Self Love Will Disappoint You – Then It Will Set You Free

Hello Friend 🙂

THIS is the radical truth about self love.

At first, when we finally tap into our capacity to experience TRUE unconditional self love from the inside - it's going to feel like elation.

It's going to feel like the greatest hit of pleasure ever - like you've finally gotten something you didn't even know you were longing for your entire life. There will be a moment, a period of time, where everything feels new and perfect.

Then, slowly, this high is going to wear off.

Reality is going to set in - and we're going to discover that what we were ACTUALLY looking for as we were seeking unconditional love is a fantasy.

We're going to come face to face with the reality that our unconscious conditioning that has been telling us our ENTIRE lives that once we FINALLY have perfect love, we will have perfect safety. We are going to come to see that it was never ACTUALLY love that we wanted - but rather what we were programmed to believe this love would GIVE US that we wanted.

We're going to see that this things we've been chasing our entire lives, was a lie.
For most of us, this is going to be unconscious. We might not even see what's happening at all. Or we WILL be conscious of it, and the realization may be rather devastating.
But if we stick with it, if we see this part of the journey through - actual freedom IS on the other side.
Not heaven. Not perfection. Not freedom from pain, struggle or suffering. But the kind of freedom that's actually available in this world we live in.

This journey is one if growing up, growing out of the childhood programming we were all handed, and realizing that reality is something totally different than what we thought it was.

Self love WILL get you there, and it will be painful. We will have to grieve and face some deeply held beliefs that need to be renegotiated.

When we do, adult reality will show us our true power.

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