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We're told in the spirituality and self help world that to forgive is to set ourselves free.

We're told that to hold onto anger, resentment, upset or grudge in any way, is to poison ourselves from the inside out.

We're told that it's important to 'let the past go'. To release what happened to us, see the bigger picture, see the innocence to humanity of the person or people who hurt us - and then to MOVE ON.

Many of us have been TRYING to forgive for a long time - trying to see why the people who hurt us did, to understand them, have compassion for them, see that they were just humans - telling ourselves that the interactions/relationship we had with them was for a reason, for our souls growth, something we 'chose' before this lifetime as a way to mature our souls.

Many of us have been doing the spiritual work of trying to release, let go, become ok with what happened - only to find that we're constantly sucked back into that anger, sadness, hopelessness and resentment. We are caught in cycles of continuing to be hurt in the same way over and over - and no matter how much we try to forgive, the same pain keeps re-surfacing or being reintroduced.

Sometimes we may even find that we are caught in loops of self loathing, depression, hopelessness and shame around the painful things that happened to us OR that we feel this way in general and don't really know why. We feel we've 'moved on' or forgiven/found compassion for our past - but now in the present we feel empty, meaningless, purposeless and like life has little to no meaning.

Today I want to talk about all of this. I want to talk about why premature forgiveness is something that actually HARMS us and inhibits our growth. I want to talk about why trying to find compassion for the other before we've found safety for ourselves leads to depression and hopelessness, and how the cleansing fire of anger actually helps to move us FORWARD rather than being something that makes us spiritually 'bad.'

Let's dive deep today into what forgiveness REALLY means, and how we can get to the freedom it offers.




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  • Mary Anne Hoffman says:

    YesThis….all of this. Get It All. …..and yet I suffer…there is suffering…must be serving me…so I’ve been told…and I use the Christ as my scapegoat…because it works better than anything else I have tried…and I have tried it ALL to my degrees of tolerance and desire. I surrender every day…with loving detachment…waiting to transcend earth…walking others home in our dysfunction…whatever that means…a continuous cycle?…once and for all?…incarnation/death/resurrection over and over….the Christ is my safe place…it is the Christ that lives not I…Love have mercy😇! So today I will detach lovingly from myself to do the will of God…perhaps I Am the harsh teacher? Namaste💗🙏🏻✨

    • perceptiontrainers says:

      Hello BeautifuL! First I just want you to know, those who are telling you that your suffering is ‘working for you’ don’t understand suffering. What you have been through is something I think few people will ever have the capacity to fully understand Mary. This may be a grief you carry with you for the rest of your time here – and this isn’t a ‘choice’ you’re making. This life, it sometimes contains the harshest of circumstances. What you are grieving, it’s again something I’m not sure most will ever truly be able to understand. Please know that in the harsh reality of what you live right now, that you are loved. You are innocent. You are not to BLAME for what happened. You are not the reason. Whatever helps you to feel that you can move through this, hold onto that. Knowing you are under no obligation to get to a state of JOY all the time. That’s not life. For any of us. I also still suffer. As a human, life is not ever one thing. Clinging to the idea that we are meant to live in perpetual pleasure causes us to suffer! There will always be both in this life – as I’m sure you’ve witnessed in your own life – you can be carrying the weight of what you’ve walked here while also experiencing the joy of the garden, the seasons, a friend. There’s both. You are living the dynamic reality. I see you. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not doing anything wrong <3

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