You’re Not Going To Find ‘The Truth’ From The Media

Hello Love!

Today I want to explore why looking for 'the truth' through media is an exercise in futility.

I want to explore why the alternative media sites that exist are often just as bias and manipulative as the mainstream media is, and why finding truth from the 'disclosure' of people who are 'in the know' and/or the people who are in places of authority ISN'T where our freedom lies.

I want to dive deep into why 'rebellion' from the mainstream narrative is often just as incomplete and lacking in vital information as blindly following the popular narrative is, and why our TRUE POWER lies in our own lives, bodies and experience.

I hope this serves to help you detach from screens, so that you can FEEL more deeply and OBSERVE more profoundly - giving yourself the power to create the world you want to see, that you really had all along.

Rebellion Isn't More 'Woke:'

Remember, it's no act of ‘wokeness’ to be in a state of rebellion. Blind rebellion is just as 'unconscious' as blind following.

The truth is always going to be found in the shades of grey.

Meaning there is no blanket reaction to have when presented with anything from anyone.

Assuming all authority is out for more power and control and that ALL things coming from mainstream sources is false - and with that, assuming that the most inflammatory and oppositional information is true - is no measure of thinking for ones self. That's looking for the easy escape. 'If they say it, it must be false and the opposite must be true.' Is just the same as 'if they say it it must be true.' Both are blanket, black and white statement that ignore the nuance of reality.

We must also remember that media - ALL MEDIA - runs via the system of capitalism like everything else.

There is no ‘free press’ - everyone is a 'slave' to the almighty dollar. Meaning alternative sources of news are competing for your eyes, your clicks, your shares, just as much as the mainstream. They are not elevated. If saying the most inflammatory or outrageous thing gets them views, they're gunna say it. Not because it's true or helpful - but because it's money in the bank.

To assume otherwise, to assume that those in the alternative news category are sharing what they are sharing out of the goodness of their hearts is to be naive. To assume that those who spread alternative theories that they have no legitimate way of PROVING - or that no one has the capacity to disprove because what they are saying is SO extreme/couldn't be known either way - are always correct because they are DIFFERENT, isn't thinking. This is blind following. Again, just because someone says something that we can't definitively prove to be false - like the idea that those in power are part of an alien race here to mind control the human population - doesn't make it TRUE. It makes it an outlandish claim that can't be proven either way. When alternative media makes predictions on events that we can have no awareness of, when they are incredibly vague in what they say, when they present theories that run counter to the mainstream narrative based on very little evidence or evidence that when looked at with a critical eye contains massive amounts of either misleading, incomplete, over simplified or simply false information - we MUST be willing to check our DESIRE for what is being shared to be true, so that we can be just as critical of this information as we would be of any information coming from mainstream news. Otherwise we are simply blindly following another leader, not truly thinking for ourselves.

When we refused to take in media that is from the mainstream, again we block ourselves from seeing the whole picture, and in this we shut ourselves off from knowing truth.

To really be free thinking, one must be capable of taking in ALL TYPES of information, and then using DISCERNMENT, FEELING, INTELLECT and OBSERVATION in order to figure out what is really of value and what is a manipulation/falsification.

THIS is how we 'think for ourselves' - taking in ALL THINGS with a discerning eye.

The Media Follows What WE WANT:

We must also consider that because the media runs on revenue, that we are shaping the narrative just as much as we think they are. Again they are saying what's going to get them the most attention. If we want to hear that we are being protected from an evil monster by the government, they'll tell us those stories. If we want to hear that the government is run by lizard overlords they're gunna tell us that story. How do we know the difference between what they are telling us that they want us to believe and what they are telling us because it serves their bottom line?

David Icke is a perfect example. The trope 'follow the money' always seems to apply to those we DON'T want to believe - but what about those we do? Mr. Icke is worth about 10 million dollars. You'll pay at least 45 bucks to see him live. You can't request an appearance for less than $5000. He is making a lot of money telling you that the government is a lizard race. This isn't to say he's wrong, but also he has predicted a lot of things over the years that haven't happened. He says a lot of things that can't be proven. He knows his crowd and he speaks to what they want to hear. It fills stadiums and his pockets. So why do we assume benevolence with him and evil in the mainstream media, when their tactics are exactly the same?

Don't be fooled into thinking you're a free thinker if you are in fact just rebelling. Black and white is black and white and it's too simple. Truth is never, ever simple like this. Truth will always be among the minority because truth requires an investigation every time. There's no 'set it and forget it' switch. We must be willing to deeply feel and consider everything - which again is effort. Most won't do it, but will choose a WORLD view that they then use as their lens for everything moving forward - having to work harder and harder to make what is appearing in front of them for into their model. Fundamentalism is fundamentalism whether it's mainstream or fringe.

Take everything you hear and see and truly consider - what if this IS true?

  • Would the actions and reactions I'm seeing make sense if that it being presented is at least partially based in fact - or at least in what the person presenting these facts to me believes from THEIR vantage point?
  • What would the consequences be for me and people who are not in my position be, if this information is true and I spread information rejecting it?
  • Who could be forced to suffer if they listen to me and I'm wrong?
  • Also, what if this isn't true?
  • What does this person have to gain from me believing this?
  • What may be going on that I'm not aware of here?

We Are Going To Find Truth Through FEELING FIRST:

We again, are going to have to learn to FEEL for truth, to feel for our own wounds being triggered in response to something, to feel the difference between a spike of adrenaline that's kicking us into a manic state that we are mistaking for truth, and the grounded, reasonable and CLEAR state of understanding something real.

Adrenaline is no measure of having truth. Nor is desperation to be believed.

Meaning, we must learn how to monitor OUR OWN perceptual bias' that are being triggered by and prayed upon by the media. Remember that alternative news plays on your sense of wanting to rebel, wanting to believe the mainstream is evil, wanting to have a deeply 'alternative' view point, wanting to have a grandiose story, wanting to have a 'savior' character that is going to rescue us from the 'evils' of those in power - and they tell us these stories not for OUR benefit or because they are TRUE - they tell them for their own bottom line.

Thus if you are listening to something because it soothes your current perspective, because it makes you feel correct and comfortable in what you already believe, if you are blocking out certain information purely because it challenges your world view or causes you dissonance - that is an opportunity for reflection. If your adrenaline is being spiked, this too is a time to go in and consider what's happening WITHIN YOU. We should be able to take in many points of view, and find the truth in all of them - THAT is true awareness. All things are rooted in SOME truth. Even the most extreme and exaggerated claims started SOMEWHERE. It is our job to dig deep and get to the roots of what is being presented so that we can have as much of a view as possible. We must question the source of ALL information and what their motives are.

We must feel inside.

Perspective Matters:

We also have to consider that not everyone is us.

Not everyone is working from OUR vantage point.

OUR awareness.

OUR experience.

And we are not in anyone else's shoes.

It's not that everyone is you, knows what you know, has been through what you have, has access like you have - and are just behaving poorly or making stupid choices. Everyone has their perspective and vantage point and is doing their best with what they know. Everyone.

So before we judge someone as evil or stupid we must understand THEM not ourselves projected onto them. Again every perspective is ROOTED in a truth or an experience. We must be able to deeply consider the experience and vantage point of the people we are listening to if we hope to benefit from their shares. Everyone is bias. If we can understand where people are coming from, then every perspective can enrich ours. If we look at ANYONE as infallible or fully false, we aren't seeing reality.

This is true character reading and will allow you to better sort fact from fiction. Don't project you onto everyone and assume that if you were doing what you are seeing it would be because you are evil or stupid.

We Can't Move From Moral Authority:

Last, consider that again if adrenaline, fear, righteous indignation, revenge, 'I told ya so,' 'look at those sheeple' or 'I'm going to point out what I don't want to see, without having a grounded understanding of the BENEFITS of what you are seeing so you can offer a truly useful solution that those who AREN'T you can utilize' - maybe take a moment before sharing.

We can't become not something.

We are doing everything we are for a reason.

Everything is serving a purpose and function.

Thus if you really want something other than what is, be one who understands what needs are being met through what is, and offer a solution for a reasonable replacement.

There is no such thing as destruction of anything - things are only evolved or degraded. Overthrow the dictatorship all you want - but if you don't up level the society so they are capable of something more free there will be another dictator ready and willing to fill the gap. We have to be solution orientated - understanding the structure and offering a replacement for what is that meets the need better - or we are just noise.

Being love means looking at all of it, actually feeling and thinking things through, getting an understanding of why, then offering a truly useful alternative.

Everything else is just banging pots and pans.

Usually from your own wounds and not from a place of wanting to actually help others.

Love yourself safe first.

Go inside and be with your triggers.

Learn to be with you when you're feeling scared.

Move from peace once you find it - because fear and adrenaline aren't going to be the driving force a behind creating a peaceful world.

Change comes from deep understanding and evolution. If all you see is evil or ignorance you're not understanding and thus don't have the solution. Love yourself safe until you see a path forward that works to create peace and evolution not more destruction and chaos.

As hard as this is going to be to swallow, if you REALLY want a different world, GO BE A LIGHT IN YOUR COMMUNITY. THIS is the answer. Get off Facebook. Stop watching the news. Stop pelting people with ‘sources of information’ - this just drives the machine. Fuels it. This is not about ‘checking out’ so as to be ignorant. No. It’s about understanding reality - the system is not going to change with any amount of disclosure. We’ve been ‘revealing’ the evils of ‘what is’ forever and the system just grows stronger. Why? Again, it’s energy. If instead of focusing on all that’s being said/not said/done/not done - everyone went out and rather than continuing to LIVE IN THE SYSTEM - started to create the world they WANTED to see in their unique way, we would have a whole new world.

Meaning: go teach people how to grow food. Teach people how to connect with their feelings. Teach people how to draw, sing and dance. Build structures. Learn to cook. Invest your time in the ones you love. Stop watching movies. Stop watching T.V. Stop paying to support that which you don’t want with your time and energy. Use these platforms to share your LIFE and what you are doing that is benefiting you and to connect with others who are doing/desiring for the same things. Deal with your inner world. Your emotions. Your triggers. Your pain. Focus on the battles inside yourself before you go to war with the world around you.

If we all did this - if we all took a look within, asked ourselves what WE VALUE and what we want to see, and stopped asking for the world to give it to us, to change for us, to be ‘exposed’ so much that it has to be different, and rather just DID IT - what would the power structures then have? Nothing. Without our energy and attention, they have no power.

Whatever you see that you don’t like, go be the solution. Don’t talk about it. Don’t share about it. Don’t convince. Go be it. Live it. Share it in real life.

You’re not going to find the truth in the media. You’re not going to find the truth anywhere on google. It’s not on the internet. It’s in REALITY - your real life. Your actual day to day. You have power in where you spend your time. What you invest in. You’ll find the truth that matters in your LIFE - never ever on the internet.

If you don’t like the system, check out and build a new one.