Are We REALLY Calling For A New Paradigm?

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There is much talk in the spirituality and wellness world these days around the 'new earth.' The fact that we need a new paradigm. That humanity is ascending. That we are going to a new level.

But what does this mean? What does the New Earth look like? How can we get there? What are the things holding us back from creating it? How can we move past these blocks?

That's what I'm going to be exploring with you this week and next week.

Here is part one. Stay tuned for part two next week!


Are we really calling for a 'New paradigm?'

The world as we know it has always been created from our highest state of our COLLECTIVE consciousness - whether we want to admit that to ourselves or not.

There have always been, for all of human history, those who were much more advanced than the average, as well as those less advanced. The more advanced people looked at society and saw chaos and destruction - they had visions for what was to come, something higher and more complex in nature and structure - and for better or worse they looked to create these ideals. They were often ostracized, criticized and almost never respected in their time. These people generally found that living so as to be out of the public gaze was the best method for self preservation. As much as we wish to believe that we celebrate those who are represent forward momentum, this isn't the case. The aggregate will generally fear and vilify those who represent the next level of consciousness man will be stepping into.

The average consciousness level will be where all social structures come from, and this is where those structures will STAY until the AVERAGE shifts in their level of awareness. We have always been a species that has survived working TOGETHER and the mean intelligence is always the current 'civilization.' Every nation has their own mean consciousness level that dictates the societal structures. Every community. Every organization. Everywhere we see humans gathering to create together we see the average vantage point creating the common rules and regulations.

Nothing in our current world of consensus reality - that which the general population all agrees to be 'true' and 'right' and 'how things work' has come by accident. None of these structures are rooted in a conspiracy - even those structures that are set up in order to harm some in order to seemingly profit others - it's ALL coming down to what the general population believes about ourselves and about reality at large. It's all a reflection of where we are as a collective. This is hard to conceptualize when all you see is chaos and destruction coming from the systems - but you have to remember that what you are seeing and feeling doesn't match the general society. What you want as far as a higher system is literally far too complex for the average person to understand. Even within the pain and suffering of the current system that they are experiencing, they can't yet actually HANDLE something more aligned with real reality, because that would require a higher level of awareness than they have access to. The solution is too complex. The average will fight change purely because they don't understand it. They don't see how it will be of benefit and only see how it may lead to a CHANGE in what they KNOW - uncertainty - and that is a no go until consciousness has shifted sufficiently that the pain of staying the same becomes WORSE than the fear of moving forward into the unknown.

A new paradigm is a threat until there is sufficient awareness of the pain of the old way.

Until we become AWARE enough to really SEE and FEEL the consequences of our current level of awareness, until we have actually LEARNED all there is to learn from where we are - we won't move forward.

We won't be ABLE to move forward.

We can't graduate from grade one to grade two until we have learned the grade one curriculum. This is exactly how individuals function and how humanity functions as a whole. We resist change until we are ACTUALLY ready to make it. Until then, it will be feared, vilified and resisted.

Humanity Is Evolving - It Isn't Evolved:

Humanity has passed through a plethora of stages. Beginning with very little understand of nature or ourselves, living in superstition and tribal groups - all the way to the current world where our viewpoint is centered around a 'mechanistic' way of being. We can follow the progression at each phase to see how we got here.

I understand that there have been cultures that were far more advanced than others that have passed on or died out - and again this was due to them being far more advanced than THE AVERAGE. It's always the average that wins out as that is what MOST people can live with and comprehend. The structures that can be MAINTAINED because the structures are not maintained by the FEW, but by the WHOLE. The structures may be DICTATED by the few, but if the WHOLE were to rise above the consciousness level of the few and those structures we would have revolution. This has occurred many, many times.

The masses cannot be forced into a system that's beyond their consciousness level any more than they can be forced to stay in structures that they have outgrown. When the average evolves enough, the systems MUST change to match. This is always how mass change has taken place. Ideas that were once novel and scary become well accepted and then expected.

Each stage first came with opening of awareness that the current world view was too simple. The revelation that weather had patterns and wasn't controlled by spirits. The revelation that the sun was central and we were not. This was then followed by a fight with this information to keep the culture as it was, then a tipping point where this new information became mainstream and the new 'norm' upon which the NEW societal customs and rules were built. Tribes to towns to cities to kingdoms... etc. from superstition to religion to spirituality... etc.

Each stage of evolution we have passed through as a humanity had a fundamental misunderstanding about reality (core wound/trauma) that was the foundation for most of its problems, as well as it's perceived SOLUTIONS to those problems - and this core wound was then remedied by the next 'discovery' that rocked the foundations of society, leading to evolution into next structure.


Why? Again because the solution calls for a deeper understanding of REALITY, and it then calls for NEW STRUCTURES. Our problems are rooted in thinking we know how reality works, and being wrong about this. The solution is always to be found in EXPANDING our AWARENESS. Having to SHIFT OUR PARADIGM. This is again going to be too terrifying until we are sufficiently evolved for it to be necessary.

The core wound of nature being for or against us was remedied by the understanding that it's actually NEUTRAL - it's a system that when we understand it, we can adjust OURSELVES accordingly. This was an affront at first - no Gods? No one is being punished or rewarded? How then do we know if we are 'doing the right thing? How do we know if we are good or bad? Eventually though, seeing that if this is the case, life can be made much more simple led to us adopting the truth that remedied our battle against weather.

The Tribal wound of separation and 'other' tribes causing death and illness was remedied by societies existing together and immune systems adapting. Horrifying at first, very useful eventually.

The wound of hierarchy and those being 'more important or ordained by God to rule' being remedied by a movement towards democracy that led to the awareness that we would then have to take more responsibility for ourselves and our lives.

Our Current Wound And The Society Created Around It:

The current wound that we are grappling with is the wound of not enough.

Not enough money/resources to go around.

Not being enough as a person.

Not doing enough.

Not producing enough.

This cultural/societal wound came honestly - it was born out of us not understanding how nature works and working with it. With us not having the insight and technology to make SURVIVAL WITH nature EASY. These problems of drought, storms, harnessing energy, the unpredictability of resources and so on, gave birth to the mechanistic paradigm - everything being seen through the lens of “does it help us survive?” Dying from not enough created the wound, and this then created the conditions where inequality in society/the world is huge. It created a system based on a valueless currency and mechanization of the human experience to a situation where we now value status, money and power as ENDS instead of means to ends.

We evolved again cooperating in tribes. We evolved through working together to collect resources, built structures, defend against predators and so on. The current power dynamics we see - those who control the resources control the systems and thus the people - are not new. This has ALWAYS been how humanity has worked because we have ALWAYS had an unequal society. Our 'value' as far as the tribe has been concerned ALWAYS came from what we could CONTRIBUTE to the whole. To what the whole valued - and it is still this way. Before those who were strongest and most capable of hunting and building were the most valuable to the tribe at large, and were the most capable of exerting their power OVER other tribe members to hoard more resources for themselves.

The most vulnerable tribe members were those who needed the most care and could provide that care for themselves the least.

Those who could provide for the tribe, who were willing to take 'leadership' roles so as to protect and serve the tribe (or at least to give that illusion) were awarded with more resources either through ceasing them using their power or through the tribe willingly agreeing to give those resources based on the exchange - you take care of us, make the systems, protect us from threat, and we will give you more than what you need to survive in exchange.

Today, we see this dynamic still existing. Those who are in leadership positions are there for a plethora of reasons - one of which being that generally people in society aren't advanced enough to be capable of taking responsibility for themselves. We aren't advanced enough to take the initiative to care for our communities. To work together. To play fair. To aid those who cannot aid themselves. Rather we are a GENERAL (not everyone) population of people who want, at least on some level, to have things taken care of for us. We are also relatively selfish and short sighted in many ways - leading to our own demise. Then we have the systems of power that are built around the idea that MORE IS BETTER - and he who controls the resources has the best chance at HAPPINESS. It's no longer about survival, but about acquiring much MORE than is needed for survival - because we aren't seeing reality clearly.

The wound of not having enough for so long has led us as a population to believe that THINGS will make us HAPPY - because the LACK of things made us so miserable.

We've over shot the truth - that not enough for SURE impedes our ability to thrive and be well - but going FAR PAST what we need adds nothing to our happiness and actually starts to become a deterrent for that joy we seek.

The mechanistic paradigm led to technologies and understanding that created the conditions of ease of living. It created a space where we had many with MONEY, STATUS and POWER -Which then opened up our awareness again. That what we really wanted was purpose, meaning and identity. But this was too much, and we rejected that information. As we always do. And instead redoubled our idea that what we need for happiness is money, status and power - forgetting WHY we wanted these things in the beginning.

We have lost sight of why we pursued these things (survival) because our consciousness has expanded beyond this. Humans have evolved from establishing security (partially) that lead to earning value from creating mechanistic goals.

'Does this contribute to survival?' We now also have 'Does this contribute to DISTRACTION from my PAIN of living for wealth, status and power at the expense of myself' as well.

We have now created sufficient technologies to make working for survival obsolete. Earning our place/worth (provisions for survival) from how we contribute to goods/resources for survival is no longer necessary. Shifting out of this worldview would require shifting out of the illusion that money/status/power will bring happiness.

This is where we are stuck.


See you next week for part two!


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