Pursuing PEACE vs. Chasing HAPPINESS

Hello Friend!

A lot of us want to be HAPPY.

Which, I mean, of course, who wouldn't want to be happy?

But the problem is, a lot of the time when we do what we think is going to make us 'happy' - what we're actually doing is those things that are going to make us stimulated, entertained. numbed out to anything that's currently uncomfortable.

A lot of the time when we pursue what we think is happiness, we're actually blocking ourselves from doing the things we actually need to do to build long term satisfaction into our lives.

Much of the time what's going to bring us happiness in this moment is going to prevent us from having what matters most to us later on.

Which is why it can be a really helpful 'shift' to move from pursuing happiness to pursuing PEACE.

When we start to pursue peace, we're going to get into a state where we're willing to do uncomfortable things, where we're willing to face certain realities and where we're willing to persevere through challenges in ways that set us up for a life experience that far surpasses what we could have had staying on a path where we pursue momentary joy/relief.

A path of peace includes processing painful and tough emotions. It includes difficult conversation and transitions. It includes facing what is messy, uncertain, hard and unfamiliar, all things that won't bring about immediate feelings of joy, but that will give us the tools we need to build a life that we actually enjoy overall.

Let's talk today about why pursuing peace is SO much more effective when it comes to creating a good life than pursuing happiness will ever be, why sacrificing happiness sometimes is the best thing for us to do, and why peace will guide us to a much fuller and meaningful life that pleasures of the moment ever could.


One-On-One Coaching With Aliyah

In my over 15 years of experiencing working with people using the tools I learned my my Life Coaching, Holistic Nutrition and Yoga training I’ve come to see that what *most* People need, more than anything, is a safe, supportive place to dive into their history, their emotions and their mindsets so that they can discover who they really are and what they really need.

They need a safe place to process, to gather tools and from there they are able to work out what their best next steps are in life.

The coaching work that I do is problem solving - it’s creating a safe place to develop the skills of emotional mastery, perception questioning and reality assessment so that you can start living from a place of knowing how to be your own safe place in this life and knowing how to problem solve.

The coaching work I do is all centered around getting you OFF of the never ending self improvement shame-blame-guilt cycle that keeps most of us stuck in lives that don’t feel good - and onto the self love path.

The path where you learn how to get on your own side, how to deeply KNOW yourself, and how to problem solve in this life so that you can create a life that works for YOU instead of you trying to fit yourself into a life that’s ‘supposed to work.’

The self love path is one where you gain the tools, skills and awareness you need to deeply understand your patterns, your emotions, your body and your mind so that you can fully SUPPORT yourself in healing, growing and expanding into a life that actually works for you.

It’s about ending the battle with yourself, getting out of the loops of trying to make yourself fit into a box you were never meant to fit into, and getting into a place where you can truly be on your own side.

It’s about learning practical tools of self awareness, emotional intelligence and regulation, problem solving, self soothing and self discovery that will lead you to figuring out your next steps in this life - one step at a time.

I’m here to provide a safe space for you to understand yourself better, and to help you navigate any challenges your facing so that you can feel confident in your capacity to be there for yourself, to figure things out as you go and to work WITH who you are to create a life that feels good for you.

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