When Growth Become Toxic – Why More Is Not Always Evolution

Here's an uncomfortable truth - there are times and places where growth and expansion aren't actually growth.

We live in a world that tells us that more is ALWAYS better. That expansion is worth whatever cost. 

Many of us have been deeply convinced that as soon as we reach a place of comfort, as soon as we achieve a goal, as soon as we arrive somewhere that we MUST then start pushing for the NEXT thing. 

We're convinced that we have to continually level up in our jobs, in our relationships, in our bodies, in our spiritual pursuits, in our creative pursuits.

We're bombarded on a daily basis with what others are achieving, creating and consuming, the states they're reaching and the places they're going - and we're being told that this is what WE should also be doing.

But the REAL reality?

There are times and places where going for the next level, trying to create the next thing, trying to do and be more actually leads to MORE destruction.

We live in a world of hyper consumption and production - and so many of us aren't seeing the very real damage this way of being causes.

Many of us are in a state of self destruction that we're not even aware is self destruction because we're trying so hard to keep up with what society tells us to do and be.

We're running ourselves into the ground and mistaking this for evolution.

Today let's take a step back and see if we can figure out a more realistic middle path. One where growth is actual growth, and where we can recognize when growth is actually to be found in learning how to stop, pull back and do less.

Evolution isn't always an outward expansion.


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