Pain Is Never An Illusion

Hello Friends.

Today I want to take a deep dive into PAIN - and why it is never an ILLUSION.

We are going to explore why trying to 'transcend' pain is something that will always get us caught in loops and trapped in dogma/belief systems/our pain because pain is a messenger. It is asking for a change.

I am going to explain why the PAIN ITSELF is never an illusion, but why the ROOT OF THE PAIN may be centered in us believing things that aren't true, which then guide our actions in ways that take us out of synch with reality - thus breaking ourselves.

Pain is never happening for no reason, and there is ALWAYS something to be learned from pain.

Let's explore so we can stop trying to 'get rid of pain' but rather start trying to UNDERSTAND the ROOTS of pain, so we can find better alignment with reality, and thus more pleasure.

You Can't 'Make Up' Pain:

Pain in and of itself is never and illusion. We can’t ‘invent’ pain.

Rather, pain is simply a RESPONSE to a stimuli.

It is a biochemical REACTION to something.

Pain shows us where we are and are not in alignment with the structure of life itself. This is how we ‘know’ if what we are doing/how we are living/how we are perceiving reality is 'true,' in the sense of it being that which allows us to GROW vs. that which is working to destroy us. Pain points us to where we are living in ways that counter the structure of OURSELVES or REALITY - meaning we are working AGAINST that which IS. In this we can't be EVOLVING what is, because we are taking it apart. We cannot break reality, we can only break ourselves against it. Thus when we act in ways that cause destruction to the self or the environment, we feel pain. Pain is the natural reaction, the response, to destruction. To devolution. Pleasure is the natural response to growth and evolution. We can have BOTH of these things occurring at once - if we are LEARNING from our destructive behaviors, the overall outcome can be one of evolution - thus there can be pain and pleasure co-existing. Learning to learn from pain is one of the KEYS to this life - so that all actions can be evolutionary ones - even those that are initially destructive. But we will get that.

Again simply put, pain is a reaction to anything that is DESTROYING us rather than EVOLVING us.

We can understand this with physical pain.

Those with low to no pain sensors are actually at HIGHER RISK of dying and not realizing they were headed towards death, because the SENSOR for that which is destroying them is turned down. They hurt themselves without knowing it, leading to injuries that are not taken care of, which means further degradation, until eventually the integrity of the vessel is so weakened life cannot continue.

And so it is with ALL forms of pain. It's just there to alert us that we are breaking ourselves against reality.

The ROOT Of Pain CAN Be The Belief, And Subsequent Acting Upon, Illusion:

Now, the ROOT of the pain we are in CAN be an illusion.

Meaning, it's very much possible that what is causing us pain is the fact that we are believing things about ourselves and the reality around us that aren’t true.

This causes us pain because it actually hinders our capacity to grow, expand, create, discover, create and so on. Thus putting us in a position of destruction rather than evolution.

The less we understand about reality, the less we are able to grow, expand, express and create within it, in ways that serve to EVOLVE what we are and what reality is, rather than destroying it. The more we believe illusions about ourselves and the world, the more we LIVE as though those illusions are true, taking actions that oppose the structure of reality - which then breaks US - because remember, we can't actually break REALITY - we can only break ourselves AGAINST reality. We can't change the laws by disobeying them enough. We don't change the structure by running into it. We can't jump off a cliff enough times to convince reality to let us fly. We can only do it to the point that we injure ourselves enough to either LEARN and change our behaviour, or destroy ourselves with our fantasies of how we think flight 'should' work.

Remember, everything is an act of creation. Also, everything we are, everything we do, everything we think, everything we don’t do - is an INTERACTION with greater reality. There is no such thing as ‘non-action’. To not act is to learn from reality what happens when we don’t act - there will be feedback from that choice just like there is with any more obvious action.

Thus, all that we do, all that we are, all that we think is CONSTANTLY providing us with pain/pleasure feedback as to our alignment/misalignment with reality.

Meaning sometimes when we investigate our pain we will come to see that it was due to our faulty filter. We were making something mean something it didn’t, causing us to take actions that didn't align with reality thus leading to our destruction. For instance, believing we have to make those around us happy in order to be 'good' and thus to get our needs met. This belief then leads us to reject parts of ourselves that need to grow so as to appease the preferences of others. This can really FEEL REAL because when we are rejected we feel all the ways in which we may lose things if these people were to disapprove of us, which then leads us to sacrifice ourselves more and more and so on. The faulty belief here is that we can't survive without approval.  This is causing us to break ourselves against reality over and over in an attempt to get our needs met. In reality, we can be rejected by people and find OTHER WAYS of getting our needs met. People can abandon us and we can still find love, food, shelter, clothing and so on. The liberation point here is that we don't have to suppress ourselves to be accepted by these specific people lest we die. We can grow who and what we really are - stepping into evolution - being rejected if that is what happens but ultimately be GROWING through being true to ourselves and learning how to meet our needs with or without these specific people. THAT Is the power of a shift in a faulty believe - going from illusion 'I must be accepted by these people to survive' to reality 'I can learn to meet my needs with or without the approval of these people, and it is more important that I am my true self in order to grow and expand.' This shift will radically change ACTION - and thus that's how it liberates us. Changing belief alone is just the start - that belief change must change action and THEN it is liberation from pain. And that transition is going to be uncomfortable and there will be lots of confusion within it - and that's part of growth! This internal shift will immediately cause us a relief of pain and a step towards pleasure. It’s never ‘all in our heads’ because our perceptions affect our actions, our ways of being, our ways of interacting, and this will then reflect how in or out of alignment with reality we are as a whole.

Being Sensitive Is A Good Thing!

The more ‘sensitive’ you are, is simply a reflection of how TUNED your personal mind/body machine is to the DEPTHS of complexity in our universe. The more complex you are, the more you are going to pick up on misalignments that those who are less complex won’t. There is no morality in this universe - only that which aligns with the structure and that which doesn’t. The higher your CAPACITY for awareness will be reflected in a heightened PAIN/PLEASURE response.

Thus, we want to investigate all nooks and crannies of our pain. We are not here to ’transcend’ pain - again pain is a good thing. It alerts us to where we are living out of alignment with reality, and thus destroying ourselves. The less tuned to pain we are, the more we may have happiness/joy but at the same time the more we may be destroying ourselves without knowing it. Simplify has its costs.

Thus, we want to look into pain.

Where are the illusions?

The stories painted on top of reality?

How is this affecting behavior and action? When we find truth, the pain absolves and is replaced with pleasure.

We can shift a mindset again and before anything in our ENVIRONMENT CHANGES we can experience great joy. This is how it works. Then the more we ACT ON That new perspective, the more joy we will experience.

Pain and pleasure are just reactions to stimuli. Never an illusion. The illusion may be in our perception which is driving us to act and live in ways that oppose the structure and thus destroy ourselves. THIS Is the root of light working - where is the pain showing us how reality ACTUALLY works vs. how we think it does?

Enlightenment Is A Deepening Understanding Of Reality:

This is ‘enlightenment’ - a continually deepening understanding of self and reality - a continual growth - driven always by sensation. Eventually we ‘transcend’ any negative association to pain or clinging to pleasure - because we see them for the binary markers they are. We find bliss in the PATH - the pain pleasure cycles that will always be - so the pain is still there, but we don’t run or fear because we know how to work it to find greater truth. We don’t run after pleasure, because even the pain becomes a kind of pleasure as it is exciting to learn something new. We learn that pain is nothing to fear, because we have the TOOLS to GET OUT OF THAT PAIN - to transform it into pleasure through learning from it and allowing it to guide us to new ways of being that DO align with the structure of reality.

The real reason we fear pain is because we haven’t learned this yet.

We haven’t learned how to get ourselves out of it through leaning into it, learning from it, then changing.

We have learned to get stuck in pain, learned that our pain means something bad about US as HUMANS and thus we run from or add a whole layer of painful stories upon the pain, or we learn that the path is to deny and pretend it isn’t happening. To try to transcend pain - thinking that we can create a world where pain NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN - thinking THIS Is the solution we seek. This pain never happening agains is impossible. Pain will always be a part of this, as again, it is a part of growth. The newness. The discovering. Yes we can have pleasure in the discovering too - and this is a part of growth. But ultimately again, we don’t get stuck in pain or stuck in bypassing when we know how to REMEDY a painful situation. THEN we are free. When we know how to learn from pain, we are LIBERATED. That is what liberation is. FREE WITHIN the structure of life - the pain pleasure cycles that are inherent. Accepting life for how it is, and finding joy within it 🙂

THIS is transcendence of pain - transcending the story that pain is wrong or shouldn’t be happening, and opening to its messages so we can find greater and greater alignment with truth - and thus capacity to create and explore in ways we couldn’t before.



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  • So good Ali. I am in mental pain for two years now… never before. I have a grief coach and a psychologist. Always have read your work. All is helping but I know there is only one way through and that is through. I am willing to do the work and have patience with myself…..very time consuming…..hoping I can do it. Some day’s not sure. My adult son died. I don’t believe there is any pain worse for a mother than that. Thanks for all you are and share.

    • perceptiontrainers says:

      Oh Mary, I can literally only imagine the pain you must be in. Yes yes yes, be patient with yourself. You deserve nothing but grace and space and safety. With yourself especially. Truly love, I can’t think of anything more agonizing. I hear you. I see you. I feel you. You are worthy, worthy worthy of space. Time. Anything you need to express or release. Sending you all my love <3

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