You Are Worthy Of Your Own Love

Keep calm

You are so beyond worthy of your own love

You are worthy of your own compassion.

You are worthy of your own grace.

Your own space to experiment, play, fall down, make mistakes.

There may always be someone or something in this world - perhaps even you yourself - that tells you you are not yet perfect enough, thin enough, smart enough, accomplished enough, pretty enough, funny enough, enough enough too allow yourself the luxury of self love - and that person or thing is always going to be wrong.


Your life is happening all around you right here and right now

The amount you allow yourself to love you is going to dictate how you perceive your life. Your level of self love and self acceptance is going to have a deep connection to how you allow others to love you, to the way you interpret what happens to you in your life, to the things you give yourself permission to experience.

When you love yourself, you are going to be more open to receive the love of others. When you don't love yourself it wont matter how much those around you love you - you wont be able to feel it in the same way.

When you love yourself you are going to give yourself permission to experience lovely things like travel, romance, delicious food and even health. When you don't there is a good chance that you wont let yourself do fun, exciting or indulgent things or if you do you wont allow yourself to really lean in and enjoy them.

you love you

When you love yourself you will spend time noticing the blessings in your life. You will be more apt to recognize and acknowledge all the times when things worked out for you. When you don't it is very possible that you will spend a lot of time thinking about how badly things always go in your life. About how people treat you badly and how you are always down on your luck in some way.

Loving yourself is not a luxury or a privilege. You do not have to be an idealized version of a human to deserve your love. 

Self love is a necessity. It is a stepping stone for everything you want in this life. It is essential.

Give in. Let Go.

Choose to let go of the things you keep blaming yourself for being/doing/having.

You are deeply deserving of love.

Most of all of your own.



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