How To End Privileged Exploitation Part Four: The Solution As I See It

Hello and welcome to the final installment in our series on ending Privileged Exploitation!If you haven't already done so, please go back and read Part One, Part Two and Part Three.

I feel I have covered a lot of ground on the ‘how we got here’ side of things, and now we can safely transition into the ‘where do we go from here’ perspective.

I’m going to share my view on what I feel is at least a part of the solution, and how we as privileged people can start to adjust our own lives in order to be better stewards of all people having their needs met.

Only Love Can Transform What Is:

We need to learn self love so that we are emotionally and mentally strong enough to see where our pain is the pain of hurting others, and where it’s coming from a lack of self expression. We have to be strong enough to accept our exploitive behaviors for what they are, knowing we didn't willingly choose them - but now as adults it's our job to love the problem. We have to be strong enough to see where we need to take responsibility for ourselves, to really take a look at what we need, and more importantly what we DON'T need. We need to be wise enough to see beyond the fear mongering that is used to sell product, so that we can actually CONNECT - with ourselves and with others. And through this connection, we will see that so much of our fear is unwarranted, so much of our running can stop, so much of the chasing what's next doesn't have to be done and that in reality to be rejected - for the most part - is fine. We gotta be willing to jump off the cliff of social status to see that ultimately - nothing happens - if we are willing to care for ourselves in more adult ways than we currently are living in the system.

We Must Take Responsibility By Evolving To Our Next Level Of Expression - We Have To Stop Giving Our Power Away.

We have to be strong enough to do things that are going to make everyone around us uncomfortable. This breaking away from the idea that to be different is death can ONLY come through the process of self love. Without an inner resource of compassion, approval and acceptance we will always feel victim to the whims of culture and those around us. We will always feel we must do what is expected - an in today's world that is to hurt and harm. Not because anyone is bad or evil, simple because again, humanity is immature and relatively primitive in its understanding. We must EVENTUALLY stop with the over consumerism of items we don't need that keep humans in poverty - as we begin to finally see what we ARE lacking (love) so that we can stop trying to fill the void with stuff that will never fill it.

We must look at the systems of food production that destroy HUMAN lives through terrible working conditions, low pay and that profit from keeping people uneducated so they can work factory line jobs. We must nurture and evolve past our addictions to social media, food, drink, 'plant medicine's' and pseudo spirituality that tell us it's just a 'lack of abundance' that's our problem - all of which keep us distracted from the pain we NEED to feel in order to change. The pain of self rejection, having been rejected by others and the pain of not being allowed to grow, express and flourish. THIS is the pain that makes us harmful consumers. We have to be different. We need to release the relentless ‘self improvement’ loops we are caught up in, filling every single moment of the day with activities centered around ourselves - fixing ourselves, changing ourselves, improving ourselves so we don’t have to BE with ourselves and the reality of the world. We have to be strong enough to see when self improvement is just a trap we are in that keeps us from being who and what we were meant to be in this world - that keeps us from ever having to feel the depths of our broken hearts, from ever having to BE with our pain in a way where we can heal it through loving compassion. To be strong enough to dismantle a system that we are seemingly benefiting from, and that everyone around us wants to maintain.

Giving Up To Get More:

We are gonna have to give up a lot. To see that we need LESS not more. To see that we need to be providing opportunities for others through realizing when enough is enough for ourselves - and this will come as we feel filled with that love that we so desperately lack right now. We must stop being so self focused in a fear based way - ‘I’m broken and need to be fixed.’ We are gonna have to stop hating ourselves so much so we can be capable of focusing on truly getting what we need, and then serving those we are exploiting.

This is going to be done by embracing the pain we are in, and seeing that we have been manipulated. That we have been abused by a system that has taught us to suppress our true natures in exchange for the promise of material wealth and love.

We need to shift from being over consumers to RIGHT consumers/Creators. To see that what really ‘fills’ us as people who have enough materially speaking is the act of creating/offering - and seeing that what we naturally want to make will be that which serves the whole. We need to see that as we give ourselves the love we are so desperate for, that we naturally stop needing all the ‘stuff’ we thought we were addicted to. We need to step into our privileged role of being capable of finding the unique ‘thing’ that we are here to GIVE and see that this is how we are going to turn the world around. Less consumerism, more creative expression that serves the whole.

The world can’t afford any more privileged people who believe they’re not enough - this leads us to taking more than we need, keeps us in loops of ‘self improvement’ that are methods of distraction, and shuts us down from creating/seeing where we are taking what we don’t need to fill a void that can’t be filled with stuff. Thinking we are not enough leads us to believe we don’t have enough and thus don’t have anything to give. We shut down our expression in exchange for conformity thinking this is going to lead to love - and it never does because our next evolutionary step is coming into self awareness and the expression of that uniqueness. The more we shut ourselves down for happiness, the farther away happiness slips, and the more susceptible we are to the idea that it can be purchased. It’s a vicious loop.

You feel like you don’t have enough due to your lack of LOVE. Self love. Acceptance of who and what you are. Compassion for what you have been through and the pain it’s caused you. THIS is what’s missing. When you get this, you will bloom and mature.

We need to recognize that staying caught in our self hate keeps us from being able to give to this world, and it keeps us from ever feeling how we want to feel, from ever healing from the abuse that has been done to us. It keeps us over consuming. It keeps us exploiting and being exploited. It keeps us being consumers who offer little, still believing we need more because we feel so empty and out of touch.

We have to love ourselves enough to see that we are enough, and that what we have to offer is enough. We have to stop letting the idea of ‘I’m not good enough’ stop us from doing what we can in THIS moment to express rather than consume something. To give something rather than getting caught in the drama of thinking we need another thing.

We don’t need more stuff. We have it. We need more love. And when we get that love, we then must start creating/giving - that’s what’s going to fill us. Not more money, followers, status, a better job, a better body, a better spouse.

We need to ‘self actualize’ first through acknowledging and loving our own wounds/needs for love, then through expression and watch how this expression has the exact opposite effect of the exploitive lifestyle - it naturally SERVES the whole. It makes us want less, able to provide more joyfully without self degradation. You’ll see that as you step into creation you naturally find yourself wanting less - less approval, less stuff, less money, less resources in general - because you’re being filled in the places that were actually empty.

We must end the battles within that lead us to over consume. We must recognize our enoughness, so we can see that we HAVE enough in this moment - more than enough. With that, we can then turn our attention to CREATION - what we have to OFFER - and in this we dismantle the whole system of toxic consumerism and create the new system of empowered people serving all of life.

This is the solution. People who are self loving enough to be in a state of creation rather than destructive consumerism. People self loving enough to face their pain, see where it’s rooted in a LIFE that was taught to us that is out of alignment with truth, and shifting OURSELVES so we no longer participate in the destructive cycle. We must develop the strength to consume less and express more - knowing that the ‘having less’ is really not giving up anything that is needed, or even sacrificing abundance. It’s finding TRUE abundance in the self love cultivated through loving our pain, and then in EXPRESSION rather than in STUFF. We make room for everyone to have their needs met through ending our addiction to taking more than we need as a way of numbing our empathic pain and the pain of blocked growth, and turning our abundance into offerings that nourish both us and the whole.

This Work Is The Daily Work:

Ending the exploitation is not something you do on Facebook or at a protest. It's in your everyday choices. The way you treat yourself when you’re sad/lonely/angry/upset. How you deal with the pain you feel. How you think about and treat yourself. The industries you support. Where you're focusing your energy. What you’re making. Where you’re spending your resources - on more self help/improvement or on self exploration and then CREATION and EXPRESSION. You were bred to exploit, and bred to keep the status quo going - and it's gonna take a whole lot of SELF love to change without going into the cul-de-sac of self blame that keeps you stuck being a blind consumer, grasping for comfort in things and status.

Now here's the thing - self expression/self love is not the same as naval gazing, nor is it a form of self indulgence. As we embrace true self love, and then eventually step into true self expression, we will naturally find that we want to express in ways that serve others. Sometimes that expression will be seeing a need and filling it without asking for something in return. Sometimes it will be seeing where you have been taking advantage of someone or something and changing. Sometimes it will be getting educated on racism, homophobia, xenophobia and all other forms of systematic oppression so that you can be aware of the long ranging consequences of large groups of people being deeply scarred and abused and how those scars show themselves now - and supporting those who want to educate so that you can be empowered in your choices moving forward to help heal the wounds. Sometimes that expression will look like creating programs and systems that work to empower those who are being victimized right now. Sometimes it will look like donating to those who are doing work you don’t want to do. It will look like showing up in small ways every day. In large ways every once in a while. Other times it will be art/rest/emotional release and processing. There will be times when expression looks like downsizing and donating. Where expression looks like learning to sit with your negative emotions to the point that you no longer need the coffees/makeup/clothes/cigarettes/junk food/mindless entertainment/parties that kept you from feeling. Sometimes it will look like altering your life in some way that allows you not to need the next self help book, the next diet program, the next whatever the gurus are selling you promising riches beyond your wildest dreams. You will find through this self expression that you naturally spend less money trying to keep up/fit in/feel better and thus have more wealth to properly re-distribute to those in actual need. There’s no limit to this expression, and it will be natural again once you start to transition out of the mentality telling you that you are lacking and must hunker down, focusing only on yourself. True self expression often has a NATURAL edge of service to it - again showing that when we are evolving, we naturally step into a complexity that serves both the self and the whole. It won’t be all about you, or all about others - it will be BOTH AND.

You will come to find that there really isn’t any area of life that doesn’t need evolution - loving awareness and new systems and programs. Thus, no matter where your area of interest lies you are going to be able to have a positive impact. You are one person, and you are not going to be able to take down and rebuild the whole world by yourself. You are not going to do your work to improve things perfectly. You are going to ruffle feathers - and this has to be OK. We have to be ok with a messy road, a complicated path and a way forward that we have never walked before. We don’t have an example of a humanity that is living in harmony with itself - we are figuring this out for the first time together. We are waking up to the consequences of prioritizing some lives over others - and this is a MASSIVE shift in perception for us as human beings. I know this is not what we want to admit to ourselves about ourselves - but it’s where we’re at generally speaking. There are those of us who have been out of this mindset for a long time, and those of us who are still totally lost in it. But you reading this - you see. You know there is work to be done. If you allow yourself to do the work you CAN do, imperfectly, then allow yourself to learn from that imperfect work so as to keep moving forward - you are the key you came here to be.

We can’t get caught in blaming the system or believing ourselves to be victim to it. We must embrace our pain, acknowledge that we have been exploited, go through the cycle of emotions involved in that realization - and then we must stand up and take our rightful place as beings who can evolve the status quo. We are not victims if we don’t want to be. The system requires our participation. You start loving you, and you are no longer able to be so easily manipulated. You start expressing knowing you are worthy and the threat of love going away won’t hold you down anymore. You will be able to give what you came to give in each moment, even if the system keeps going how it is. You don’t have to play - it’s all an inner game that will be then reflected in your outer game. It’s not just a mental shift - if that mental shift isn’t leading to real and true shifts in the way you live, I would question the mental shift. And this goes the other way too - if your daily course of life isn’t causing you to continually challenge what you believe you may be holding yourself back a little too much.

The world doesn’t need to change for you to change. Again, this all starts with compassion. With you embracing your pain - the pain that comes from you having been told your whole life that who and what you are isn’t good enough, that what you feel isn’t valid, and that you need to have/be/do more to be happy. This was done to you so that you would be profitable to a system that doesn’t understand itself. As you embrace yourself, as you see your worth and value, as you allow yourself to be angry and then empowered you are creating a ripple effect. Not energetically - in real, true reality. You will stop participating in the destruction of the system and start building the new way of being that supports all of us evolving. THIS is the solution. Not rebellion - evolution to the new level.

This is how I see it. This is what I'm doing. I'm nowhere near perfect, but I love myself enough to admit this, to be different and to keep being uncomfortable to be around.

This has been my two cents. Let me know what you think.



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  • Raina says:

    The word “privilege” really bothers me. We cannot have it both ways. We can’t say that some people are born with “too much” as if it is some random, chaotic happening and there still being some semblance of a just God. Unless a person thinks that there is no cause and effect in life (karma), then there has to be meaning in everything. You are living in Southeast Asia. It seems very trendy these days for Millennials to live in Thailand or Indonesia or Viet Nam as digital nomads in order to afford a lifestyle where they can live on very little. I was just watching a young woman show her hut for $1 USD a day in one of these countries. She supports herself through her art online. My concern was whether because it is getting so commonplace if it will cause the prices to rise (as they always seem to do). So then it takes more money to live in such an area and also causes locals to have to pay more as well for everything. If a person living in such a country doesn’t want to exploit it, why not live on $2 a day like they do and give the rest away of your income away to those in need? In the Cambridge English Dictionary it says that exploit means to “use something in a way that helps you.” So using a foreign country as a way to help you live a more leisurely and balanced lifestyle might fall into this category, don’t you think? Believe it or not, I have been thinking precisely about this particular phenonemon of Westerners going to SE Asia because it is so prevalent on YouTube as well as even someone I know living there. Gentrification in the urban centers are another example of people of greater means coming in, “exploiting” (using for their advantage) cheaper rents, businesses investing there, and rents going up–sometimes forcing out the ones who lived there before. So is SE Asia going to be gentrified from all you ex-pats? One thing about it that we cannot ignore is that it does tend to improve the conditions around it (less crime, less grime) and it also allows people who may have been isolated into a limited version of life to see POSSIBILITIES. Life is never black and white, is it? That makes it both delicious at times AND perplexing. Take care:)

    • perceptiontrainers says:

      Thank you for sharing your perspective! I am so happy to hear that you don’t feel oppressed in your life, and that you are looking to where you can improve the lives of those around you <3 That is incredibly admirable <3 I also agree with you on how most people are choosing to live when coming over to Asia - which is why we choose not to live like that at all. We are not here because of the low prices, but rather have well established jobs/income so that we can afford to redistribute our wealth while also taking care of ourselves - not relying upon 'Asian' prices to live. We pay Western prices (for all intents and purposes), and are then able to donate to local charities and help out the communities we stay in in other ways. We also get to support local economy by eating locally produced foods (which are abundant and generally under appreciated here) local businesses and so on. We greatly reduce our carbon footprint by living in areas that abundantly grow high quality produce that doesn't need to be transported around the world for us to enjoy, and through reducing our consumption of items in general. Our intention is always to support rather than take advantage. <3 There are ways of being expats that don't require living in shacks 😉 <3

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