What Does It ACTUALLY Mean To ‘Discover Yourself?’

Hello Love!

The spirituality/self help world is FILLED with tools, techniques, programs, books, seminars, coaching programs and guidance around how to find your true self.

How to deprogram yourself from the 'matrix' so you can figure out 'who you were before you learned who you were supposed to be.'

There's a narrative that when we really 'find' ourselves that we will feel a sense of never ending purpose, passion, alignment, knowing and peace, and that when we don't have these things it means that we simply don't know who we really are.

We're told that when we figure out who we are, we will step into our lives, be magnets for all that we desire and will be attractive to all the best people.

We're told that through spirituality we will lose all sense of existential dread and doubt, because we will come into contact with our 'true selves' - our cosmic, full, divine nature and that this will clarify everything for us.

We're told that we've been given these false identities from caregivers, culture, society and institutions, and that our true self is sitting inside of us somewhere, just waiting to be liberated from the chains they're currently bound by.

We're told that we have to 'get rid of' our limiting beliefs, self sabotaging parts, coping mechanisms, scapegoats and all the other 'bad' parts of self in order to reveal this diamond of a self that all of us have.

This all sounds so great - but... how do we know when we've discovered our true self? How do we know when we've met with our potential? How do we live a life of 'authenticity' where we can tell the difference all the time between our programming and our true nature? What will living an authentic life ACTUALLY give us and what's just fantasy?

What does it MEAN to discover yourself?

Let's dive deep into this today and see how we go.



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