Why Anger At My Caregivers/Life Set Me Free:

Hello Beauties!

Many spiritual teachers/teachings fear anger.

It is seen as a ‘negative’ or ‘lower emotion.’

Something we should all be working to quell in ourselves. Something we should essentially be ashamed of.

We blame our anger on our ‘ego’s’ and attempt to get rid of them.

We race to try to ‘forgive’ so we can feel like good, spiritual people.

We do all the healing sessions, all the meditations, all the journalling, all the deep breathing and tapping to try to transcend our anger.

And guess what?

All this does is keep us trapped in victimhood.

That’s right. The reason we are angry s because we are, in this moment, stuck in a victim state. No matter how much we are trying to be mature, trying to take responsibility for ourselves, trying to empower ourselves and trying to see ourselves as ‘choosing our realities’ - if there is ANY ounce of anger in our being that you’re fighting against, that is a sign that you are actually being victimized RIGHT NOW - and that anger is trying to get your attention.

Here is my story of how letting myself get angry at my caregivers set me free. I hope it sparks something in you that allows you to set yourself free too.



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