We Can’t All ‘Wake Up’ – But YOU Can

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This week, We are going to wrap up our exploration around why the whole world is not likely to go through a 'grand awakening', and why this fact DOESN'T mean that YOU can't be ok.

Let's dive in shall we?


Society/Programming Has It Wrong When It Comes To REAL Reality - But Your Nervous System Won't Let You Rebel.

But they aren’t.
And this is why most people will never, ever do what it takes to wake up.
Because to wake up, we must re-connect with REAL REALITY.
And the ONLY way to do that is through FEELING.
FEELING true pain and true pleasure.
One of the things you have to transcend, is the consensus reality habit of basing everything on logic first, feeling second - if at all.
In our current society, we ‘think’ we know what is right and wrong - and then we JUSTIFY the feelings based on that intellectual idea rather than the other way around.
If something hurts that we think is ‘right’ we justify how that pain is GOOD FOR US.
If something is pleasurable that we think is ‘wrong’ we have moralized and justified why it is wrong.
Enter - your shame and guilt. Shame and guilt have NOTHING to do with REAL REALITY.
Pain and pleasure yes. But shame and guilt come from the fake reality consensus has decided is fact and then justified against feeling.
To find truth, you must be FEELING FIRST, then looking for how that makes sense SECOND. WHY the pain is there and what it means, why the pleasure is there and what it means.
Consensus or truth? Story or real reality? It’s complicated.
The intellectual understanding of reality comes SECOND to feeling. Never first. We FEEL the consequences of our actions - and THEN we work to understand WHY what happened, happened.
What most of US do is THINK we understand how reality, works, we go about living like that is true, and then when we experience pain, we assume REALITY is wrong. Or that we just did our ‘right thing’ wrong. The diet works, we just fell off it. ‘This is the way to success, I just messed it up’. This is childhood reasoning from a time in our lives when the only thing we had control over was OURSELVES and OUR BEHAVIOUR - rather than being able to alter CIRCUMSTANCES that were antagonistic to ones that were more supportive.
On top of all of this, there are the very real traumas of being alive and the very real traumas of our societies that deeply harm and wound - leading to situations where being able to walk the path of awakening is made all that much more difficult or even impossible for some. There are certain conditions of mental and physical ill health, socioeconomic status, societal systems and so on that do make this awakening journey simply not an option for many. And a very very hard option to choose for others over and above the already staggering challenge.
We have to connect to true pain and pleasure - but this means working THROUGH our FALSE pain and pleasure that is tied to ACCEPTANCE.

Thus, Finding Reality Is A Kind Of Perpetual Death/Re-Traumatizing Experience Before It Ever Feels Freeing Or Leads To Clarity:

We have to, over and over, face the ‘death’ of rejecting society and the standards, feeling that nervous system melt down, going forward with it anyway - being ok with death essentially - then and only then will we have ACCESS to true pain and pleasure.
Once we LET GO of the fear of death from being rejected - THEN we will be free to FEEL the actual consequences of our actions in REAL REALITY.
From there, we then have to create lives that SUPPORT real reality. What we are finding out.
This is going to look FREAKISH to most of society - again because most of society is based on rules that are out of whack with real reality.
What we think is health is illness.
What we think is spiritual and profane.
What we think is abundance is poverty.
What we think is moral is immoral.
What we think is true is false.
SO MUCH we discover that what society thinks is ‘right’ - causes SO MUCH PAIN.
But the answer isn’t REBELLION. It’s observation of REALITY and aligning with that.
It’s about discovering what ACTUALLY FEELS GOOD -then LEARNING about the LAWS of WHY. Then changing your life to align with THE REAL REALITY - something you have to FEEL OUT and DISCOVER for yourself.
This is why all spiritual masters go off into isolation into the wilderness. Then they come to live in ways that aren’t ‘against’ society - they are simply WITH reality. Which is something they continue to discover and expand into - it’s a journey that never ends.
You HAVE to lose your tribe to find reality.
You have to face death to find reality.
You have to let go of needing to ‘be you’ - as so much of what you think you are is your conditioning - to find reality. You gotta be willing to let go of so much of the FOUNDATIONAL ASSUMPTIONS you have about life and self in order to find the subtitles of truth.
You have to be willing to NOT KNOW so you can DISCOVER where you are WRONG and then by contrast do something DIFFERENT. Which may also be wrong!
You must learn to LEARN from pain and pleasure by looking DEEPLY into CONSEQUENCES - true cause and effect. you then have to do something different again, learn from that - eventually finding ‘right’ in the pleasure that has no negative repercussions.
Most of us have no idea how to do that. How to learn and not make things black and white. How to feel. How to change and experiment and not be attached to knowing. How to find something that causes pleasure with no backlash. Letting go of ‘if this is wrong the opposite must be right.’ No. Reality is complex. We must look for how BOTH things are PART of truth.

This Work Is Hard. Most Won't Ever Do It:

Rewarding freeing, leading to innovation, creation and expansion beyond wildest expectations? Yes. That too. It will lead you to a life you may not even be able to conceptualize for yourself right now. Where you are able to step into who YOU are, within real REALITY - where you can function 'in the world but not of it' - no longer plagued by traumas that tie up your perceptions to systems that are false. hat help you actually create NEW systems - first in your own life, then maybe, if it's for you to do, in your communities and other areas in your world. But again - this is after you've waked through that wilderness. Which requires you to have many, many spiritual foundations and inner guidance connection hat take years to develop. It's not a one shot deal. It's a slow, slow, integrative process. With many twists, turns and cul-de-sacs to navigate with very few who can support you, since so few know the territory themselves.
Which is why most will never do it.
It will make you look sick and weird and twisted to MOST of society. It will be something people attack you for because it challenges their paradigms to just see you doing something different. It will get you rejected. Over and over. It will mean facing death.
But the rewards are actual consciousness.
Most will never leave the safety of approval. And thus, will be stuck in the false reality of consensus.
Truth will always be among the minority as Galileo stated, for this reason.
Humanity is confused. Not evil. Not bad. Just confused.
Clarity is for those willing to go and find it for themselves. Who even have the base conditions in place to allow for this quest- which isn't many. Those base conditions are rare to find in a human life. Again some natural some man made - but trauma, genetics, lineage, access and social systems all play a role. It's huge and multi factorial.
The nervous system doesn't want to do this and we are programmed to THINK first, justify feeling after.
Coming out of this is the work. That's why awakening is just as much physical as it is anything - integrating the nervous system trauma of tribe = survival and then going and living in a new way - it's hard.
This is why we aren't going to see a grand awakening.
It's going to be slow progress by all of humanity - from where people actually are. Ad for some, i this lifetime, doing this work isn't going to be available at all. For others it will be a lifetime of integration. For some, they will find that 'freedom' and live those renegade lives - and then there's everything in between.
It' can't just happen, because it doesn't just happen. It's not a moment. An insight. An experience that takes us from here to there - it's a process and a path.
So focus on YOUR path. Don't worry so much about 'out there.'
Do your work. Walk your path. Pace yourself your way.
THIS is the ultimate solution - all of us doing it for ourselves, in the ways our individual lives call us to.
Don't be discouraged. You don't need all of humanity to get it before you can be free. Do your path. It's all there for you.

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