Working Towards Unity Consciousness

Hello Love!

Today I want to offer a vision for working towards Unity Consciousness.

This is a BIG buzz word in the New Age/Spirituality/Personal Growth world - but a lot of the time what this phrase actually MEANS escapes us.

It's all very grand and amazing sounding - but also very vague and elusive.

My hope is that today we can find a bit of groundedness in this concept, so that we can actually start to move towards it in a practical way.

Here are my thoughts, feel free to add your own as well.

If We're Really Moving Towards Unity Consciousness:

If we’re genuinely working towards unity consciousness, this means we’re starting to understand how our every day, personal choices ripple out to those around us AND we’re starting to understand how much we’re currently being supported by the collective - in even the most invisible ways.

We’re starting to understand that not everyone has the freedom of choice we do.

That not everyone is suffering due to some character flaw or poor decision.

We’re starting to see how those with wealth and access are making choices that have massive consequences for those with less. We’re starting to understand the power dynamic of the economy we live in, and how much power WE have to make choices for ourselves that can seem beneficial but require that others make sacrifices because they literally have no other option.

We’re starting to see that our bodily autonomy isn’t autonomous. That what we choose to do with ourselves when we’re sick or tired has an affect on the community around us. And that again those with less access, less resources and less capital have LESS choice and are often the ones most affected by the choices of others. That those with less aren’t CHOOSING to be affected, they are rather in a state of BEING affected because of how the system functions. 

We’re going to come to see that there very much ISN’T room for everyone to be at the top in our current structure.

That those of us who can choose to work from home, liberate ourselves from the system to certain degrees, who can afford healthy food, time to rest and meditate, time to work out, who can afford therapy and coaching, who can better ourselves - are able to do these things BECAUSE there are a LOT of others who deliberately don’t have access like we do. Because we live in a hierarchy, those at the top need there to be people below them to maintain their status. We should do these things. We should invest our capital in ways that allow us to rebel from the system. We should take care of ourselves - just not in a way where we feel that everyone can and should be doing the same.

We’re going to come to see that not wanting to care for the addicted, weak, ill, mentally ill or those otherwise not able to ‘contribute’ to society the way we can is costing ALL of us.

We’re going to come to see that large portions of the population being kept out of spaces with quality education, safety, non-antagonism and actual opportunity to make their lives better may contribute to the fact that we have other sectors of the population who can have SO MUCH MORE than they will ever want - is actually a detriment to all of us.

We’re going to come to see that creating a situation where people like store clerks, restaurant staff, nurses, teachers, janitors and other maintenance workers can earn a truly living wage without having to sacrifice their lives in the process IS worth the trade off of those at the top not having so much excess.

We’re going to come to see that as we SUPPORT those who are the ‘least among us’ we actually find that society works BETTER.

We’re going to start to understand that not everything is a personal choice. Not everything is something we opted into. Not everything we’re experiencing is due to our personal selves. And this is true of everyone around us. Yes we have agency. And. The more capital you have the more choice you have - and the opposite is true. We have to take this into account.

We’re going to start to have deep compassion for people who were born into circumstances that are very different from our own - and we’re going to stop seeing ‘poor choices’ and we’re going to start seeing hurting people doing the best they can with what they have. Always. Ourselves included.

If we’re really working towards unity consciousness, we’re starting to see the whole world as our FAMILY. 

We don’t see the world as OURSELVES - judging others based on what we think we would do if we were them. Judging others against the choices we have made. Judging others based on what we THINK their circumstances are. Now we’re going to start seeing them as THEM - and understanding that if we WERE THEM - with all of THEIR CIRCUMSTANCES we would likely be just where they are. We’re going to ask what we would NEED if we were them. Compassion.

We’re going to start to see that ALL humans deserve support, connection, safety, opportunity, care and understanding at all times. No matter how detrimental their choices seem to be. We will seek to understand where they’re hurting, where they’ve been let down by society and family, where they may have issues they didn’t opt into that have a massive effect on their ability, where the system is not set up for them and how we can do whatever WE can to make things just a little better. We will of course offer encouragement and help in self support where that’s possible and true without falling into the idea that ALL healing is possible on our own.

We’re going to start to understand that again, all of those good choices we made for ourselves were choices made possible VIA humanity and community and all the wisdom and infrastructure that came before us. That we aren’t self made - but rather built through the opportunity, technology, resources and wisdom of those who came before us. We will no longer see ourselves as successful because of ourselves. We will understand that our success came as a result of being invested in. And we will want these same technologies and investments to be available for everyone, so everyone has the chance to make good choices.

We may have done WELL with what we were given, but we were given much to do well with.

We’re going to want to invest in others, the way we were invested in - because we know that ALL humans deserve the opportunity to be held in their light and supported on their path. 

Unity consciousness makes us compassionate towards everyone, and it means we start to question our actions based on how they are going to ripple out - and we don’t discriminate in who we think deserves compassion, care, caretaking, protection and support. 

It means we start to understand that not everyone has the same choices as us, not everyone has the same freedoms and us enacting our freedom of choice AFFECTS others who are lower on the social totem pole. This will weigh on us heavily. Our personal freedom isn’t going to feel like total freedom - it’s going to feel like a responsibility.

We’re going to recognize that redistribution is the answer. That eliminating the possibility of getting to what is now the top of our system (with mass accumulation of wealth and therefore power over others lives) ALSO means eliminating the chances of being in the LOWEST rings of our system.

Bringing more of us to the middle is actually the key to the freedoms we seek.

Not making all of us the same. Not expecting sameness from all of us. Simply providing a baseline so that all have the CHANCE to grow into their potential - and then accepting that some will chose not to.

Unity consciousness is about seeing that we need all different kinds to make this thing work - and no one should be valued or prioritized over another. That when people are struggling they deserve support not abandonment. That to invest in community is to invest in the self. That to have personal choice and freedom means needing to take into account who our choices impact and how that impact isn’t being chosen. 

Unity is about family.

All of us. 

One together as individuals.