- Why Play Is The Most Important Tool You Have In Your Life Purpose Tool Box

Hello Beautiful Friends!

What if I told you that play and pleasure are your keys to living your life purpose?

What if I told you that an all work and no play lifestyle leads not to success, but to burnout?

What if the idea that the harder you work the more success you will have - and if you are really hating it, bonus points! is the exact OPPOSITE to how life really works?

What if your inner child and higher self will sabotage you, until you start taking time in your life for play, relaxation and activities that bring you joy?

What if play and pleasure are the secret portals that lead you directly into your life purpose, without you having to do any kind of mental gymnastics to figure out what you are here to do?

In todays video, I explain to you how all of the above is true, and how you can start to use play and pleasure as a tool in your life for aligning with your life purpose.

If it sounds too good and too easy to be true, I understand! Have a listen anyway and see how you go 🙂



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