How To End Privileged Exploitation Part Two: How Did We Get Here? As I See It.

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Last week, we looked at privileged exploitation in this world, and what I see to be the generalized causes of why this exploitation is continuing to take place in our world today - when we could clearly do away with it.

Today, I want to talk about how we really got here. Because the truth is, the roots of this way of being are deep and long in human psychology and behaviour, and we would be remiss not to look at how being the way we are has SERVED us - so that be can better understand what we NEED in order to evolve.

We can't become not something. We must understand that we have REASONS for everything we do, and we have NEEDS being met through our behaviors. If we really want something better than what we have, we have to first identify our needs, identify how what we are currently doing is SERVING us, then find a way to meet our needs in a higher, more evolved way. THIS is forward momentum. Judging what is as being wrong and bad only keeps us stuck.

In The Beginning, There Was Fear:

To quickly recap, if we are to deeply look at this issue of exploitation we see in the world today, it is easy to see how the idea that we are fundamentally lacking in some way has been driving us and has been inhibiting our capacity to evolve as a species past our behaviors of exploitation.

I want to make it clear here that this root fear of there not being enough to go around, this idea that we must protect and defend ourselves from 'others' and the idea that self expression pales in comparison to the real 'problems' we see in the world today around scarcity, people starving to death, weather taking large people groups out and so on - was not come by for no reason.

Humanity, again, is still in it's relative infancy - and our collective consciousness mirrors that.

This fear of not having what we need to survive, this fear that someone 'out there' is going to come and take from 'us' what 'we' need, this idea that to use brute force and exploitation over others to secure for yourself what you need, comes from the hundreds of thousands of years humanity has lived not understanding how the universe/earth works. Due to our fundamental fear - ie. lack of information - around survival itself, we have developed systems of survival that - whether you want to admit this or not - have 'worked' in the sense that those who exerted dominance over others, those who exploited, those who profited off of the labour of others DID get more of the resources, DID pass on their genetics more readily, DID have a better chance of survival. The exploitation, divisiveness, abuse and turmoil of humanities journey haven't been a mistake. It has been painful, it has been horrendous and it's been full of trauma yes - but it was also all we were capable of at the time.

What Was 'It' Before, Isn't 'It' Anymore:

What we did to get here made sense to our relative level of awareness and capacity to understand life at the time. This is a key thing to understand, if we are going to see why self love is the way FORWARD - but was not always an available option.

What we are seeing now, is evolution taking it's course. Currently, what has 'worked' in the past to get us where we are now - what we did from our relative place of misinformation, misunderstanding and 'fear' was appropriate for our levels of cognitive CAPACITY at the time. We were like children who start to learn 'dominance' by hitting, biting and fighting with one another. Like children who want to stay up all night jumping on the bed. At certain stages of development - when the childs brain only has so much CAPACITY to see the damage they are causing through abusing others, or the consequences of not sleeping - it would be ridiculous to expect them to understand that what they are doing may feel good now, but isn't a good idea long term. That is asking too much of the child's brain that isn't developed enough to hold such complex information. But as that child grows and experiences hitting another child, of rejecting sleep - they will start to experience the CONSEQUENCES of those actions. They will start to see how even though hitting and jumping on the bed may feel like it leads to pleasure in this moment, it brings with it negative backlash. The other child feels hurt and this doesn't feel good - even if we got the toy. Other children don't want to play with us if we keep using force, and that too renders having the toy less enjoyable. Not sleeping leads to fatigue and grumpiness later on, which hinders fun. In this experience of the action they are capable of understanding in the moment - that hitting gets me the toy and staying up all night is fun now - they ALSO come face to face with the longer term effects - and this provides them with more complex information on which to learn and grow. In this experience of playing out the abuse/not sleeping they can start to understand the more complex ideas of sharing, cooperation, sleeping now so you can play later and so on, through seeing that the short term gains of the less complex behaviors don't bring the satisfaction they thought they would. They are forced into seeing more and are thus given the new information they need to grow into something more complex - to even see that something more complex is available and desirable.

In order to evolve, the child MUST go through these phases of relative unawareness - of acting from their current level of understanding - 'I want that toy, they have the toy, if I hit them I can have the toy, great I got what I wanted hitting works!' - to seeing that overall there is a BETTER and more COMPLEX way to get what is desired. To share, compromise, talk things through - this is complex, it doesn't necessarily get the child exactly what they want right now, but overall this way of working with others serves to make everything more harmonious for everyone, and everyone can get their needs met this way. Learning to sleep in the evening even when they want to play - this delayed pleasure - again will prove to be a more complex understanding of life (future pacing) that leads to greater pleasure overall.

We are just like these children as a humanity. What we have done to get to where we are was totally reasonable for our low levels of awareness of the Universal and Natural laws. We were using brute force to survive because it was the only way we KNEW to survive based on our relative ignorance. This journey THROUGH exploitation was actually EVOLUTION at the TIME. It was the next level of experience we needed to have, to show us what we did not yet know about how reality works.

Now, we are seeing the long term consequences of these exploitive behaviors - and we can see that ultimately there is a BETTER way for humanity to continue forward - one that is more complex, that requires that we release our ideas of 'other' and learn to work together, that we see if we all support one another, even if this means we have to seemingly sacrifice getting what we think we want in this moment, that over the long term it works out better for EVERYONE.

But this doesn't discount the fact that humanity HAD to go through this seemingly barbaric 'phase' of growth in order to LEARN. There was no other way at the time.

The two year old has to go through the violent phase to get the information from that phase, which allows them to develop past that phase to a more complex way of being. There is no skipping a step. Growth is sequential. Without the violence, and then the consequences of that violence being experienced, there would be no way of arriving at the awareness of oneness. The violence phase isn't 'ultimate' truth, but it is 'relative' truth for a two year old. It is their next growth phase, and what they need at the time to keep moving forward.

Evolution Happens In Steps, We Can't Skip Steps:

This is how evolution/life generation works. What is life generating is NOT what is 100% in alignment with ultimate truth. If that were the case, if we needed to be living 100% in alignment with Ultimate truth right here, right now, none of us would be alive. That Ultimate truth is FAR too complex for us to understand - and thus we are not being held to that expectation.

Rather what is life generating is anything that is the next piece of information we need at the time to journey TOWARDS ultimate truth.

Going from grade one, to grade two, to grade three. Grade one is too advanced and thus would be life degenerating for a kindergartener. Grade one is to simple and thus would be life degenerating for a grade 5 student. But for a grade one student, the information contained in grade one is EXACTLY what they need to continue on their evolutionary journey towards ultimate graduation. What is life generating is RELATIVE to each individual, and to humanity at large - it is whatever is next in line to be learned, the next piece of the puzzle that needs to be seen in the OVERALL journey towards understanding Ultimate truth.

The violence was what we needed at the time. It wasn't 'wrong' in the sense of we shouldn't have done it. The only reason we know what we know now is because we did it and had the experience of doing it.

Change Doesn't Mean We Were Wrong, Not Being Wrong Doesn't Mean You Shouldn't Change:

Now we are seeing that our old ways of being need to be evolved. The ideas of other, of not enough, of 'me' vs 'them' - and the idea that there is any kind of true success for the self at the expense of the whole, are all showing themselves to be short sighted, too simple and in need of reevaluation. It is the consequences of our actions that got us here, that are providing the platform for us to learn what we need to learn that is our next level of awareness.

With this, we can see that even though we can NOW see how out of alignment with truth these exploitive ways of living are, we were not ALWAYS capable of seeing this. Expecting humanity to be able to truly understand that using slaves to build America was going to have far reaching negative effects would have been a ridiculous ask based on our relative level of awareness and experience at the time of the development of slavery. At the time, all we had was a history proving that those who dominated were the most successful. We were those two and three year olds who just discovered that hitting could get us our way. It was THROUGH this experience being played out that we are now seeing the effects - and it is NOW that we are responsible for learning and doing something different.

So even though this way of being is ULTIMATELY out of alignment with the TRUTH of oneness, we used it as a TOOL in our evolutionary process to DISCOVER oneness. This is a complex thing to wrap the mind around. To see that even though what we were doing was OVERALL out in alignment with TRUTH - it was true for us in our cognitive capacity relative to where we were as a humanity at the time. It was all we were CAPABLE of understanding. It was as close to alignment with life as we were ABLE to be in, given what we knew and were capable of knowing at the time. It was the highest awareness available at the time, based on our experience/cognitive capacity.

But now? We know more. We have seen more. We have been through more. NOW we are in a place where we can no longer plead ignorance to the consequences of divisiveness. Now we can no longer say that this way of living is life generating - it is no longer providing us with experience and information we didn't have before.

Now we see. Now we have to choose to take the information we have discovered through this way of living and to expand ourselves based on that information. Or we can choose to continue living how we have been living up to this point - essentially like choosing to stay in grade one when you are now ready to graduate to grade two after having learned all the grade one curriculum had to offer you.

The Tipping Point Is Always Intense:

THIS is why the world feels so strange right now. Because we are reaching a tipping point - and tipping points are always precarious times. There is going to be the instinct to hold onto the 'old' way of being - to cling to what is known for fear of the unknown. To cling to what is known, because what is known WAS 'WORKING' (relatively speaking) up to this point.

This is why we are seeing such a massive upsurge in violence, racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, radical religious views and what looks like a DEVOLUTION in the progress humanity was seemingly making over the last several hundred years.

It's because it's now time to change.

The trajectory we were on has reached its expiration. We've seen to much. We understand too deeply the consequences of polluting our earth. We understand the devastating effects of racial exploitation and suppression. We are being slapped directly in the face with the poor results that EVERYONE who is playing in this system of 'me' vs. 'them' are getting.

Anyone who is trying to make a last fight for the old system is doing so at their own demise. This is clear. Those who are clinging to the old way are going down in flames spectacularly - the results are seemingly even more potent, exponential and radical than they have ever been - and this is because we are now being held to the standard we are capable of. We weren't able to know better before, and thus the consequences of our actions - while still being ultimately destructive - weren't as harsh. Now, it's too harsh to deny.

If we want to keep living, we have to evolve to the new way. We can't maintain the old system. We have the information we need to build the new one - knowing that we can't become 'not' something. We are not going to 'get rid of' the old way of being, we are going to evolve to the new way, using the information we used from the old way.

THIS is evolution. Life generation. The way forward.

We have to take what we learned, and allow that to inform us to a more complex view of life - the one we are now mature enough to live out.

This is where self love comes in.

What we have done to this point wasn't wrong - it was totally in alignment with our growth path. To continue to do what we have been doing from here IS wrong. We see, know and have experienced too much to deny our new levels of awareness and understanding. We have seen the consequences and we need to move forward.

What we did to this point wasn't wrong, but to stay as we are is not an option. Now we must embrace change.

This is complex, not being wrong but needing to change, and that is how evolution works. It's complex. It's both and.

Next week we will explore more. For now, sit with this. Evolution is a step by step process based on what we are capable of knowing at the time. Once we gather enough information from what we have been doing, we reach a tipping point - become more complex, or hold onto what was working till now and see devolution.

We are at the tipping point now. Those who are willing to create the new system will thrive. Those who cling to the old one will destroy themselves. It's all our choice.

The way forward is love.




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  • Raina says:

    There isn’t an upsurge in racism, sexism, etc. in the USA, which is my country of origin and where I have always lived. I cannot speak about other nations where I know that women do not have the same rights and other groups are also persecuted for diverging from the majority. Those who seek to control the populace is using gender, racism and class levels to divide and distract us, as well as convince us that we are still oppressed. As a woman in my 50s I have never felt held back due to my gender and have rarely experienced sexism at all! I wouldn’t be able to give you an example off the bat. Just the other day it was disclosed that Google is now paying men the same rate they were paying women. In other words, women were being paid more. That little tidbit didn’t surprise me in the least. What those who seek control are doing is taking truths from half a century ago and claiming that they are still true today, which is bogus and downright silly. A 75-year-old woman may indeed have memories of being encouraged to be a homemaker versus having a career, being patronized in school or on the job, etc. Same with people of color during Jim Crow versus now. The ultimate reason for trying to create eternal victimhood is to disempower folks. Keeping people feeling in a constant state of oppression is great for the exploiters. I refuse to play that game.

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