FEELING Is Our Ticket Out Of ‘The Matrix’

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The Matrix Disconnects Us From FEELING But Gives Us A Framework:

The 'Matrix' we’re all swimming in has disconnected us from our bodies, our feelings, our sense of inherent worth and our capacity to observe actual outcome vs. expectation. Without being able to feel and to validate what we’re feeling when our feeling contradicts what we 'should' be experiencing, without being able to question the ‘way things are’ without having an immediate solution, without the ability to TRY things and see how they work, without the ability to fail and use that failure as information for the next trial vs. using it as a reason to give up looking for alternatives, and without the ability to see ourselves as fundamentally worthy so we’re no longer moralizing our behavior but are looking for actual outcomes - we’re always going to be stuck in the 'Matrix.'

What the 'Matrix' gives us is a framework for how to live. It fills in the gaps for us in terms of all the existential realities of being alive. The 'Matrix' tells us that if we just ‘live this way’ we will be safe. We will have love. We will be delivered from pain. We will be protected. The 'Matrix' tells us how to make choices, how to steer our lives - what jobs to choose, what mates to choose, what activities to prioritize, how to eat, how to sleep, what to do when we face struggle or crisis - the 'Matrix' is all about relying upon the system to tell us how to live. And in return, we work for the 'Matrix'. We give our lives to productivity, religion, educational institutions, political parties and cultural standards that keep those who have the most in their positions of power and authority. They get to stay hoarding wealth, status and power, and we in turn get their guidance and explanations around how to live a good life so we don’t have to figure that out for ourselves.

Now, this ‘not having to figure life out for ourselves’ issue is not entirely bad at all. In fact, this is part of the benefit of living in society! This is part of the benefit of being a communal species. We wouldn’t want to HAVE to figure everything out from scratch with each new human. It’s incredible that each passing generation gets to take what the last generation worked to build and have that as their ‘assumed’ normal - upon which to build themselves.

All this passing down of ways of being, structures, systems and ideas isn’t inherently BAD by any means - when what we’re being handed is truly helpful we are reaping the benefits of all the hard work that people have done in the past. We are so fortunate to have the ability to grow up in societies that have advanced technology, medicine, infrastructure, awareness of nature and so on.

We’re incredibly lucky to have the means to learn from the mistakes of past generations so that we don’t have to make them ourselves.

We’re lucky that we get to observe what didn’t work about past ways of life and rather than having to repeat those mistakes we can develop new strategies right off the bat instead.

Each generation is a little more ‘aware’ than the last in large part because they inherited all the information the past generation had to gather through experience as their BASE awareness. 

The problem again, as always, is when the conditioning, systems and knowledge that are being passed forward don’t align with real reality. When what we’re being handed worked for the ‘time’ in which it was developed, but no longer works in our new reality. The problem is when the 'Matrix' we’re handed isn’t pragmatic. When it doesn’t actually work to support the best interests of humanity in general. 

When the 'Matrix' we’re handed stops us from doing what’s best for our natural environment, when it creates a situation where we’re in constant conflict and war, when it continues to feed into a narrative that some humans are simply more worthy of resources and respect than others, when it feeds into the idea that if we’re hurting as we try to ‘fit in’ to the models of consumption and production that are fed to as as ‘normal’, when it creates a world where we’re cutting our own noses off to spite our faces - THIS is where we need to break free. 

But we can see why this is so hard to do - there are SO many stories and imprinted belief systems that we call carry with us that cloud our capacity to see and feel what hurts, what works and what doesn't, why things don’t work and that impact our ability to face these realities with an open mind instead of with fear.

We need to be able to actually FEEL the consequences of our actions, so that those FEELINGS can help us figure out where the systems we've been handed aren't working. Because again, we don't want to have to start from scratch with every new life. We want to be able to keep the things that ARE true and that ARE working and that ARE good foundations to build from. We want to take the things that FEEL as good as they 'sound' to our intellect and continue evolving them. We also want to be able to identify those things that 'make sense' to our intellect - which can be trained to believe anything - but that FEEL bad in our bodies/give us actually bad outcomes - and we want to be able to question THEM instead of doubting and trying to fix OURSELVES.

When we can learn to feel and feel deeply and to VALIDATE our feelings THIS is how we begin to break ourselves out of the trap of the 'Matrix'. This is how we start to say 'ok this makes sense to me in my mind, but it's not actually playing out the way I've been told it should - I'm not ACTUALLY getting the results I 'should' be getting or I'm feeling TERRIBLE while I do this - so this must mean what I've been taught is incorrect.'

THIS is the breaking out of the 'Matrix.'

Breaking Out Of The Matrix, To Me, Begins With One Belief System We Can All Unravel:

In my humble opinion, the fastest way to figure out how we can each personally check out of the 'Matrix', is to start with deeply questioning the ‘I’m not good enough’ narrative.

In my opinion, getting out of the 'Matrix' isn’t something we ‘do’ in a one and done kind of way. There’s no ONE WAY to live a life - but rather there are many ways that all include those universal truths that we all must abide by if we want good results as well as including those specific things that are unique to us and our needs.

There’s no one step we can all take - rather this transition from conditioning to truth is one we will be making for as long as we’re alive and breathing.

To me, the thread that holds all of our false beliefs together - the thing that blocks us from being able to validate what does and doesn't feel good instead of going into blame and shame, the thing that blocks us from being able to problem solve rather than going into hopelessness, the thing that convinces us that what is is ‘right’ and that we are what needs to change, the thing that keeps us feeling like we can’t leave our conditioning because if we do we will be lost and without direction - is the belief that we are fundamentally flawed and in need of saving/fixing.

When we can finally step out of the idea that we aren’t good enough as we are, we will start to be able to connect with true pain and true pleasure. We will be able to step outside of ‘moral’ rules and looking for someone to tell us the ‘answer’ to how to live and step INTO seeing true consequences. We will be able to discern what systems actually work to provide a beneficial outcome and which are set up to keep the power structures in place at the expense of those participating. 

When we’re no longer concerned with being ‘good’ we can start focusing on what actually WORKS.

We can start to feel for ourselves the difference between a rule that keeps people locked in a state of harm and a rule that is actually serving to create a positive outcome. 

This requires that we do a lot of deep work.

It requires that we challenge the black and white thinking that tells us if we discover that we’re ‘wrong’, causing harm or have room to grow in some way that this means we are ‘bad’ so that we can step into the reality that we will always be learning and that learning comes through error sometimes.

It means that we understand that we can be GOOD and still have flaws, parts of self that are immature, behaviors that aren’t ideal - and that ALL of this is a call for more compassion so we can PROCESS what needs to be processed in order to discover a new, better way of being. It means facing the fear of being rejected and misunderstood as we explore parts of ourselves that have been historically abandoned, shamed, blamed and abused. It means learning to EXPRESS parts of ourselves that have been locked away in an attempt to ‘fit in’.

It means learning to FEEL which is hard in our deeply intellectual world and in a world where we generally FEAR big feelings.

It requires a deep unlearning around all the parts of ourselves we’ve learned to automatically fight against, reject, abandon and shame.

It requires that we slowly shift from trying to ‘fix’ ourselves to learning to SUPPORT the version of us that actually exists in any given moment.

It means that we must get upset with society and our caregivers for not giving us these tools and for obfuscating these tools as a part of that healing process.

It means learning to accept that we are not broken, bad, wrong or failing - we're adapting and doing the best we can in any given moment.

With this, we start to unravel truth from untruth.

Seeing The Connection Between Self Love And Liberation:

I know it may seem like these two things aren’t connected. It may not seem like learning to love and support the version of ourselves that actually exist in this moment could have any impact on our creating a better world. I know it may seem like ‘getting out of the Matrix’ should be all about disconnecting from society or building a ‘conscious community’ or that it should look some very specific way - but this is part of what’s keeping us trapped where we are.

We’re looking for some set of rules for what it should LOOK like - when in reality we’ve never seen what it should/will look like.

We don’t yet KNOW what a world ‘outside of the Matrix’ will be like because we’ve never had that before. 

We’re going to have to feel our way there.

We’re going to have to accept that there ARE some things that we’ve created so far that DO really work.

We’re going to have to accept that our value systems have to shift.

We’re going to have to accept that working from feeling makes things more complicated in the moment, but in the long run it gives us a better chance.

We’re going to have to accept that we’re still in the process of learning, we’re still figuring it out, we don’t yet have all the answers and finding those answers is going to take time.

The more we do this work on the inside, the more it’s going to shift how we live on the outside. The more it’s going to shift how we work, how we consume, what things we give our time and attention to. The more it’s going to shift what we engage with and what we don’t. The more it’s going to inspire us to take action where we have the power to take action. The more it’s going to call us together with others who want this better world who think DIFFERENTLY than we do so that we can bring our ideas TOGETHER to create something better than any of us would have created on our own.

When you start to live from supporting what you actually are vs. trying to fit yourself into a predetermined mold, you will start to treat ALL of humanity and all of LIFE this way.

When we stop projecting what ‘should’ be, and start embracing what IS, when we start to look at what is working about what is and figuring out how we can support that, when we start looking at what ISN’T working about what is and looking for how we can support the growth that needs to happen and when we assume that growth is a natural part of life not a sign of past failing - THIS is how we will create a new world.

One we’ve never seen before.

We can’t keep looking for the rule book when we’re trying to create something that’s never been before. We can’t keep trying to fit ourselves into a box that we’ve never been able to fit into. We can’t keep forcing ourselves into boxes we can fit into but that don’t give us the outcomes we want.

If there is a 'rule book' it's this:

  • Compassion and curiosity.
  • You are not bad, wrong, flawed or otherwise sinful.
  • You're always doing the best you can with what you know.
  • If you were to look at ALL your pain through THIS lens, what do you see?
  • What would be most SUPPORTIVE for you in this time?
  • What are you feeling and how can you make ROOM for those feelings?
  • If it hurts, question it.

Trying to fix ourselves isn’t working.

Not for us individually and not for us globally.

Self inquiry that leads to compassionate support is the way.

This turns us into people who treat the WHOLE WORLD this way, and in THIS we support whatever positive change we’re able to.

When we all do this? Big shifts will take place.

So how does it FEEL to consider that you may be fundamentally good? Worthy of love? Just as you are? If you were to believe this about yourself, how would you SUPPORT the you that exists?

THAT is your ticket out of the 'Matrix.'


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  • Mary Anne says:

    Greetings Aliyah….really just want to say hi and tell you how much I appreciate everything you do for the world. I think your rule book is great….I believe in fundamental goodness. How we view ourselves and others with compassion and curiosity is the only way to heal emotions. In the last 5 years I have done so much self inquiry. I’m okay and doing good. I give my energy to every rightful cause….first seeking that safe place in myself that will tell me if I’m overextended or going too far. In my personal life I have stopped wishing the now could be different….again seeking the safe place when I find myself in what ifs….could haves….and should haves. The garden….found baby plants today….a lupine, tall garden phlox and a sunflower seedling….those birds and squirrels sure clean up the sunflower seeds…may have to buy seeds and start some. I help others in ways I can….young ones…old ones….my friends and family….work on a community garden….go to bed early….wake up early….listen to good speakers on YouTube at night. Sounds a bit narrow in scope perhaps but I do my best everyday and Love others in the kindest of ways even though they may see me as a bit quiet and tired….I am? I am becoming more comfortable with doing the best I can, setting boundaries, stating what I am willing to do and when and letting people have the experience of me how ever it is for them. Not that I can’t be called upon when the unexpected arises. MyChrisAngel guides me everyday…he’s okay and doing good, too. Bye for now take care…..Mary Anne❣️

    • perceptiontrainers says:

      Hello Dear Mary Anne! So good to hear from you 🙂 Your experience doesn’t sound narrow at all, it sounds like life! You are living. You are breathing. You are working through what is as it arrises, and you’re setting yourself up so that in the time you DO control, you do what feels good, what is nourishing, what is valuable and what’s important to you. There’s no other way! The fact that each day you are learning to be more compassionate with yourself, you are learning to be there for you in more ways, you are learning to have boundaries – this is so incredible and important. You are worthy of this effort you’re putting in. You are worthy, always, remember that. In every moment <3

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