The Myth Of Personal Responsibility Being The Solution To All Suffering

Hello Friend!

One of the most POPULAR concepts in our current self help/spirituality/personal growth industries, is the concept of 'personal responsibility.'

You may have heard your favorite motivational speaker talking about the importance of stepping out of 'victim consciousness' so that you can really access your true power.

You may have heard that in real reality, you are the only one who could ever hold you back, and thus by taking full control over your actions and behaviors you can radically transform your life into whatever you want it to be.

You may have been told that EVERYTHING you're experiencing or will ever experience is a result of you and your choices - and thus by making better choices you can make a better life.

You may have heard that if anyone is suffering with illness, mental illness, financial issues, relationship issues or otherwise isn't happy/getting the results in life that they want to be getting, that this is all due to their own personal actions and choices.

This message can sound, at first glance, really empowering - who wouldn't want to believe that they have total control over their own life in a way where they believe they never have to experience pain so long as they are making the right choices? Who wouldn't want to believe that by tweaking their daily routines or mindsets that they could accomplish ANYTHING they want to accomplish in this life?

But the problem is, there's a dark under-belly to this message of personal responsibility that is actually perpetuating a LOT of people's pain.

When used in moderation, the idea that we can take responsibility for our lives and outcomes is a really empowering and ultimately helpful idea.

But when taken to extremes, when it is made out to be the cause of ALL things - personal responsibility turns toxic really, really fast.

Let's take a look today at where the idea of personal responsibility is helpful, and where it turns into something that is only serving to hold humanity back.

This is a nuanced subject, and it's one I think is really important to dissect thoroughly. Let's do that together today, shall we?


Remember, you don't have to do this self love path all alone.

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