No One Can Afford To Live An Enough Life – Let’s Change That

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You may have come across this article from CNBC which was published a while ago. Explaining how there are literally no states in the U.S.A where earning a minimum wage would allow for a person to afford a decent place to live.

This is a problem I've been speaking about for a while. About how our ideas of Western Abundance are actually a result of an exploitative system that continues to profit the very few, at the expense of MOST people.

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So many of us are wondering why this is happening. We're asking ourselves what's gone wrong with the system that it seems like an actual affordable life is slipping away. We're doing all these spiritual and mental gymnastics to try to 'manifest abundance' so that we can protect ourselves from the seeming slipping away of any semblance of security we used to find in a moderate life. We're seeing that increasingly, a moderate life is just not an option anymore - you're either 'upper' class - meaning you have relative security/access/safety or you're 'lower' class - meaning the foundations and basics of life are becoming more and more out of reach.

This isn't a flaw in the system, this IS the system.

For the next few blogs, I want to take some time to really pick the system apart.

I want to explain WHY we have this increasing loss of the middle class, why so many of us have been convinced that 'abundance' is spiritual, why we keep pushing for having more for ourselves even when we already have enough, why 'enough' mentality really IS the key to the changes we want to see on the planet, as well as why we all feel so deeply insecure in this system that we have.

Let's dive into the HISTORY so we can see how we got here, and let's explore how we may actually be able to work our way out of this - before we have to say goodbye to the possibility of an enough life for all of us.

Below is part one, and I'll see you next week for part two!


Our Current Systems Are Built On A Lineage Of Exploitation:

Our current economic structures were founded upon wealth creation via exploration and slave labour.

That's how the wealthy became wealthy.

That’s how we got to where we are with such MASSIVE production and distribution levels as a society in general.

Those at the top, from the very beginning, usually committed some form of genocide, claimed ownership over a natural resource or the manufacturing of a natural resource or a people group, then forced people to do the actual work of acquisition/manufacturing/distribution of that which was required for the society to live (food, shelter, clothing and so on) for low to no wages keeping all the 'profit' for themselves. Royalty. Monarchs. Plantation owners. It’s all the same schtick. Person at the top ‘owns’ the means of production and uses others' labour to create products that have market value, keeping most of or all of the wealth people are willing to exchange for those goods/services for themselves. They then use this excess wealth to invest in other projects, and due to their ownership in those other projects they are paid part of what is made by that new company, generating more wealth, that is then passed on to more innovation leading to more profit, and so on and so forth. That's how they then had the capital to expand, destroy competition, to amass wealth that led to the possibility of amassing more wealth - and then the passing on of that capital to the next generation.

This pattern is still the pattern.

Those who have a lineage of wealth - and remember this doesn't mean just family inheritance. It means being a part of a social CLASS that has historically had ACCESS. This is HUGE to understand. Direct lineage is not the only way here - being a part of the social group that had access for generations, that had the capacity to create wealth for themselves via struggle and work and so on, have an advantage over those who are born into a class of people who have historically and currently NOT had access - have literal decades of a head start and those who don't, even if they step into 'ownership' now are wildly behind. They don't have the capital to take risks and invest in themselves or others - which is the only way to create wealth in our economy. 

If trickle down HAD been a thing, then our entire economic system would have collapsed.

The only way to create the wealth created was through making sure the workers didn't get equal compensation for their labour.

If they had been paid in a way that matched the actual value of their work, the company wouldn't have had so much surplus to pay those at the top and to invest in more business.

Today those who are rich are the shareholders. Ie. Those who own the company. The C.E.O works for them, and is the only one compensated for their seeming value to the shareholders.

Everyone else MUST be a wage slave in order for the capitol to keep being funneled to the top.

They then reinvest in other projects, creating more companies, more growth, more ‘jobs’ to fill with low paying labor - creating more goods and services seemingly stimulating the economy. this is how the economy works. If the workers were paid equal to their value, or if they owned the means of production and were a part of a workers co op - we would have more people having the capacity to live, lower prices and more access, but also no millionaires. No billionaires. And that would mean much slower "growth" of the economy/innovation/people taking risks - which wouldn't be a bad thing. More people would have enough. There would be a trade off - we can't keep producing at the rates we are, we can't keep manufacturing and investing and creating new companies at the rate we are and equitably pay at the same time. There isn't enough capital for both.

We have to choose. Do we want this continual rate of 'growth' at the cost of most people's lives? Or are we willing to scale back a little, have more equal distribution and more people having enough but not so much excess? Trickle down would be a choice to totally dismantle the system we have and to create a whole new one.

No One Get's Rich Through Work: The Myth Of 'Working Hard:'

You don't get rich in our system by working. There is a very popular trope in our world that if you just work hard enough, put in enough effort, put in the hours, put in the time, commit and better yourself, work hard to be 'valuable' to others/the system, that you will earn wealth and security. And on the flip side of this, the equal myth that those who don't have enough, those in poverty, trapped in cycles of crime, those who don't have access, are in that position simply because they aren't working hard enough. They're making poor choices. They're not taking responsibility for themselves.

To a degree, this may be true. To a degree we all have some power to improve our situations. To a degree we can all figure out where we DO have the power to make life better for ourselves. To a degree there is room for personal growth that leads to success. This is absolutely a reality. I'm not saying we have no power or that our ENTIRE life circumstances is ALL due to social systems. Nothing is black and white, and the more we can come to see this, the more of a true view of our lives we will have. Where we have power, where we can do more, where we can empower ourselves - we should. This is reality.


We also have to acknowledge the systems and structures that DO exist that really DO disempower people even DESPITE their efforts to empower themselves. We have to look at BOTH sides of the coin - and much of the spirituality/health/wellness/personal growth community ONLY want's to look at the personal part. Want's to believe that our WHOLE lives are based on our individual choices and that we all have the power to create whatever kind of experience we want for ourselves, so long as we're willing to take enough responsibility.

This isn't reality.

We have to look at the whole picture if we want to actually make a pragmatic shift in our culture to something that's going to actually work for PEOPLE - not just corporations.

You can absolutely become well off being an employee - you can do very, very well for yourself - but you don’t become a millionaire or a billionaire from working hard, saving and being productive. If an employee becomes a millionaire, it’s because they became an owner at some point - ie. they invested their excess capital in a market and that market grew their investment. You don’t become a millionaire or billionaire by producing something of value.

You get rich via OWNING the means of production of something society PERCEIVES to have value.

You also don't create something that gets you rich in our economy without an initial investment to get the company off the ground. Your own capital and labour or borrowed capital from investors or a bank. You have to have wealth or have access to wealth to become wealthy. Period. You have to have access to resources and time in order to create something you can then turn around and sell. Or you have capital you can invest in others who are creating. You can't just decide to get rich. Lineage is always a part of it. 


Let's take a break here, and come back next week for more!



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