You Are Enough, And You Are Part Of A Humanity That Hasn’t Got It Figured Out.

Hello Beautiful.


You are enough.

You are worthy of life.

Your pain is real, valid and true.

Your experience and your interpretation of that experience is real.

There is nothing wrong with who you are.

You are worthy of love. Always.

In every state. Pain. Sadness, Joy. Success. Failure. All of it.


You are a part of a humanity that has awareness that we haven't grown into yet.

You are a part of a species that has been battling with it's awareness of it's own mortality, while having no ability to know for SURE what happens after death - and this causes us to deeply fear life - to fear the perpetual risk of life that is REQUIRED for survival. As life requires growth, growth requires newness, and newness is ALWAYS, always a risk.

We don't KNOW for sure what happens after death or before life - because our perception and perspective is locked in our physical bodies that live on this 3D plane. We can have transendental experiences, we can have out of body experiences, we can dream, hallucinate, we can speculate - but ultimately, we cant fully EXPERIENCE death and thus afterlife with certainty. It is only through EXPERIENCE that we KNOW anything in this reality that we live in. The reality of the acting out of the structure of reality itself.

We have an experience of life and self awareness, but we can't experience death fully so as to KNOW what it is.

You are also aware that you are separate from all other life forms. You have consciousness of your DESIRE to be connected to all things, your sense that there is something 'missing' when you feel separate - and at the same time you are plagued with the constant reminder that you are in fact, 'alone' in your experience.

We can have moments of a feeling of connection that sends us into total bliss. We can transcend our boundaries for moments that allow us to peer into the world view of another. We can have such a SIMILAR experience to someone or something else, that we FEEL it is the same.

But again, ultimately no one and noting can ever truly or fully KNOW you - as we are all having an individual experience through our separate vantage point.

We can again speculate as to the 'meaning' of this, the reason, the utility - but ultimately, we struggle.

We have a hard time reconciling these two large paradoxes:

  • How do we live fully while protecting ourselves from death?
  • How do we experience connection knowing we will never truly be 'the same' or totally 'one' with anyone else?

We also all carry the lineage of trauma of every human that has ever come before us.

The trauma of famine. The trauma of flood. The trauma of not knowing how to survive - feeling that nature is against us, an enemy as well as the provider of all things. That is fickle, unpredictable and seemingly never pleased.

We carry the trauma of thinking we are doing the right thing, and having our brothers, sisters, fathers, friends and neighbors snatched from us.

The trauma of wanting to express and having that expression cause MORE separation. Rejection. Denial. MORE awareness of how deeply ALONE we are.

We got to where we are naturally.

We have the systems we have for good reason - this is how we have evolved. This is what we have come up with given our collective experience.

Many believe it is wrong what we have. And that is a valid perspective.

Many believe that there are good and evil ones. Puppets and puppeteers. Victims and victimizers.

Yer if we look close - this is just a loop we continually repeat in new forms - based on those two big questions we struggle with so much.

How do we live? How do we survive? How do we connect without the 'other' taking my stuff?

How do we find ENOUGH.

This is the foundation for all of it.

We feel there isn't enough. Not enough life. Not enough safety. Not enough security. Not enough experience. Not enough promise that if we do this today, we will get a tomorrow.

We feel there isn't enough connection. Which leads us to believe we lack worthiness in some way. That we are alone, isolated, afraid and unsure because we are fundamentally flawed in some way.

Not enough.

Not enough.

Not enough.

There isn't enough.

I am not enough.

There isn't enough because I am not enough.

THIS my friend, is the loop we must evolve.

The systems that be are ALL build upon THIS ONE FOUNDATION.


So we can attack all the branches we like. We can try to fix this hole over here. That maggot infestation there. This limp branch here. That fallen leaf there.

But until we get to the root - the system can't change.

Not enough needs to be evolved within each individual.

To build a new society, we need a new collection of individuals.

A collection of individuals that have a truly DIFFERENT guiding principal behind their actions.


I am enough.

There is enough.

We can work together in our differences.

We can be together in our separate perspectives and still serve to help one another live.

We can own that life will end. We don't know why or how. We don't know what comes next. We all have our theories and some may be correct - but really - this is the life we have. This is it. Each day.

None of us knows. And that can be ok.


There is enough.

I am enough.

This is enough.

We will always want more - that is the nature of growth. We will always want to know, that is the nature of consciousness. We must pursue it all.

From enough.

When we work from enough, we can shift it all. We can build the new world. We can connect through our differences. We can know that OUR PERSPECTIVE is valid just as it is different from anyone else's and as it has its similarities.

How do we live from enough?

Start with you.

Start with the fear of death. Look at it. Ponder it. Acknowledge all the places in you that are striving for an answer, that feels they can't live and be ok until they 'know' - and embrace those parts as a tender loving parent would a small, scared child.

Then, rather than looping in 'what happens before/after this life?' Let yourself have these questions, let yourself ponder and explore - but also add in:

'What would it look lie for me to FULLY LIVE this perspective? THIS specific life? THIS specific experience of reality?'

What would living THIS LIFE FULLY mean? How can I make THIS LIFE ENOUGH?

Go in.

Next, embrace this fear of 'the other' and separation.

Witness it in yourself. How deeply you resist the idea that you're alone, along with all the indoctrination and trauma pasted onto you that says that the 'other' is the enemy.

See these parts and love them.

Next, become someone you can connect with. Stop being a stranger in your own home. Start to recognize that the ROOT of disconnection you feel 'out there' is actually IN YOU.

All those paces where you are walled off from yourself - all the places you are fearing you, hiding from you, rejecting you, looking to fix or change you - THESE are the places where your otherness and separation OUT THERE begin.

Find all those places in you that are hurting, scared, traumatized, guilty and ashamed, and learn to love them. Show up for them as you would a best friend, a child, an innocent being who is doing the best they can. End the war with you.

How would you want someone to show up for you? THIS is how you need to start showing up for yourself.

Next, start to focus on the one truth - each and every 'other' is YOU if you had been born just like THEM. They are not you from YOUR perspective making stupid choices. They are not evil. They are not shameful. Thy are not better or worse than you. They are you from a different vantage point.

Start to grapple with the idea that NO ONE has the ULTIMATE truth. The ULTIMATE perspective. The whole picture. You will never find a guru who can lead you fully to all you feel you are missing.

At the same time, no one is fully wrong. Totally out to lunch. Invalid. Nope. EVERYONE got to where they are, living how they do, acting as hey are HONESTLY. Through their experience.

So as you end that war within though compassion, curiosity and understanding, so to will you end the war without with the same tools.

You don't have to agree with them. But if we want peace, you're going to have to work to understand them. To validate their perspective. To stop battling out there, and to start CREATING from enough.

They are enough. YOU are enough. YOU ARE DIFFERENT and yet, all equally worthy and valid.

In this, all you risk is an expansion of your own perspective, view point and wisdom.

You starting to see the pattern?

Then see where your actions change when you start to view your own enoughness. When you start to look to cooperate with those around you instead of seeing them as your competition. What happens when you treat those around you like an ally not a competitor?

Then, when those around you can't rise to this - forgive, set a boundary in love, and move on.

You don't need to attack or convince. Don't play. Don't accept the behaviour. Stand in your enoughness.

Stand in your enoughness.

Start inside.

THIS is the crux of the matter.

If we ALL did this, we would have our new world. Thus it is how we must choose to be if we say we want that new world.

You are enough.

So who are you in this life, when you work from enoughness?

Please allow yourself to dive deep into all the resources I have here on this site to help with this. This is a big ask and a big job. But it must be done.

You are enough.

You are enough.

You are enough.

How can you LIVE this perspective to the fullest?

How can you CONNECT with you, finally making room for ALL of you to exist?
How can you connect with 'them' as YOU in a different perspective?

Who are you, when you live from enough?