Hello ūüôā

Our culture likes to tell us that we're unsatisfied because we're not doing enough.

Because we're not accomplishing enough. Because we're not becoming enough.

We're constantly being bombarded with all the things we 'should' be doing to find happiness, peace, safety and fulfillment - and it seems like no matter what we do, we always come up short.

And it is that shortcoming, society tells us, that is the reason we suffer.

With all of this, we're being overtly or covertly told what is and isn't of VALUE. What is and isn't of value in terms of ourselves, along with what is and isn't valuable in terms of what we have and are doing in this world. We're being told to become/chase certain things because society says those things are GOOD.

We're being told to avoid becoming/having/being certain things because society says those things are BAD.

We're being told that the good things = happiness and the bad things = pain. But if we take a step back and really look at our values as a society, if we look at the things we prioritize and the things we neglect, if we look at all the ways we chase happiness - and we asses the OUTCOMES of our value system - are we REALLY being led towards happiness?

Are our values as a culture setting us up to see what really matters in life? Are we being given the tools we need to achieve happiness via following our value system?

Or could it be that our culture has a really messed up value system that tends to actually OBFUSCATE us achieving any kind of peace or happiness?

Let's explore together today.

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