Transitioning To Feeling Based Intelligence

Feeling is an intelligence.

Feeling is an intelligence.

Feeling is an intelligence.

Learning how to re-connect with our FEELINGS - learning how to discern what our feelings are trying to tell us, learning to see feelings as a source of information rather than a distraction from ‘logic and reason’, and learning to INVESTIGATE our feelings so as to find their TRUE message, rather than ASSUMING we understand them and are right about their message - is the ‘secret’ to having access to ‘God.’ Higher wisdom. Our higher selves.

It's through learning to UNITE thought and feeling, learning to put these two POWERS into right order and understanding how each functions, what each of them do well and what each of them don’t do so well, that we will find our capacity to TRULY live a life of expansion and growth.

Your healing, your integration, your answers - they are all going to be found in feeling. Not at the EXPENSE of thought, put putting thought and feeling into right order.


Check out the video below for more on this 'vessel building' transition.


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