Y.A.I.A – Can I MANIFEST Healing? – On Manifestation:

By May 22, 2020Y.A.I.A

Hello Lovebug!

Is it true that I can ‘manifest’ healing, if I focus on my healthy body enough?

Is it true that I can manifest the perfect relationship, money, success, the perfect job, a new home or anything simply by focusing on it enough?

And if I accidentally NEGATIVELY FOCUS - am I then manifesting sickness? Loneliness? Pain? Suffering? Poverty?

Today, let’s take a quick look at the TRUE meaning of the word ‘manifestation’ as well as the true PROCESS of manifesting things in our lives.

Understand this, and you will never fear manifestation again, nor will you believe that it is ‘magical’ - and thus miss the true miracle and power of it.



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