Monday Musings ~ The Illuminati, Vaccinations And What Is Right For You: Part One

Hello beauty.

Today (and next week) I want to explore some BIG topics. That of an evil ruling class, and specifically our view of them and how it plays into our view of medicine and vaccinations.

It is my hope that this will bring some peace. That we can look at these things from a lens of rationality and see that there is hope and peace where we may only be seeing fear and destruction right now.

We are going to stray away from speaking specifically about vaccines/medicine in the beginning - but it is for a good reason I promise. How we see the power structures in our world is a key foundation for understand how we are to interact with vaccines and medicine.

It all ties together, promise.

Vaccines Are A Big Topic, And Represent An Even Bigger Topic:

The benefits/damages of vaccinations (and medication in general) is certainly one of the most contentious topics in the health and wellness world.

There are those who believe that these things are total conspiracy theory fodder - proof that there is some sort of maleificent ruling class that is hell bent on the destruction of lives and gaining power and wealth for themselves.

Others believe that the above view is poppy-cock - that medicine and the industries that surround it are truly trying to help people, to get them to a place of health and are doing the best they can with what science has to offer now a days.

Here’s my two cents.

The vaccine discussion is one that points to something so much bigger.

First off, I want to address right off the bat that of course we know there are monetary/power motivations in ALL areas of our current society. This is a massive issue in and of itself - the commoditization of the human being, the fact that as a very mentally primitive society we are only able to find ‘value’ in that which we perceive to be things that lead to us having more resources, the fact that we can’t see anything outside of what we have decided can be given an assigned dollar value - and this adds a level of complication to this issue of medicine. The whole system the way it is set up is primitive - and so this is a key to keep in mind.

Rather than looking at the power structures that exist as being ‘evil’ I think it is more reasonable to look at them as being primitive.

As the saying goes, ‘never attribute to malice what can easily be understood as ignorance’ - is really how we have to look at our world systems right now. As much as we would like to believe we are evolved, at the peak of awakening and evolution and so much more advanced than we have ever been (which is questionable at best) the truth is - we know so little about ourselves, how the universe functions, the truth of value and have built a lot of structures upon shaky foundations. We don’t really understand much yet as a civilization as a whole and THIS is something that needs to be an overarching understanding as we analyze the goings-ons in the world and what we do and do not want to participate in. If we can start with this - the structures at play are simply quite primitive and lacking in awareness - there will be much less of a drive to create stories of evil overlords.

In short - we have to look at things and realize that the likelihood of a super organized, fully secret, ‘the left hand knows what the right hand is doing’ class of people is simply silly. People groups, organizations, governments and other ‘collectives’ of individuals have only ever proven that we are NOT capable of this level of organization.

Why We Believe In An Evil Ruling Class:

I think that we as a society want to believe in this super ruling class because it is actually a stand in for the waining popularity in the belief in God. We are willing to believe - against all evidence to the contrary based on actual human behaviour - that there is a group of people that KNOW things, that have things all planned out, that are super organized and are ‘controlling’ things - because this actually makes us feel safe and comforted.

Even if we think they have poor intentions, it also gives us the security that SOMEONE OUT THERE KNOWS STUFF.

That someone or some group out there has things all figured out. That is really what is at the root of all these conspiracy theories. We have a childlike hope that there is something out there that is running the show.

We want a REASON for the mess we see on the planet right now that is not the actual reason - we simply don’t know much - because if we were to accept that answer, that the problems we face are not due to evil but to ignorance - the solution isn’t to simply get rid of the evil class so the world can then neatly come together. The solution then is much more complex - we have to learn things we don’t yet know, and that NO ONE knows yet. THAT is scary.

To think that no one knows, and thus we can’t overthrow something that is causing the chaos and thus naturally land in a state of wellness, that we can’t wait for the aliens to come save us, wait for the big technological ‘reveal’ that will end all our suffering, or hope for a big ‘turning point’ in disclosure where all of the ‘hidden truths’ about how the universe works are finally revealed to humanity through liberation from these evil groups that are currently ‘hiding’ this information from us and using it to our demise - that is what scares us.

We want to believe in an evil ruling class that knows everything because it stops the fear that in truth, we don’t actually have the solutions to our problems. That we are still going to have to find them. We are so wanting to believe that the answers are already available and simply are being withheld so much that we are willing to tell ourselves horrible, scary stories about this class of people being evil because even the idea that this group exists but are evil feels safer than believing they don’t exist at all. That no one and no group really has things that organized and figured out. That at the end of the day, we are all just people living in what I mentioned above, are very primitive ways.

We Are Really Just Trying To Survive Still (For The Most Part):

People, generally speaking, just want to survive right now. That is pretty much all there is to it. The whole scheming for money and power, all the ‘evil’ behaviors of governments and organizations, all the terror, all the abuse - it is not a higher form of intelligence. It is not organized. It is not ruling. It is simply fear (misunderstanding/lack of information about how the universe functions). It is a humanity that is still in its infancy of self awareness.

We look to see evil because evil is safer than ignorance.

Evil means that the answers are there just being withheld.

Evil means that it is not our job to figure things out - because someone already has it figured out.

Evil means humanities problems are ‘not my fault’ because there is a ‘bad’ group of people doing things.

Evil means I don’t have to figure things out for myself, because the evil group is hiding things from me - and thus I CANNOT KNOW and thus I am not responsible.

Evil means none of what I see in the world or the terrible things that happen to ME are my fault. That someone or something out there is going to come save me/us from the bad stuff, that someone has answers and we just need to wait for those answers to be given.

It is the easy way out. And so we fight for it and look for it everywhere we turn.

There is no evil, only ignorance. If we step back and REALLY look at government, medicine, education and all the systems that currency run the world the ONE thing we will see is this - disorganization. Chaos. Doing what we can to isolate, put out fires, gain resources for the self and so on. There is no higher order to it. It’s all simply based on the idea that money/power = survival and people want to survive. That there is scarcity and thus we must manipulate and do our best to ‘control’ things so as to acquire more for ourselves. That’s it.

Basically, we are a society of people who still want and need to believe that the chaos in the world is not our fault. We are a society that dose not want to have to take responsibility for our own problems and the chaos on our OWN lives, but need and want to believe that someone or something out there has the answers we seek. We deeply believe we are incapable - and THIS is what drives everything. We do not believe we have the capacity to figure things out, and we don’t want to believe/admit that what we think we know we don’t know. We don’t want to look at the chaos in the world call it out for what it is - the results of our doing things that we THINK are right that really aren’t - and instead we want to say it is a group of people causing it through their ultimate understanding. We want to believe in a group of people who have all the answers that will one day be outed, and thus give us all those answers - so we are let off the hook of ever taking any true responsibility.

We still want a mommy and daddy. We see too much chaos to believe in a benevolent mommy and daddy who has all the answers and if we are just ‘good’ enough they will reward us (God) - so we have just swapped it out for an evil mommy and daddy that have all the answers that we just need to overthrow and force to reveal their secrets to us and then we will have peace.

This is totally and completely innocent and not a sign of being 'bad' in any way. We are just scared. That's all. The world is chaotic and seemingly out of control. Of COURSE we want the security of someone knowing better than us. It's ok that we are this way - but we have to acknowledge that this is really all this conspiracy theory stuff boils down to. We are just generally speaking, scared. Not all of us, but enough of us.

So we fight for the idea of conspiracy, for the idea of evil ruling classes and aliens and so on - making it a level of intelligence and being 'aware and in the know' because we don't want to call it for what it is - the need to believe in a group of somethings that have the answers we know we don't have for ourselves right now. We flounce it up to protect our egos from admitting our fear.

We don’t want to admit that we just don’t know. This is totally innocent - and for good reason. We don’t know. It’s scary not to know. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with humanity that we are like this - it is simply a growth stage. It is where we are at. It is 100% right and ok and we are learning from it. This is just what it is right now.

The 'Ruling' Class Is Just An opportunistic Class:

The society we have comes from the fact that there are people who are willing to capitalize on this need humans have to abdicate responsibility onto others - and we call them our governments, educations systems, media and so forth.

They are opportunists that take things too far at worst, and truly trying to help in a primitive and disorganized way at best.

They are saying - ‘you are willing to pay me money to say I have the answers for you, and I am willing to give you the best answer I have and to take your money.’ That is the extent to the ‘evil’ going on. We are willing to abdicate responsibility and others are willing to take it in exchange for resources. Just like we did back in tribal societies. The tribal leaders were willing to take extra responsibility to ‘lead’ the tribe, in exchange for more resources. Nothing has changed.

There have certainly been groups who have killed alternative medical practitioners and planned big schemes to create conditions for war. But again this is not coming from some over-arching plan to take over the world. It is putting fires out. It is seeing where money can be made or where money is being lost, and acting. There is no big scheme. Just looking for the money. One isolated incident at a time because that is all that the brain in fear is capable of handling. One thing at a time. There are evil acts and plots - but none so big as to warrant fear of world domination. Those at the 'top' are just doing what they know to do to protect their positions - as they have always done for time immemorial. The tribal leader cut off the heads of dissenting tribesmen. Kings and queens had guards and prisons. Those at the top are just as scared as those at the bottom and are acting out their fear in seemingly sinister ways. They are just protecting their turf. In fear. In chaos. In pain just like everyone else.

Those at the 'top' need those at the 'bottom' just as much as those at the 'bottom' think they need those at the 'top.' It is a loop of victimization. No one is really winning. Some have more resources, but are then trapped in lives of discontent and fear of loss. Everyone playing this game is being victimized by the game itself.

This is where we are at.

We don't understand much. We value things that give us resources and this is INCREDIBLY limited and limiting to the human spirit. We all feel victimized, all fear the chaos in the world, all want to survive and this trying to control things, hoard resources, abdicate responsibility and look for someone to solve all our problems is where we are at.

We don't feel capable of figuring things out for ourselves. We want to be provided for and protected. We want more for ourselves so we can live. We value survival over all else and believe it is a scarce commodity. We reject major parts of who we are to play this game and thus ALL players are hurting and confused.

We are trying to make things simple to match our current understandings rather than learning that we need to become more complex to match the complexity of reality.


Alright, that is enough for today!

Next week we will tie all this together with our exploration of vaccinations so we can better understand how to make good choices for ourselves and those we love.



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