Why Little Steps Will Lead To Radical Changes And Radical Changes Will Lead To Stagnancy


In the self help/spirituality world, we're constantly being sold the idea that if we want to heal/transform/find happiness - we're going to have to do something RADICAL.

We're told over and over again that 'everything we want is just outside of our comfort zones' and that in order to get the relief we're seeking or to find that magical new way of life that we deeply desire we're going to have to abandon much of what we're currently doing in favor of something much more 'spiritual', 'aligned' or simply more 'purposeful'.

We're told that the ONLY way to get something we've never got is to do something we've never done - and this something we've never done is usually being SOLD to us in the form of a product, program, book or seminar that promises to give us the 'real keys' to lasting transformation that ONLY this guru/teacher can give. 

But the problem is, most of the time when we attempt to do these big life overalls, when we go to the healing session or plant medicine retreat, when we attempt to 'do the hard thing' of sticking to a totally new wellness routine or way of interacting with ourselves and the world - most of us end up feeling really inspired/empowered in the beginning, only to end up losing steam, 'falling off track' and settling back into the life we had before we started.

This failure to stick to the program is usually then used as a weapon against us - we're told that it wasn't the program or offering that failed to deliver the transformation promised - rather we're told that the program works, the healing sessions work, the discipline works - it was just YOU who failed and thus YOU who needs to reinvest, try again, do it more.

Then the more we do this, the more we find ourselves in loops of trying to change, feeling like we ARE changing for a while, losing our grip, and starting over again.

Meaning over the years, we don't actually make progress. We stay pretty much just how we are, with brief interludes of us doing something radically different sprinkled throughout.

With this, I want to challenge the idea that if this way of trying to change - doing the most radical thing we can think of and hoping that it will be the THING that changes our lives forever - doesn't work, it's because WE suck. I want to challenge the idea that this radical attempt at life overhaul is the best way to create lasting change. I want to challenge the idea that change can happen at a retreat or in a healing session. I want to challenge the idea that YOU are failing if you are looping between extreme protocols and going 'back to the beginning' and I want to challenge the idea that radical transformation can't come through slow, steady. progressive change.

What if those radical changes actually lead to stagnancy - in the sense that over time you just keep coming back to where you started because the protocol is too intense? What if doing something more moderate is actually the FASTEST way to TRUE change - change you can sustain and that will become your new normal?

THIS is what I want to bring to the table today.


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