Monday Musings ~ The Reason True Service To Self, Is Your Highest Service To All: Part Two

Welcome Back Beautiful Friend.

Last week we covered the line of thinking and reasoning that has led us to this place where we – as a human race – believe that being at all identified with the individual self is what is causing most, if not all, of the destruction we see on the planet right now. We saw how this was a logical sequence of events, and how it created many lines of spiritual practices designed to help you fully ‘wake up’ out of self, and into the truth of unity.

We also explored how this concept of getting ‘rid’ of the Ego or self in practice, is not really working for us the way we thought it would.

Today we are going to explore the missing link in this whole awakening consciousness issue, so that we can put all the pieces together and really come into a place of TRUE union, where healing, integration and peace are actually possible.

Let Us Acknowledge The Damage Of The Individual Self Consciousness:

We must first acknowledge the fact that when we are individually focused, we do tend to be pretty destructive.

When we are ‘out for number one’ we tend to disregard the needs of others, and get really short sighted in what is truly good for ‘us.’ We tend, as a human consciousness, to become very ‘pleasure in the moment’ driven, with little care for how what we are doing is affecting the planet and those around us – who we depend upon. We forget that there is no such thing as getting for ourselves at the expense of others. Just like the heart cannot take from the liver, without damaging the whole of the body and thus hurting itself, the truth is humanity cannot live in a state of being only focused on the self and expect not to cause negative consequences. But without this remembering, we lie, cheat, steal, frack, exploit, murder, go to war, and commit many other atrocities in the name of personal gain – all of which lead to everyone eventually losing.

This individual focus also makes us fearful.

It creates a deep, aching loneliness.

It creates a sense of depression that can lead to addictions and a life filled with distraction, because we don’t know how to fill the apparent hole within.

When we feel that we are just ‘us’ nothing more, nothing less, we tend to lose motivation, we struggle to find purpose and end up feeling really emotionally stifled and terrible. When we forget that we are a part of the whole, we feel incomplete.

All of these issues can be eradicated by remembering that we are all one.

When we remember that we are one, we become more long term in our thinking. We realize that to hurt another is to hurt ourselves. We realize that to shit where we eat doesn’t serve us or anyone else. We get wise to the idea that serving the whole IS serving the self. That taking care of the earth is taking care of the self. That remembering who we are in the context of all that is, is the truest and purest way to alleviate depression, anxiety, addiction and listlessness. We find our purpose when we remember that we are here to be part of a unit. That we are here to serve the greater good. That we are not alone and out for ourselves – that we are all in this together. That aching sense of separation is remedied and we feel so much better in this.

The Irony Of The Unity Consciousness Path Till Now:

All that being said, the one little thing that has slipped by this whole structure until recently, is actually something that is incredibly ironic when it is looked at for what it really is.

All of these paths that lead us away from self focus onto wholeness or unity focus – the God Realization Paths, The Non-Dual Paths, The Awakening Paths – put SUCH a heavy focus on becoming and identifying with the ‘all’ that they forgot one major, major point.

That the individual self is a PART of the WHOLE.

That to reject the little self, is to cause a separation. If we are realizing that unification is the solution, to reject an aspect is to cause more suffering. To fight with an aspect of reality - and the you that you are this time round IS an aspect of reality - is to cause pain.

You see how crazy this is?

In the desperate attempt to be everything, people have forgotten that who you are, the relative self, is a fractal of this everything that we are striving so hard to identify with.

In wanting to be a unified being, we have been trying to get rid of a part of the being.

You see how this doesn’t make sense when it is really considered?

How could we expect to FULLY be integrated in the understanding of the WHOLE if we are continually fighting to get rid of an element of the whole?

This is EXACTLY what the Ego is – simply one aspect of the whole. One aspect of the whole that must be INTEGRATED into the understanding of the whole, in order to understand the whole.

Not rejected.

It is a part of the whole that can either live in alignment with ultimate truth, or out of alignment with ultimate truth - but it can never be destroyed! It cannot be obliterated or gotten rid of. It is either living in truth or living in a lie.

But never nonexistent.

The Grand Model Of Life:

When we take a big step back, we see that it is very clear that one of the main purposes of life is for God (A.K.A All of Existence) to know itself fully. We see that all of the experiences, all the different choices to be made, all the different outcomes, all the different expressions - are simply information. Information about existence. About infinity. About Everything..

Thus it would follow that you fully knowing YOURSELF as a one, while you know yourself to be connected to the all, is expanding God. You fully expressing as your truest frequency is you doing your role in revealing what you specifically are to the whole of all that is.

You see how this works? If each individual fully woke up to all that they are, God (Existence) would then know itself completely, because in truth there is no separation.

Your complete awareness of what you are, is OUR complete awareness of what you are, is God knowing fully the specific strand of itself that YOU represent.

Because separation is ultimately simply a handy illusion, you fully knowing you does not negate the FACT that you are one with all that is. It simply means that you filly integrate this aspect of all that is into the all that is.

You fully knowing you, informs God. You play your role fully by being you fully.

Also, because of this ‘everything is connected and all things work together’ ultimate truth - the more you now about your individual self, the more you know about the whole.

Because the two are inseparable. Information is information. Less information is less information.

This means, you knowing you, you embracing you, will actually enable you to now the whole, to embrace the truth of oneness, to live in a unified way MORE. Not less.

To truly make space for all that you are, you simultaneously make space for all that is.

Know thyself, know God.

So What Does This Mean For You?

All of this may sound well and good, but what are the practical implications of this understanding? Should you avoid all teachings that tell you that ‘you’ do not exist? Are the people who talk about eradication of the ego wrong? How do you star to really ‘know’ yourself and what does that mean?

All great questions.

Which we will talk about next week.

For now, let this information sink it. Contemplate it. Absorb it. Mull it over.



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