What It Will Take To Create The ‘New Earth’

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We Are At A Growth Tipping Point:

We are now seeing that humans naturally evolve our consciousness when lower needs are met.

Security to abundance = identity crisis.

Because wealth/status were not what we thought they would be.

They didn't bring the satisfaction we were expecting them to.

Rather they opened up the capacity for finding meaning and purpose. Next evolution was expression. This is what was resisted in the 1940’s.

Money/status was not satisfying - we were starting to see that we wanted identity and purpose, but we weren't ready to let go of the old system - so we tried to convince ourselves that purpose/identity/expression could be bought/sold.

We created this materialistic, capitalistic, money = power, pursuit of happiness (ie free to pursue the acquisition of MORE goods and resources), popularity and how you are perceived IS your identity world that we have purely because we got to a place where we are all CRAVING more than material provision. We WANT identity, purpose and meaning because we got our lower needs for survival met - but we aren't willing to face the massive paradigm shift that would be required to EMBRACE this.

We are trying to fit the old model into the new consciousness - happiness and identity are commodities to be sold.

Who you are and your value come from your level of productivity. Financial success. Influence.

We are suffering because we need to level up but we are holding onto the illusion that stuff is the ultimate. We are still holding onto the illusion that productivity is purpose. That what we do for the tribe IS who we ARE.

We STILL live in this illusion.

The resulting world contains several million starving children, while billionaires that create mobile games purchase second yachts. Where we value anyone who is willing to help us numb, suppress and stay in a system that is degrading us. This is why billionaires are constantly striving for more - thinking the deficiency they feel within themselves is stemming from a lack of money rather than coming from not allowing their true selves to develop further. This is why the masses fall victim to the manipulation of government, media, religious and other organizations - because we feel so devoid of meaning, purpose, connection and identity, and rather than being given the tools or resources to actually DISCOVER these things, we are being constantly fed the message that we can find them WITHIN the structures as they currently exist - which is impossible.

Where we want to go means TRANSCENDING our current paradigm. The desires we are looking to fulfill can't be fulfilled in this box we are currently in. We have to expand to a new box - and this is scary. So we are pushing against that growth, and we are allowing 'authority' to keep us distracted and BELIEVING them when they tell us they will make us feel better.

If we understood we have the technology to make most survival/service work obsolete, we would see why we are in crisis. We would see what we thought would satisfy is just the foundation for next evolution, where we see the human desires self-exploration, discovery and expansion. Survival/power/resources are not satisfying because we have evolved beyond this. We are holding back from recognizing because we still believe money/status = happiness.

In this new earth where nobody has to work to survive, the technology will make survival/comfort jobs obsolete. It will remove the capacity for millionaires and extreme poverty. It will create an EQUITABLE society to a point where everyone has basic needs met because THAT abundance DOES exists. It will be built when we realize we are seeking purpose. When we get that money, status and power don't satisfy - because we are searching for our true potential - because we MET the criteria for survival. We mastered that need. So we evolved and we can't un-evolve.

We Need To Evolve Past The Illusion Of NOT ENOUGH:

The path we took to get here wasn't wrong. It was bloody, filled with inhumane acts, slavery, injustice, torture, FEAR. We built a system that GOT US to where we are now. And now it's time to retire some things in order to move forward. To face the fear of THE ANSWER which to us looks like a threat.

EQUALITY of resources distributed DUE TO THE FACT THAT WE EXIST.

We have to stop sacrificing health/passions/ourselves to attain power/status, not seeing that what we really want is to have these things to secure health/purpose. It's a snake eating its own tail.

We must recognize, as harsh as this sounds, that WE contribute to the poverty, inequality and wealth gap each and every time we buy into 'not enough'. Every time we work harder to earn money we don't need. Every time we strive for STATUS. Every time we go for POWER. When we buy into this system, when we engage with it, we perpetuate it. We keep the wound of 'not enough' which creates the wound of 'other vs. myself' which creates the SYSTEM of racism, xenophobia, sexism, slavery and so on.

WE ARE DOING THIS each time we leave room for OURSELVES to become more wealthy/powerful by not demanding that the system be torn down to make room for equity. We don't want equity because THEN how would we DEFINE ourselves?

This is NOT a plea against abundance. We just have to question what abundance really is, and an abundance OF WHAT? Again, abundance of a currency backed by NOTHING of true value? An abundance of status we have to sacrifice our true nature to have? An abundance of power so that we have more control over the distribution of resources as though this will make us feel safe?

What are we REALLY wanting here? To survive? To what end? What good is 'surviving?' What value is there in simply staying alive? The wealth we think we want - so what? Now you have money for luxury, for 'security,' for being 'out of the food chain.' But again, what satisfaction does harboring more resources that you require bring? The status - the BELONGING - how many more celebrities need to come out and say it wasn't worth it, need to kill themselves from the depression of being surrounded by thousands of people who don't know a think about them because they had to warp themselves to get to this place? The power - again, now you are in control - and? You're still going to die. You're still going to be forgotten. You can't control the weather.

We have to come to realize that the REASON we seek these things is because of what we think they will PROVIDE for us. Again, they are not means in and of themselves, they are means too ENDS.

We WANT connection. We want to express ourselves. The FREEDOM to really LIVE - we don't want to survive. We want to KNOW, explore, create, BECOME. We have made wealth, status and power an emblem for these things, that then got turned into the goal. So we get them and then?

We sacrifice our health, our families, our true desires, nature, animals, other people - EVERYTHING that MATTERS - for these things with NO value.

There will never be enough parties, luxury clothing items, boats, cars, adventures or boardroom meetings to scratch the itch humanity has been ignoring since Freud.

The new earth requires sacrificing our want for status/power to explore true nature. When we aren’t fighting to survive, we can express creatively. Not cogs in machine, but humans.

Perhaps the government is not our problem, but individuals allowing systems to exist by believing in them.

Still not seeing where we have enough and can step into self-discovery and get over fear if we do this. We are afraid of ourselves and not defining ourselves based on these system ideals.

If there is no longer a machine, who do we blame when we don’t feel good about ourselves? If we can mobilize for a virus, why not for ourselves?

The new world will not look like old one. Wealth/value will no longer be based on 'productivity'. If we are willing to use our technology and live with just enough on the physical plane so we can dive deep into abundance where it matters - in our EXPRESSION, CREATIVITY and EXPANSION.

We Need A New Dream. A New Box. A Whole New Way Of Looking At Life:

The true new paradigm is letting go of the old dream for new dream of finding ourselves. Beyond the trauma of not knowing what this will look like and how it will work. Where we let go of 'status' in exchange for something new - each of us mattering. Each of us getting our base needs met. Then WHAT DO WE WANT TO DO/CREATE from this space?

There is currently no logical reason for a child to die from malnutrition. This is born of he myth of "not enough”. That we must sacrifice our humanity to serve the machine. That getting to the top of the machine will satisfy.

We are afraid of the new world. We don't really want equity. We don't want all of us being treated as equals with room for each of us to express uniquely. We want, right now, for the world to offer us the potential of having drastically more than others - and we are willing to sacrifice all that is of value for that end.

What does it look like when external wealth isn't the source of our identity and we all have enough?

Who will humanity be/how will it express from this position of safety?

What can we create from humanistic viewpoint?

These questions offend. Which gives us our clue.

Are you willing to sacrifice the chance of being a billionaire for the chance of discovering yourself? Are you willing to let go of numbing, distracting, looking to the government, the church or just 'them' to change so you don't have to look at where you are contributing to the system you are so sure needs to fall but that YOU support with your daily habits? Are you willing to go through the 'dark night of the soul' where you realize that most of what you have been trained to chase and value has no value? That what you have been trained to reject in yourself is ACTUALLY your contribution to this new world? To let go of status and approval in exchange for your full potential? As you willing to let go of old values of 'doing' and 'acquiring' for slowing down to figure out who you are? Do you want to contribute to this world where we interact with nature and technologies that work WITH nature to make living easy for all, where we let go of the machine and work towards more art, freedom, emotional exploration, philosophy and so on because we are no longer cogs in a wheel? Where we don't see massive wealth gaps? Where we are working as a collective?

You're already enough/worthy. If you own it, you won’t become lazy. You will become 'woke' to the system driving you to kill yourself in the pursuit of something that has no value. You will stop trying to 'overturn or expose' the system - and instead focus your energy on creating YOUR life from enoughness, that turns you into one who naturally serves to make room for everyone.

Are we willing to let go of the idea if that we are all provided for we will just be lazy, entitled assholes? To see that in truth, when humans have their needs met, they are naturally creative and expansive? Again to expand beyond the paradigm that what we DO is what makes us VALUABLE? To question this very FOUNDATION?

Are we willing to let go of the fear that if we all have equal stuff that this is a kind of washing away of individual freedoms and liberties to pursue wealth and status - again seeing that by defining ourselves based on what we have/own is SO limiting?

Are we willing to re-connect with nature as a whole - less separation on all levels so that we can work WITH nature and WITH each other to produce/harvest what we all need - freeing up so much more time for other activities?

Are we willing to prioritize our health on all levels over acquiring things at the expense of our vitality?

To face the unknowns and resistance we have in ourselves to letting go of the mechanistic paradigm where value comes from productivity?

The new paradigm is all about expression of yourself. This is made possible when we aren't working to live, but rather working to EXPAND.

We can all have this.

This is what you want.

Again, we evolved to this place where it's time to transcend our current paradigm, because the old paradigm WORKED as long as we needed it. It was a stepping stone - as ALL phases are. We have to surrender the idea of it being the ultimate. That money, power and control are the goals in life. We must expand our paradigm to match the new desires that were birthed in us when we reached 'enough' on the physical plane. We can redistribute, so that all beings have a chance. We just have to release our attachment to the old structures.

You have to let go of how you think to get there. It's not about acquiring more. It's about recognizing enough, and ending trying to fill that void with stuff, business and distraction, and coming back to your feelings. Your emotions. Your senses. They will guide you as to how to create what we want.

And that will then be the foundation for the next evolution.



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