Monday Musings ~ What Does It Mean To Live In The Fifth Dimension?!

Hello Lovely!

If you have been on any kind of awakening journey, you have most likely heard that we are being called to raise our consciousness. That we are going to be shifting from the 3D to the 5D.

But what does this REALLY mean practically? How do you actually raise your consciousness? How do you actually shift your vibration? How do you know if you are in 3D or 5D and what is the difference? Do you have to become a fruitarian? A breatharian? Do you have to get rid of your body?

Today I hope to clear up all the confusion about this transition that is taking place so you can be clear on what is happening to you.

What The Transition Is, Really:

Speaking in the most simplistic terms possible, the transition that is taking place is simply one of frequency. The Earth herself and many individuals on Earth are moving to a place where the amount of energy that they hold and emit from their being is higher than the amount of energy they were holding and emitting before. Basically speaking an energetic upgrade.

What You Are:

You are first and foremost an ENERGETIC being. You are not a ‘solid’ structure. Everything that exists in this universe is made up of waves or particles of energy. Science is now showing us what the sages of old have known forever. This whole existence is an expression of energy in motion. There is no stagnation in existence. Even in death, the moment the body stops expressing as a human being, it begins the process of becoming the earth. It transforms, but never stops. Life is all about motion/expansion/creation. This existence is the perpetual reflection and expression of creative energy in motion. Everything about you is energy, expressing in different forms of density.

Density is one of the words we use to describe the quality of the energy we are experiencing. The body is often considered to be a more dense (or seemingly solid) expression of energy than the emotions. Physical reality is often considered more dense than spoken word.

Everything at its is core energy in motion - a frequency being emitted and represented - but the EXPRESSION is different.

When you are sensitive to energy, you notice that the distinction of density actually runs much deeper than the comparison of something that is ‘solid’ and something that is ‘less solid’. Some emotions feel much denser or heavier than others. Some physical bodies feel much more dense than other physical bodies. You will start to discover that it is not the way a particular wave of energy expresses in and of itself that determines its density, but rather the amount of energy that the particular expression carries that determines its density. You can have a very light physical body or a very dense physical body. It is not the fact that you have a  body that is determining your density, but rather the amount of energy flowing through your body, or its frequency that is the determining factor.

Frequency is the word we use to describe the speed at which the waves/particles that make up the energetic pattern we are looking at are moving. Something that is said to have a ‘high frequency’, is simply something that is moving faster than something that has a ‘low frequency’. For instance, we know that the color red has a lower vibration than the color blue - meaning the wave form that makes up the color blue is moving FASTER than the wave form that makes up the color red. This applies to all areas of existence. The faster the particles/waves that make up a certain energetic expression are moving, the higher its vibration is. The slower things are moving, the lower the vibration and the more dense it appears to be.


Energy is INFORMATION. When something is carrying a higher frequency, this means that it is holding and expressing a greater amount of energy than something that is holding a lower frequency. In this, it is holding more information.

With more information comes greater levels of structure, organization, and complexity.  

For instance, when building a house the more complex the design, the more energy, resources and materials will be required compared to a house that is more simple.  With more information, will come more complexity. With more energy comes the capacity for more complex ideas.

Another way to see how energy equals complexity is this - the college mathematics student has more information about math than the grade one student does, and therefore can handle much more complex calculations. The college student holds higher consciousness, higher amounts of information, higher amounts of energy in his being than the grade one student, and has built up his vessel over time in order to consistently hold this higher level of energy. Information or energy means greater levels of order, structure and organization, because these things are more complex than chaos and randomness. The more order and structure we want something the have, the more energy/information is required to create that order and structure.

This is why higher consciousness individuals can hold more complex ideas - like the idea of unity among all people - than those with lower consciousness.

It requires more energy/information, or a higher frequency, to be able to understand big picture concepts like how your choices affect the whole of humanity, than it does to consider simply what is going on in your life in this immediate moment.

The more energy you are allowing to flow through your being, the more information you have, the higher your frequency, the less dense you are and the more capable you are of complex order and structure.

What Creates Low Frequency:

The ‘cause’ of low consciousness is simply a lower amount of energy/information, creating a state of lower complexity and lower organization.

With this information, you see why there is no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ energy and raising your frequency is simply a matter of increasing the amount of energy that your vessel can receive and hold.

Just like the two factors that determine the amount of light a light bulb can emit are the amount of energy flowing to it, and the lightbulbs capacity to hold that energy, so it is with consciousness. When there is resistance along the wire carrying energy to the bulb, the bulb will be dim. Where the lightbulb is only able to hold a certain number of volts, it will shine as brightly as it can, and if more energy is carried to the bulb, it will burn out rather than shine brighter.

It takes both low resistance to energy and a capacity to hold higher amounts of energy to raise consciousness.

There is never a time when ‘bad’ or ‘dark’ energy is flowing to the bulb and causing it to be dim. There is no good or bad energy. Just one energy, that is either being resisted or received, and a vessel that has an upper limit in its capacity to hold that energy and thus emit it.

Love And Fear:

To be in a state of fear is simply to be in a state of resistance.

To be in a state of fear is to say that what is happening should not be happening, or that what is not happening should be happening.

When you are in this state, you are resisting the information that this moment is trying to send to you, lowering your frequency.

When you have repeated patterns of resistance, this creates a vessel that is only capable of holding low amounts of energy, and thus puts a cap on your consciousnesses level.

When one is in a state of love, they are allowing for more information to flow into their vessel. At the same time, when one is allowing their vessel to expand/become less dense it can then carry more information at once without burning out. Here we have someone who is raising their consciousness.

The combination of relaxing resistance to the flow of information and the building of the vessel to be able to hold higher levels of information is what creates a raise in vibration.

A 5D existence still has density. Still has structure and form. What makes it different from a 3D existence is simply the amount of information that the beings existing in this state can hold, and thus the amount of structure, order and complexity they are capable of creating in their reality. 5D beings hold higher amounts of energy, and emit higher amounts of energy. They are capable of big picture thinking, and living in accordance with larger, more complex understandings of how we are all connected and what that really means. The earth is shifting in a way where she herself will be holding higher amounts of energy to support the human consciousness in doing the same. The difference between those in 3D and those in 5D is simply the amount of energy that is being received, held and emitted by each individual.

In my next article I am going to give you the practical of all of this. What it means for you in your every day life.

For now, digest this and ask yourself ‘where am I resisting life?”