Purity Culture Is In EVERYTHING – Taking A Look At It ALL

Purity culture isn't something that only exists in a religious context.

Purity culture isn't just about sex, and the rules our religious institutions and society in general have around what is and isn't 'pure' in terms of sexual expression, activity and engagement.

The reality is, we live in a culture that is ALL about purity.

We live in a culture where purity has become a value that we are driven to use as a way of policing ourselves. 

Again, it can be really challenging to take a step back and see just how much purity culture runs through pretty much every sector of society - how we treat our bodies, our food, our spirituality, our money, our work and our interactions with others - and it can be even more challenging to realize just how much it's driving us into a state of perpetual navel-gazing and self improvement so that we AREN'T able to look more broadly at the world around us, the systems we live in, what's working, what isn't and what's ACTUALLY causing us pain.

Purity culture teaches us that *most* of what is natural to us, what feels good to us, what is beneficial to us and what's helpful for us is wrong, bad, sinful, impure and something we need to suppress and deny.

This drives us into a state of perpetual fear as well as self rejection - and THIS keeps us from being able to see and think critically about what is TRULY good for us, what is actually beneficial, what would work in terms of creating a better world that's safer for all of us and what in our systems and ways of life DON'T work and are actually causing harm even though they're viewed as 'normal.'

Purity culture, in many ways, is totally divorced from actual reality - and this means that WE are divorced from actual reality when we try to follow it. 

Learning to see purity culture for what it is, and more importantly WHERE it is, and learning to slowly walk away from it so that we can reconnect with our humanity is a BIG part of the self love journey.

Let's take a look at it today, and see if we can find a better way forward.


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