Why Better Is Best – Why Looking For The PERFECT Thing Means Never Making Progress

Hello Love!
In my opinion, this concept is one of the most important concepts to grasp in life.
So many of us are caught up in looking for 'the ideal' - the perfect protocol that will heal our bodies. The perfect modality that will heal all our wounds. The perfect partner. The perfect job/career/purpose.
We believe we're going to be in pain until we get to perfect, and that any effort that doesn't get us to BEST is going to feel like a waste.
We're looking for the step that's going to take us from where we are to where we want to be.
We're looking for the THING.
This means when we try things, apply tools and techniques, attempt certain protocols, follow teachers or teachings and we don't get our ULTIMATE desired outcome - we assume what we just did was wrong, and we're off looking for the next thing.
This also means that we don't try things when we don't think they will lead to our ultimate outcome.
This means that when we're in a state of being far from our goal we get paralyzed - feeling like none of the steps we could take are going to get us where we want to go, and thus what's the point? We feel like if we're going to have to do a whole bunch of work and STILL not be where we want to be, that this then means that that work won't be worth it.
It can start to feel like we're going to be in pain/miserable/struggling just as we are RIGHT NOW until we reach that ultimate state - making us even more desperate to find the fastest, easiest way to that end goal - again feeling like anything that doesn't get us there fully is a waste of time/wrong/effort for nothing.
With this, we miss the path. We get stuck. We get caught in extremes that don't work. We get bamboozled by people who sell us solutions that aren't solutions and we never end up making the progress we want to make.
Today, let's talk about why living a life of BETTER is the ultimate satisfaction.
Let's talk about adding tools to our toolbox instead of looking for the ultimate tool and let's talk about why better will FEEL BETTER and why you don't have to wait for perfection to feel the benefits of your efforts.
Better is best.


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