Monday Musings ~ The Illuminati, Vaccinations And What Is Right For You: Part Two

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Now, let's dive into the vaccine conversation head first, shall we?

How This Fits Into The Vaccination Conversation:

Now, back to medicine.

Medicine is taking reality apart the way a primitive society takes reality apart. We are looking to control things through isolation, limiting variables, simplifying the overwhelming complexity of reality itself so as to hopefully come up with some sort of solution to the chaos we are faced with.

Medicine looks at ’disease’ in a rudimentary way. They see disease as being what is ‘wrong’ with the body. They see pathogens as ‘causes’ of disease, they see symptoms as causes of disease, they see the body in parts that don’t interact with one another, and tend to try to isolate for all variables possible so as to find the simplest ‘cause’ for dis-ease because in this, there will be a simple solution.

Pathogen X causes Disease 1 so develop P drug to kill pathogen X and we cure disease 1!

Body does R thing ‘wrong’ which we call disease B - isolate all variables to see WHY body did R thing ‘wrong’ - force body to do R thing ‘right’ with drug X and we cure disease B!

That is how medicine WANTS the world to be.

Medicine Is Created By PEOPLE:

Due to the fact that ‘medicine’ is really just created by PEOPLE - it is susceptible to cognitive bias - this idea that this is how I want reality to be causing us to SEE reality as being this way. We block out and don’t look at anything that supports a different reality, and we over emphasize the parts that seem to prove our hypothesis.

This is how the scientific community works right now. It looks for the simplest, most localized, isolated ‘cause’ of what is, so that we can come up with the simplest, most localized and isolated (and thus repeatable and controllable) outcome/solution.


This is how they develop drugs.

They ‘study’ disease to isolate for what they consider to be a root ‘cause’ that can then be treated with a particular substance. This particular substance is designed to have a very isolated and specific affect within the AVERAGE persons BIOCHEMISTRY.

This last bit is what really matters.

Drugs are developed to work a specific way within the average biochemistry.

The body is a complex biochemical organism. Meaning for all its trying, medicine and the way they want the body to be is not ‘really’ how the body is.

It is not:

‘Put chemical X into body and there will be only reaction Y that occurs’.

In reality it is:

‘Put chemical X into the body, and this chemical will have a whole RANGE of chemical interactions with the complex biochemical terrain in the human being, causing reactions Y, Z, A, B, C, D’ and so on.

This is why there are always ‘side effects’ to drugs. The drug does what it is ‘supposed’ to do generally speaking, but based on each individuals unique biochemistry and the fact that that drug is going into a SYSTEM not an isolated PLACE, it is also going to do a whole range of other things.

There is no isolating in the body. Everything is connected and thus anything that is taken in is going to have an effect on every organ, system, tissue and cell. Medicine wants to isolate - but this just isn’t true reality. There is no isolating in the body.

With vaccines what we see are very specifically formulated drugs designed to fight a singular pathogen, that are ‘studied’ for their effects on the ‘average’ biochemistry. The outliers - those who have reactions that are different from the crowed are considered just that - outliers. The drug works because it ‘worked’ to slay the identified pathogen in MOST people without causing too much other damage/notable effects - and thus if YOUR experience with this drug is different - it is you, not the drug. The drug works. Your body did something weird.

Now, if we were to see that this again is a very primitive way of looking at the body and at sickness - we could easily see that there is no conspiracy here. Just low level thinking.

A Higher Look At The Body:

A higher, possibly closer to truth look at disease may look something like the following:

There are certain conditions that are required for the human body to function optimally. When those conditions are not met, the body is going to make compromises - it is going to down regulate function here or develop a short term coping mechanism there - in order to keep the body AS A WHOLE surviving. The body is WISE when it develops a ‘disease’ - it is disease that is preventing death from unideal conditions. If there were no disease there would be immediate death as soon as ideal conditions for survival were not met.

Disease is not our problem. Disease is the SOLUTION our body is creating in this moment in its attempt to keep us going until ideal conditions can be met. Disease is not a long term solution to life - it is an adaptation that the body is making expecting that ideal conditions will one day return/be created.

Pathogens for instance are not causes of disease. Pathogens are there to serve a whole host of roles, and this is something we need to thrive. We know for a fact that we are actually made up of MOSTLY foreign bacteria and other foreign cells than we are made up of actual human cells. Without candida, we would all be putting way too much pressure on our pancreas every time we ate 2 or 3 more bites of food than we needed and thus had to process more sugar than what was required for optimal body function. Without some parasites the amount of work the body would need to do to keep up with cellular turn over would be far too much and the process too taxing to keep up with. Without ‘bad’ bacteria the ‘good’ bacteria would actually overgrow and become a problem. We need these pathogens - These critters have a symbiotic relationship with us so long as all things are in balance. If we are overrun with pathogen, we have more dead tissue/food for them for them to feed on than would be ideal to keep their population in a symbiotic state. Pathogens don’t cause disease - disease causes pathogen overgrowth.

Disease comes from, again, conditions for optimal health not being met - and this causing a chain reaction of compromises all throughout the system to compensate.

In our world where again, we have VERY LITTLE understanding of what the human body truly needs to thrive - we are all living in compromising ways. We are all asking our bodies to adapt. Those adaptations take time off of our lives. They are taxing. THIS Is what slowly leads to death - compromise after compromise until eventually the body can compromise no more. The body can only degrade itself so much before it can no longer host life.

We eat unnatural foods, live in busy and polluted cities, have stressful lives, don’t play and laugh in the sun, ingest unnatural substances through our breath and do a whole host of other things that are a total affront to the system.

Thus, we get sick! The body adapts to what we are doing.

Disease As Problem Is Really The Problem:

But because we then see the disease as the problem, rather than the best solution the body has for the actual problem - our out of alignment living - we get all tangled in compromising ‘solutions.’

We take drugs to suppress symptoms of out of alignment living. We shoot the messenger.

For brief periods of time - it WORKS. That is the thing that makes this game so complicated.

Due to the fact that we have a mental bias that the symptoms of disease or the disease itself is the ‘problem’ - and we have built a whole industry around solving this ‘problem’ through means that are out of alignment with how reality actually functions - we are several steps away from being able to take a clear and honest look at the RESULTS of our actions. We are not looking at medicine through a clear lease. We are not looking at the RESULTS of medication through a clear lens. We are looking through many layers of filter and bias.

When the drug ‘works’ to suppress a symptom, coax the body to do what we think it ‘should’ do or gets rid of a ‘pathogen’  - we say we have created health. Not because this is what health IS - but because this is what WE have decided health is based on OUR assumptions about how the body works and what health is.

Drugs work in this paradigm. They suppress symptoms, kill pathogens and force the body to do things in the average biochemistry that we as a society has labeled as ‘right’ and healthy.

In a sense, they can ‘buy us time.’ If we are using a drug to get a symptom under control so that we can then do a deep investigation into WHY the symptom occurred - drugs can be a great thing. If you have lived so far out of alignment for so long that you are on deaths door, and a drug is going to stop that death from happening right now - and you take it - great! But if you think that drug ‘fixed’ you - that is the mistake. The drug bought you time at best.

If you go back to living how you were living pre-drug you will develop all your symptoms again. If you continue to take a drug that suppresses some symptoms, you will simply develop OTHER symptoms, other diseases, other compromises as a result of the way you are living. While at the same time having those drugs cause other biochemical reactions in your body that are forcing it to compromise MORE and thus causing even more disease. This is why we see older people taking 40+ pills a day. They are playing whack-a-mole. The body HAS to make a compromise to keep you alive when you are in an unideal situation. If you artificially stop the body form being able to make that compromise, it HAS to find another way. It cannot simply go about acting ‘healthy’ in an unhealthy environment. It doesn’t have the tools it needs to do that. So it will develop another way of compromising - a new ‘disease’ to make up for how you are living. You will take a drug for that - and round and round it goes.

We Are Far From Vitality:

If we look around at the rate of death and disease, even with medical intervention, it is clear to see that we are living WAY out of alignment. We know the body is capable of at LEAST 120 years of VITALITY. Most people are developing disease in their 20’s and 30’s now a days.

We are deeply, deeply cellularly compromised - all of us - from birth. We are not in ideal bodies - we are in bodies that are adapted to surviving in a very out of alignment way of living.

And this is NOT our FAULT! Nor is it wrong or bad! This is how we have learned, and will continue to learn. We inherited these bodies that are adapted to compromise, and we inherited lifestyles that perpetuate the compromise. This is all for EVOLUTION at its core - and we will talk about that more later. For now, there is no blame to take here. No fault with the self. Taking responsibility for learning from your disease is NOT the same as taking BLAME as though it is your FAULT - it isn't. You inherited your diseases. Your lifestyle of compromise. Learning from it is a choice you make to evolve. To take this out of alignment living and USE it for the advancement of the human race. We will never know the truth of ourselves lest we learn from the out of alignment ways. There would be no way of knowing ourselves except through what we have done. It wasn't wrong. It's not ones fault. We choose to learn from it just because we want to evolve. If we can let go of the idea that the disease we see is bad or wrong, having no purpose or being caused by US - we can see the truth. It is a part of our evolution that had to happen. It's right. It's painful, but it's purposeful. You taking responsibility gives you the opportunity to learn and thus become evolved and more complex. That is all taking responsibility is. Not owning blame or shame. Not judging this as wrong. Understanding that we take things apart in order to learn about them. It's all in alignment ultimately. Ok?

What is clear here is this - we are NOT as a society going to jump straight from where we are - deep compromise - to total health and conditions for absolute vitality. This is not a reality. We can’t expect this of ourselves again because we are adapted to THIS. To the compromise. If we weren’t, we would all be dead. To try to jump from what the body is adapted to now, to what we may consider to be philosophically ideal would be a death sentence. The body isn’t adapted to ideal conditions, and the jump it would have to make to live in those ideal conditions would actually cause death FASTER than the compromises the body is making to live in todays world.

The reality is, we are going to have to - if we want health - to take a sober look at the REALITY of where we are through taking a look at all our ‘diseases’ and ‘symptoms’ as messengers guiding us to optimal living. And we are going to have to take one small step at a time, through LISTENING to our symptoms, towards health.

When we have truly take a ‘right’ step - a symptom will absolve itself. THIS is the key to remember. When we are walking in the right direction, we do not have to fix everything at once before we feel better.

If we are living in compromise in 100% of our lives, and we shift only 1% towards what the body needs, we will FEEL BETTER doing this. Symptoms will lessen as the body is given the conditions it needs to thrive. Will we still feel 99% shitty - yes. This is what drives us to try to do ‘radical’ healing things. We want to feel all better NOW. But this isn’t going to happen. We have to reverse adapt. One step at a time giving the body time and space to adjust to those adaptations. If we are wise, we simply make another 1% adjustment and again, we feel better. We do this enough, over and over - and eventually we find vitality. We find ourselves living what are most likely RADICALLY different lives than the ones we were living when we started - and we will see that had we tried to jump straight from point A to point Z we actually would have HURT ourselves MORE doing that.

The body needs to be systematically brought into health.


The body needs to be SYSTEMATICALLY brought back into health.

One small adjustment at a time.

Drugs Fit On The Path, Sometimes:

Meaning - although drugs are a compromise - vaccines included - for SOME on the path, they are the BEST solution in the CURRENT compromise. For some, the vaccination - although it causes harm that will one day need to be addressed - prevents death RIGHT NOW. So that compromise is worth it. We take the vaccine, and then if we are doing this right, we go about addressing the conditions that made us dependent upon a vaccine in the first place. We go about addressing the internal environment of our bodies, how we are living and so on. Until one day we have shifted our biochemistry so much that NOW that vaccine nothing but a detriment because our bodies are no longer in a compromised state of being susceptible to breading certain diseases. For others, their biochemistry is too different and the drugs are only going to cause harm. Many children being born now a days have different biochemistry than was prevalent when drugs were developed and thus are being affected differently. Things have changed - as they always do - so what worked before is no longer working. This is what we are seeing.


This is how we have to look at it.

So with this, the question we ask ourselves is:

'What is the LEAST HARMFUL compromise I can make RIGHT NOW - acknowledging that EVERYTHING I do right now is a compromise because I AM COMPROMISED?'

The biggest take away here is this - none of us were handed healthy, vital cells and none of us were handed conditions for thriving. None of us are capable of living 100% in alignment with the ideal human body, because we don’t have ideal human bodies.

The only way we have a chance of creating one, is taking one small step towards alignment at a time. Slowly dealing with each symptom as it arises, delicately moving our way towards what we feel is truth through experiencing improvement in symptoms through moderate lifestyle changes.

Medication for most of us will be a part of that path. We can use it as a tool to moderate the consequences of our out of alignment living (most of which was inherited) as a short term time buyer so long as we are willing to do the work long term to come into alignment the best we can. One step at a time.

This is how we must look at all medication, vaccinations included. They are not good or bad. They are a compromise. For some, they are the best compromise. For others, they are deadly.

It’s not the drug really that determines this, but each INDIVIDUAL and their biochemistry.

If we are contemplating drugs/vaccines we ask ourselves:

Are they the BEST compromise for me, on my path, with my current biochemistry and willingness to do what needs to be done to moderate my life towards health in that 1-2% way I am capable of doing right here right now or not?

Over and over.

Again, It Comes Back To Personal Responsibility:

Which is to take a lot of responsibility for yourself. It is to accept the risk of being in a deeply compromised body that YOU will have to be the ultimate authority on what is right and wrong for. No one outside of you really can tell you what is least compromising for you - only you can determine that based on the ‘does this really walk me towards a place where the body can naturally exist in harmony or not?’

Sometimes the drug does that. It buys us the time we need that we otherwise wouldn’t have. Sometimes the drug is just going to make things worse.

What We Are Really Looking For When We Look For The 'Right' Answer - And Why We Never Find It:

We have to be willing accept the idea that to live is to take a risk.

We have to admit to ourselves that we are looking for the ‘right’ answer, because we are looking to avoid pain and suffering FOREVER.

That by ‘right’ we mean FINAL answer.

The one answer we need to take us from risk, pain, suffering 'it may go wrong' to peace, health and security.

This is the kicker.

There is no final answer.

This is a continuum.

What is right for you now won’t be in a few years.

What is right for another is wrong for you.

It is this deep desire to avoid pain and to find the ULTIMATE solution RIGHT NOW that actually blocks us and keeps us stuck.

We are in pain and suffering. That is already a thing. We must own that as being part and parcel of how we are learning in this life. There is no avoiding it - only learning from it. We are on a journey that is going to require that we constantly learn, grow change and adapt. There is no ultimate right, only a bridge of right for right now. When we are seeking the ‘right’ answer, when we are seeking a safety that we are hoping already exists that will help us avoid something in our lives, THIS is what drives us both to look for answers outside of ourselves and what drives us to reject the information handed to us by others. This is what leaves us in that state of internal conflict - where we don’t want to simply do what we are told to do by the experts, but at the same time we don’t ‘really’ trust our own judgement either.  We are looking for a sure thing - without having to have an experience.

We must embrace the idea of life being a risk. That is key one. Understand that so long as we are here, we are going to be learning. Learning through trial and error. That we are going to get things ‘wrong’ - in the sense that we will make adjustments that don’t move us towards health the way we thought they would, or that only move us a little when we thought they would move us a lot - and we have to be ok with that.

Again if we can not look to this reality as being a kind of fatal thing, but just a part of life - THEN we will find our sweet spot. In this acceptance of risk, we will be able to tune into the wisdom of those around us, tune into our own wisdom and more than that, we will be able to tune into the TRUTH that is ALL AROUND US just waiting to be discovered.

When we let go of finding the ‘right’ answer either within or with someone else - we will be able to expand our view to see that the ‘right’ answer is held in reality itself. Meaning the ‘right’ answer is held in ALL of the experiences we have. In the interactions with others. In our interactions with our environment. In our inner exploration. The answers aren’t in any one place - they are in all of the places. The ‘right’ answer is ‘right’ for right now, then in the next moment may not be anymore.

Once we are ok with life being a risk, we step into a state of love that allows us to expand our perception. To see things and put pieces of puzzles together in ways we haven’t before. We will, through this, become more awake and aware. We will be able to take ALL the information, and find where it fits. We will be able to see that all of reality has something that is ‘right’ about it - and we just need to find where that information works in the grand scheme.

Then we will be able to find truth. All around us. Complex and all encompassing. In others. In ourselves. In our experiences - both pleasurable and painful - THIS is how we are going to evolve to see truth.

No aliens. No big reveal from the ruling class. No overturning. Just one person at a time, putting the puzzle together through being open to see reality.

There, now hopefully the illuminati doesn’t come kill me, or perhaps now I will be seen as a shill? Who knows. All seeing eye and pyramids and stuff.