Will There Be A ‘Great Awakening?’

Hello Lovely.
Today, let's explore the idea of humanity going through a 'great awakening' - what that would mean, if I think it's going to happen or if I think it's even a plausible possibility in the reality of our human condition. I hope you enjoy this exploration and I hope to hear what YOU think once you've had a read!

Will There Be A 'Great Awakening?'

I know that there is great hope out there that there is going to be a 'great awakening' one day.

A moment in time where humanity finally realizes what's 'really going on' in government, education, medicine and so on - so that we can then rise up from our fear based 3D existence of division into a more elevated 5D, unified, healthy, holistic and human need centric society.If you’re asking my opinion - I personally don’t believe that there's ever going to be a ‘great awakening’

A moment when humanity ‘awakens’ to the degree that we are able to shift how things are on this planet in any significant way over night. Where enough of the human population realizes unity, truth, ‘what’s really going on’ and calls for equity so much so that how things are right now HAVE to radically transform overnight.
Rather, I believe we are going to see what we have always seen - a slow continual progression.
We are going to see transformation in the collective in the same way that we see transformation in individuals.
Through a progression through the phases of consciousness. No phases being skipped. Each phase being embodied so as to not recognize the other phases, then passed through. Each phase thinking they are at the ultimate state - then finally realizing there is a ‘more’ on the other side.
If you're interested, I suggest reading about two really helpful models of evolutionary psychology Here and Here
These two models will help you understand what I am seeing, and where I think humanity is and is going.
Really. Read the stuff.

We Have A World Full Of PEOPLE ALL At Different Places:

We have the world we do, because we have multiple groups of individuals all at different stages of awareness. Different consciousness levels. We have everyone on this planet working from their current world view, which is based on their location, their education, their culture, their government, their DNA and so on. This isn’t a ‘random’ system we have or systems we have - its a reflection of the AGGREGATE and where they are at in their awareness of reality. All of our systems are based on what the MAJORITY thinks is what is REQUIRED for SURVIVAL.
Thus, those with higher awareness are going to look at those with lower awareness and think they are destructive, chaotic, evil, barbaric, intentionally misunderstanding - because to THEM their way of life IS all those things. But to those in the lower stages, they are doing EXACTLY what is REQUIRED for life itself!
This progression through to higher states of consciousness doesn’t happen in a flash of insight. It doesn’t happen in a moment. It’s not something that ‘dawns on you’. Rather, it’s formed slowly, over time, as you are exposed to more and more of your world view not working, as you are witness to more and more of the chaos and destruction of your way of being, as you develop self awareness, the capacity to witness your own experience and where there may be holes in your current world view and so on.
This happens slowly because evolution is a form of dying to all you know - which is security and how we find stability - and then slowly awakening to a whole new set of complex awarenesses you have seemingly no road map for. It’s you awakening to the chaos your old world view wouldn’t even let you see - then you having to figure out how to navigate that.
In real reality, we take everything we learned from the last phase INTO our next phase - which will just be a more evolved and complex version of what we were before - but again getting to that next phase does require that we go through that ego death over and over - and that's scary. Hard. Terrifying.
So no.
There most likely isn’t going to be a grand awakening.
There’s going to be progress, over time, just as there has always been.

Progress Is The Path:

Will there be ‘breaking points?”
Moments of grand crescendo?
Moments of seeing that we MUST change something right now otherwise we may face demise?
There will be revelations and CULMINATIONS of awareness creating those kind of ‘AHA’ moments - that will change things. But not all things. Not whole systems. Not over night.
The more conscious you are - the more aware you are of reality and its complexity. The more you see he need for higher level more complex systems. We can’t just rape the earth for profit right now - we have to work with it or we destroy our own habitat. It’s not a winner take all game - the more we cooperate vs just living to get our survival needs met the more we all thrive. These things will be obvious to you and the way the world operates without these understandings all seem preposterous to you.
Until you evolve enough to understand that the earth has always held us in our growth before. Yes you are a PHD student in a dorm room with a bunch of freshman teenagers. But they will grow and evolve just like you did. Yu will start to lose your capacity to freak out about them and where they are at. Lose your drive to go out and SAVE THEM OR TEACH THEM OR GET THEM TO WAKE UP.
Because you will see that they are just on their path. Individuals, communities, nations - this is predictable.

Focus On YOUR Path First:

Then you will focus on YOUR path. On how YOU can live your evolved experience, how you can pave the way for those coming up behind you. The more evolved YOU are - the more fringe you are going to be in how you live. The more nuanced and complex your perspective is going to be. The more facets of reality will be playing into your concepts of reality. The more you will take into account as you decide how to live your life. The less this complexity of world view and way of life will be reflected back to you by the aggregate. The less you will be waiting for your way of being to be adopted by the masses. The less you will see ‘them’ as crazy or evil or un-evolved and rather you will see them as simply incapable at their stage of seeing and knowing what you see and know at yours.
You will become more fringe and more accepting at the same time.
You will be more willing to work with people for where THEY are at not where YOU are at or want them to be.
There will still be the poor. Corruption. All the ‘isms’. Destruction. Relative chaos. War. Division. Because we are living on a planet with so many different levels of consciousness present - and with the GENERAL POPULATION being still very low, relatively speaking, on the scale of awareness.
This is just reality.
YES things need to shift. YES there are consequences that we are experiencing that are a result of a large portion of the population acting from low awareness. YES. AND. It’s always been this way. And we have always evolved. We are more aware than we were before. We are certainly going through a ‘teen age’ phase as a general observation - but we will survive it. There will be big shifts relatively - but in alignment with a growth step, not a grand overarching ‘awakening’ - rather it will be shifts that are just enough to take us to the NEXT STEPS of awareness.
It’s not an emergency and no one needs to wake up any faster. Every generation thinks their is the last one. That if we don’t all wake up NOW and FAST that the earth is going to collapse or there will be global tyranny or what have you.
And it never happens.
You, walking your path, doing what you can in your community to be you, to live your values as you see them, to allow yourself to keep broadening YOUR perception and perspective more than you focus on trying to change or fix the world - that is the key.
Be the light.
Be the way shower.
Not in preaching or telling - in doing and being.
Fuck with peoples perception by being a walking contradiction to what they think ‘has to be’ to have success and happiness.
THAT is the key.

The TRUE "Great Awakening"

The ‘great awakening’ will keep happening as it always has. One phase and moment at a time.
There will always be a diversity of awareness present. Always a lack of unity because certain groups just can’t see where others are coming from/who see other groups as EVIL in their way of being. The higher your awareness, the more you can observe this and see it for what it is - growing pains.
Our lows will evolve just as you highs do. What are the current highest levels of awareness will be eclipsed by higher levels of awareness as the aggregate evolves as a whole. The lower phases will eventually phase out totally making our lowest lows, higher than ever before. The highs will always be on the fringe - feared and exiled by the majority. Then eventually they will be what the masses move towards as the new normal. This is how it always works.
No great awakening. Just progress.
See that it’s all phases. See where you are. Where you have to go. You’re not the ultimate and no one below you is evil or stupid. Innovate where you can. Show the way. BE the way. Keep evolving YOURSELF - and living that evolution. Show how. Don’t expect a magical jump but make it easier for others to take their next step.
We are all just phasing through.
That’s the great awakening.