepts presented on this path - then this blog is for you.

This is a unification of truths, not a way of getting rid of information.

Let's dive in.

Self Love Is Not A Rejection Of Self Improvement:

The self love path is not the opposite of the self improvement path.

It is a unification of the parts of the path that ARE true with the concept of love and expansion added in.

Let's go over some basics to set the groundwork here:

The Basics Required To Understand The Self Love Path:

Life speaks in two languages - Pain and Pleasure.

Fundamentally what feels good in life - what is pleasurable - is that which aligns with life.

That which is growing, learning, evolving and expanding feels good because those are the requirements of life.

That which is stagnated, decaying and thus falling apart feels badly because it is antithetical to life.

This is the root of all pain - death and destruction. Moving from a higher order and complexity to a lower order of complexity.

Life grows. This - growth - is what feels good.

In order for something to grow, it must take in more information. It must expand in it's awareness and understanding so that it can become more complex. This is why we say that love or growth is always an addition - not a rejection of information - this is life. One last thing about life is that it is always changing. There is no stagnancy in life. Only moving upwards in complexity or downwards in complexity. There can be no sitting still. We are either growing or we are falling apart.

Within this we have patterns of Discord and Patterns of Resonance.

If we are on a degradation or death cycle, and we then introduce something life generating into our being, this is going to cause discomfort due to the inharmonious frequencies within us. You can think of your being like a harp - when we are in a destruction cycle or in a life cycle we are playing all our strings coherently. The moment we introduce something that is out of accord with the overall tune, we are going to hear a disharmony note. Meaning if we are on a life cycle and we introduce something destructive, that is going to sound like a disharmonic note. If we are on a death cycle and we introduce something life generating - while being a positive change - this is still going to sound 'off' for a while, until more of the strings of your harp are playing the new life generating tune, as it were. This is why we don't want to get too caught up on pain/pleasure in the beginning of this self love path, as sometimes that which is life generating is going to feel uncomfortable and this may be mistaken as pain or as going in the wrong direction, and that which is degrading may feel comfortable and familiar and thus be mistaken as pleasure and so leading us to believe we are headed in the right direction. Just keep this in mind for next blog 🙂

Truth: at it's core, is simply REALITY. It is what is.

Ultimate Truth: is that which is aligned with life and life generation. Truth with a capitol T is that which allows us to know more about how the reality functions and teaches us how to align with that reality so as to continue our own evolution, growth and expansion. To know Truth is simply to know what you need to know to continue on your journey of life.

In order to grow and expand, we MUST take in NEW INFORMATION. This is the KEY to life. So long as we are continuing to take in new information, integrate that information into our being and then living in alignment with that new information, we are learning, becoming more complex and thus we are living. 

When we take in information, that information is either going to be an expansion upon our understanding of life generation and thus will be something that allows us to evolve, or it is going to be something that is a contraction away from the information of life generation - a decrease in our awareness of life and reality - and thus will cause us to move towards chaos and disorder. (We can learn from the contracting information, so this does not automatically mean we are on a death path - information si really about what we do with it. All that is important here is to know that there is information that brings higher order and thus more life generation, and information that brings chaos and thus more destruction. Both kinds of information can inform a life path OVERALL if put into that context)

Meaning there are dysfunctional and degrading truths, and there are functional and evolving truths. In order to to be life generating, in order to be feeling good, we want to be ever increasing the amount of functional truth we are taking in and living in accordance with.

Now, all information, anything you can know, is rooted in reality. It is a part of the puzzle of life.

Reality As A Puzzle:

You can think of reality like a giant puzzle with a large image printed on it. Our consciousness can only handle seeing and understanding a few of those puzzle pieces at a time. Let's say for example that we can see 5 pieces of the puzzle clearly in this moment. We will take our time figuring out how those five pieces fit together and the image that is created there in. Then, when we have that down our awareness will naturally expand out to take in the 10 pieces that are surrounding the original 5 we were looking at. This will cause us to feel like we have lost our grip on reality a bit, it will distort the original image we were looking at, and it will require that we not only take in those 10 new pieces and figure out what they are all about, but will also require that we figure out how those 10 pieces fit into the context of the original five and vice versa. Once we have figured out the expanded image seen in the now 15 pieces we can see - understanding how the first 5 fit into the new 10 and how the new 10 expand upon the image see in the first 5 -  our awareness will then expand out again to take in the surrounding 20 pieces. As we expand out, our awareness of the puzzle becomes more and more complex, as each addition of pieces allows for the image to be more complex. We must become more complex in order to make sense of more and more pieces of the puzzle, in order to keep up with our understanding of the image.

At no point do we disregard or get rid of anything we learned in a previous vantage point.

The first 5 pieces are not rejected in order to understand the new 10, but are worked into the context of the new 10. We then have a fuller (but not full) view of the puzzle of life. We are simply moving from lower order understanding, lower amounts of order, complexity and structure to higher levels of understanding, order and complexity.

If we are truly learning, we are not rejecting anything we learned previously. We are building UPON what we learned previously, taking what aligned with life generation and continuing to expand upon those elements. If there were elements that contributed to death and destruction we learn from those as well, allowing them to inform us of their life generating expression.

If you are truly learning, you are not getting rid of anything you learned before. You are simply taking what you knew before, and adding it to a wider, more expanded context or understanding. You are seeing where the old information was chaotic, and thus where the new information FITS IN to the old information to bring it into higher order.

You are seeing where the image on the 5 puzzle pieces was incomplete, and how those next 10 pieces fit in to give the first 5 more complexity and order. How the new 10 pieces add to and enhance the image of the first 5.

This is why not all chaotic information is bad or death cycle inducing. If we can look at chaotic information not as WRONG but as INCOMPLETE - and look for the missing puzzle pieces that will bring the previous information into order and complexity THEN we are on the life path! It is only when we look at chaotic information, judge it as wrong and then try to get rid of it - trying to get rid of what is an essential part of the puzzle but simply missing the information it needs to make sense - we actually stop ourselves from taking in new information and thus we are devolving not evolving.

This is why there is no such thing as 'bad' or 'wrong' information. There is only information that leads to more order - a better and more complex understanding of what is - and the rejection of information that leads to less order - a more simplistic version of what is.

When we move from lower order to higher order (less information to more information) we are growing and thus we are on a life generating path. When we move from higher order to lower order (information to trying to get rid of information), we are on a degradation path. All information fits somewhere on the hierarchy of information - meaning it is not right or wrong, it is simply more ordered than what came before or less ordered.

Moving towards more complexity = life generating.

Moving towards more chaos = death cycle.

In order to be on a life generating path, you do not need to know and be living in accordance with Ultimate Truth on all levels. You simply need to be taking YOUR next step towards this Ultimate Truth. There is a hierarchy of order, complexity and structure in our reality, and all we need to do is climb that ladder one rung at a time.

All that we need is OUR personal next step into alignment with Ultimate Truth (that which is life generating) to be on the life generating path. No perfection, only progress.

This is why we don't want to get caught in the trap of thinking that when we learn something new, this negates what we have learned up to this point. That is taking our 5 pieces that we understand, zooming out to see the surrounding 10 and believing that we then must get rid of the first 5 to make the next 10 make sense. This is not at all the case. The second 10 will absolutely change the way you see, perceive and understand the first 5 - the new addition of information MUST change how we view the old information - but it does not NEGATE the old information. It is an addition too.

This is where most of us get caught up in our learning and growing. We learn something new, we do not yet see how it fits into the context of what we knew before, and thus we assume that one or the other - either the new or the old information - must be wrong and we go about trying to figure out which one is right and which is wrong. When in reality, what we had before was simply INCOMPLETE - not wrong, just not the full picture. What we just learned is always going to appear to be paradoxical to what we already knew until we take the time to truly investigate how what we just learned works, and how the old information FITS INTO the new.

Think Of It Like Grade School:

This can be understood from a grade school perspective.

The information about math that a grade one student learns in grade one having come from kindergarten is like life generating learning. It is not university level complexity mathematics, which would be closer to Ultimate Truth, but it is that grade one student's next level of order and complexity. When they learn what was offered in grade one, they then move onto grade two where their mathematical skills are taken and built upon. What is learned in grade two is a continuation of what was learnt in grade one. And so on and so forth.

Now if a grade three student were to start to learn the rules of multiplication, and in that begin to assume that this means that the rules of addition they learned in grade one were now WRONG, this would cause them major trouble. The reason this would be troubling is because multiplication is simply a more complex version of addition. It is not separate from addition, it simply contains and requires more information than addition does. If the grade three student were to attempt to dismiss addition in order to learn multiplication, learning multiplication would be impossible.

On the other hand, if a grade two student begins to learn subtraction, they may then assume that because this appears to be the opposite of the addition they learned in grade one, and therefore one of them must be right and one of them must be wrong they too would be in a pickle. Without addition there can be no subtraction. Without subtraction there can be no addition. Without both of them, there can be no mathematics as a whole as these are the fundamental building blocks upon which the rest of mathematics is built. They seem paradoxical, but truly they are a part of the same whole. To dismiss one is to dismiss both.

So long as we are taking what we have learned before and looking for how it fits into what we are currently learning, how it is a PART of the new information we just received, we are on the life generating path - moving from lower order to higher order. The moment we are looking to make something 'right' and something 'wrong' - thereby rejecting an aspect of reality and not allowing ourselves to learn from it, we are moving from higher order to LOWER order. This rejecting of information is not a sitting still, it is a moving backwards.

This means in order for something to be a 'truth' it must be a higher order understanding from what which came before it. Everything in the whole universe is based off of truth. Truth is simply REALITY

So to sum up:

Pain = out of alignment with life ie. is degrading.

Pleasure = in alignment with life ie. is evolving.

Resonance = matching the frequency of the path we are already on.

Disharmony = not matching the frequency we are already on.

Life = Growth.

Growth = More information.

More information = More order, complexity, structure and creativity.

Less information = less order, lower complexity, less structure, more chaos.

Truth = Moving towards that which is life generating.

Ultimate Truth = That which is life generating.

Life Generating = That which is creating learning, growth and evolution and is thus become more complex and ordered.

Degrading = That which is rejecting information and thus becoming more chaotic and less viable.

Truth is ADDING to that which came before, not getting rid of it. Expansion and growth is EVOLUTION this is love.

Fewf! That was a lot of theory, thank you for hanging in there with me!

Next week we are going to take all this and see how it applies to the Self Love/Self Improvement paths so that we can make better sense of the Self Love path as an ADDITION to, not a rejection of, the Self Improvement Path.

For now, bask in the glory of information 😉



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